Monday, 24 February 2014

WOYWW Housekeeping

Hey gentle readers. Things arise as a result of being a blogger with a MEME that need a discussion.  Or a gentle reminder...and so, in advance of another WOYWW, I thought to air a few often asked or commented upon issues.

  1. Monica and I would like someone to explain how to comment on Google+. It makes me bad tempered that I had to join, had to open a GMail account and now can't work it out.  I know you lot will be gentle with the explanation.
  2. Loads of Deskers want to point out that Word Verification is incredibly frustrating. If you use it, please don't be disapponted if your comment numbers are lower than's really difficult to do - especially from a tablet!   There are alternatives that are pretty effective :  comment modification means that you have to approve comments prior to publishing. It means that you 'manually' control any Spam.  And you can also change settings so that Anonymous comments cannot be left.  That cut out about 9000 spam comments a day for me!  
  3. Even MORE Deskers actually become quite agitated after going through the Word Verification process only to be told that the comment will then wait for Modification.   I confess that I'm one of them..especially if I'm using the iPad which hates Google and makes any process on it as difficult as possible.
  4. Wordpress users are not exempt - Verification by having to type in the email and URL is equally time consuming.  Again, even Copy & Paste or Auto Fill aren't really the answer, but....I don't know if you have a choice or not - so Wordpress users, speak up!
  5. Remember that the link list on WOYWW posts is exactly that - a list of on any name at any number on the list and you will automatically have that particular blog load in your browser.  You don't need to click on names in my comments to find their blogs.
  6. When you link to WOYWW, you don't need to worry about leaving your link list number on MY comments.  When you comment at other Deskers, you do need to tell them your link list number if you can possibly remember to do's just easier/quicker to find you.  
  7. During the Northern Hemisphere winter, my WOYWW post goes up between 2 and 3 am. (I'm in the UK, that's a GMT time). This gives you exotic International Deskers a chance to be in the first and teens, number wise. As the world turns, and my mornings become lighter and more bearable, so I start to post WOYWW live - and that will be anything from 6.00am to 8.30am.  It depends entirely on what my wednesday plans are!
  8. If you wonder why your position on the list changes between typing in your blog address and the link appearing on my page - it's simple...someone else is loading their link in as well, and the computer will arrange, if you comment that you're number 15 and then discover that you're actually at number 19..take a smile from the fact that others were linking at the same time as you - that's real 'hands across the world ' stuff!
  9. If your position on the list changes some time after your link appears - it's even less complicated.  It means that I've removed a double, incorrect or unfair playing link, and the list automatically re-numbers.  I figure that if you leave your number in your comment and it changes, your reciprocate will work out that actually, you're just above or below the number you mentioned.  It's still easier than searching 3 columns and 100 odd names.  Especially as we know each other by blog names even better than we know each other by Christian names!
  10. I should re-iterate that whilst it's meant to simply be fun, some rules have had to develop...and yep, I sometimes do remove links that don't participate in the spirit of WOYWW.  If you aren't getting comments from people on the list, it's because your post isn't in the spirit of showing your desk and telling about what's on it. Simple. If I remove your link and you can't work out why, do ask me...because I won't necessarily email you to say - I figure the handful of times I've done so, the reasons have been really obvious! 


Sue said...

Right you are:)

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

It's that double whammy of WV and comment moderation that cause the hair pulling moments here. Arrgghh!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've found that if I click on a commenter's name on my blog and google+ prevents me, then clicking the appropriate name on your Mr Linky list works fine!
But I can't explain why...sorry!

That was as much use as a chocolate teapot, eh?

mamapez5 said...

Wise words. It is good to have some boundaries. I hate wv, and I stopped joining in for a while because I did not have time to comment, so anything that speeds up the process is good. I hope to be back in a week or two. Kate x

Kyla said...

With you on Google+ and word verification. I try a couple of times, if it won't let me in then I must admit I move on.

On a happier note....crop is another week nearer!

Carmen Wing said...

