Friday, 3 April 2015


This year's WOYWW Crop will be on Saturday 16th May, opening at 10am and closing around 4pm. It's in the same place as previous years, Burbage, Wiltshire.
Jan will cook up a storm so that you don't need to bring lunch. Tea, coffee, squash will be provided too, for your liquid refreshment. I suspect that cake will be involved. 
The idea is that if you can come, you tip up with something crafty to do, and while Jan cooks, I run around like a Drama Queen looking busy, you do the crafty thing and chat. Chat with your neighbour, chat with me, chat with Jan, chat with fellow Deskers. Find out their real names. See that they have legs and don't just sit at computers and craft stations. 

Here's some large print:-

  • It is a closed event, which means we need to know in advance that you intend to come. We don't charge a deposit and remain flexible if at the last minute you encounter a hurdle of course, but for hall hire insurance purposes (and catering too,) we have to have numbers.
  • We make a charge per person that covers hall hire and lunch. Many of you will bring a driver and we're happy for them to have lunch too, but have to charge for it; we'll ask for half of the day cost.  We don't intend to make a profit, but if there is one, it goes toward the chosen charity.
  • We offer a raffle, donations of prizes are welcome. Profits from the raffle go to the chosen charity too.
  • There will be a table top for selling stuff...managed and policed by each other. If you'd like to sell anything, mark it with your name and price so that each of us knows who we need to pay!
  • We also have a link to the Salisbury Women's Refuge and will gratefully take donations of toiletries. BOGOF deals etc, unwanted gifts (surely not!). Some women really do leave their homes without so much as a toothbrush and a bar of soap to their name.  
This year's charity is HMSA. 
That's the Hypermobility Syndrome Association. Chosen to support our Zoe who has HS and has been supported by HMSA, and is crafting to raise funds for them throughout 2015. Check out her giving page HERE, and Zoe blogs HERE. You'll know her from WOYWW as the gal who can get Copics to work like no other colourer.

Now all that remains to do is to let me know that you're coming please. And the easiest way to do that is to leave a comment here!  It will be a pleasure to see you. And make you a cuppa.


Helen said...

well I think you already have me on your list but I am confirming... lol! see you in a few weeks! (and hopefully without the drama on the train this time)

Christine said...

Me and Peter want to sign up please.
Although Peter was the chauffeur he had a great time.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Of course I'll be there along with my trusty sidekick Lisa who will chauffeuring me this year. I can't thank you & Jan enough for supporting me. It means an awful lot to me. Love hugs Zo xx

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Hopefully, I am already on the list, but this is confirmation. I have already booked my accommodation for a couple of nights. Looking forward to another great day. xxx Maggie

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Julia I think I was on the list already ?but not sure now as I am a bit incapacitated.... I had a nasty reaction to some medication and as a result I cannot use my left side at all hopefully ( please God) it will have worn off by then I was given an estimated time of 4-6 weeks. Is it ok if I let you know in a week or two .
Janet fairythoughts

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, me and Doug will be there, albeit for a short time only. We'll be leaving about 1.00, to get back up to the Midlands for a 4 o'clock wedding! xxx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Yes please. Happy to bake cake of whatever sort is required this year. I'm thinking Lemon Drizzle again!

My name is Cindy said...

Yes. It has been on my calender since I had one for 2015. Can't wait. Cindy xx

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE I'll be there. And this time, I mean it!



BetteK said...

Me! Me! Me! Xxx

Di said...

Ooooh yes indeedy! I think I already said yes but I'll say it again please.

I'm a bit like Janet, getting over a reaction to medication - that made me feel much worse than I did before they even prescribed it - I felt fine before the routine blood test showed up summick!!

All things being equal I'll MOST certainly be there :)


Di xx

Hettie said...

Pick me! Pick me!
I shall Prolly be sitting next to Miss Di!!

Eliza said...

Thanks Julia for the update on what's happening with the crop and ATC swap. I will be participating with the ATC swap as long as I get my arse into gear. LOL

Hugs Eliza

Lisca said...

I can't make it I'm afraid. I will be in the UK but it's our son's birthday (One of the reasons we come to the UK in May is the fact that there are a few important birthdays). What a shame. Next year perhaps....

Kyla said...

I will be there....veggie but eat eggs and cheese :-)

Impressed at Shaz dedication as she has a wedding do to get to.....must chat quicker in that case :-)

Kyla x

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
your card is lovely, love the backround stripes.
Happy crafting

pearshapedcrafting said...

I hope I'm on the list already but …Yes please!! Tony has booked a B and B so we can see more of Wiltshire while we are there! He would like lunch too please! Ooooh! Must stop bouncing up and down!!! Hugs, Chrisx