With Google+ If clicking on their name takes you to their Google+ page, if you click on their'about' tab that will usually show you a blog name. but it is a faff. I actually have had a tab open on my PC for a couple of days that I keep meaning to get round to reading about Google+ - I still haven't read it yet but I do intend to. Here's the link anyways in case it helps anyone ;) Saying that, there was a blog last week, I forget whose, and I couldn't see a comment box or anything. I ended up leaving a comment on their actual Google+ account.

My Google nexus hates word verification too. I must admit if I'm reading on my tablet I have pretty much given up even trying to comment on those ones. I will on my PC though but it is annoying... I'm finding wordpress ones I have to leave my Twitter id before it will let me leave a comment. All very confusing.

Will you link to this post on Wednesday Julia?

All great points x

Hettie said...

Yes Miss! I am with you and Jan. Dunno why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't!

Minxy said...

Gosh it seems like an age since i did a desk hop but you're right on with everything said.. WORD VERIFICATION is the devils work and should be banned lol

Unknown said...

Hi Julia

I hear your frustration and agree with all of your points raised. Much simpler in the 'olden days' lol!!!

9000 spam per day - wow if its true - lol if its an exageration !!

Some of the number changing should be obvious to most - surprised people still question it!

With Google - and I have a google account, all you have to do is log in - and never log out (as I do). You might have to retype your password in now and again, but apart from that, I've never had many (if any) issues with my google account - I love what it is capable of and there is a lot unexplored for me still - so it excites me. However, in terms of commenting, the comment means that it ends up in your google account - when you are actually in google+, there is a heading called 'posts' - lots of people who have blogger and google account will have their post or comment appear here (in the post view) - this can be seen with either people only in your circles, people that are in your circles friends - or the public, a bit like Facebook can show something on your time line to friends, friends of friends or the public... also you can choose just certain people to see what you post.

That probably doesn't explain much or very simply - but it amounts to the fact that its another way of sharing things - you may comment on something random on the internet - and if you google+ it, it kind of means you are referring it for people in your circles (similar to friend lists) to see what you are 'tagging' in effect. All about sharing and showing what you find interesting without having to create a separate post to tell everyone then send a link.

such a lot to it, but I love to learn, delve, research and see what things do - its like back when you would say 'if only it could do that...'

I know I haven't joined in for ages - but believe me, I still think about it every Wednesday lol... I'll be back. I just want to mentally make sure that I'm not going to let people down by not following through with the commenting because of A,B or C... I need to make sure I'm able to play fair.

Anyway, just wanted to say following that, that I support the fact that you've set out these guidelines - if folk aren't playing by this - and there are a lot of people to get round, then you are right to have sanctions! Don't feel bad about it!!!

Don't want to sound thick or anything, but what is MEME? lol

Big love
Paula x x x

Krisha said...

Thank you Julia!
Very aggravating to make a comment to find out there are three more thing you have to do before it will post.

I have finally quit filling in all the WV, or anything "extra" that I have to do to leave a comment.

I also will not leave a comment if the post is not titled WOYWW, or if the link doesn't take you straight to that post, but just to the blog.

I really do wish that some of the desk pictures were made a little larger. Sometimes it is really hard to see what is on the desk/floor or what ever. I know I'm old (grin) but even with my readers on I can barely make out what I am looking at. Yes, I will double click on the picture, but that doesn't always make it bigger, just depends on how it was up loaded onto the blog. (just MHO)

Ok, I'm getting off my little soap box now.

Since I am in the California (USA) I really do appreciate the fact that WOYWW gets started a little earlier. Not that I have ever made #1 LOL But thanks for changing it up from time to time.

THANK YOU for all the work you put into WOYWW so the rest of us can have a day of snooping and visiting.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

First, thank YOU for this. I also posted nearly the same thing on one of my T(ea) Tuesday posts. I "basically" said NEVER USE WV and comment moderation (CM) together. That's simply a NO NO. You are more diplomatic than I was, though. I got people to change their comments, at least. Now they use CM and I've not had to plug in any WV since I asked them to change.

I can usually tell when people are WOYWWers, whatever challenge I'm commenting in. WV is very frustrating and you have done everyone a big favor by instilling that in others.

I agree that WordPress is frustrating. I've read where you talk about "auto fill," but have no idea how to do that, so I copy and paste my blog, then type my e-mail.

Unlike Jan, I can't comment on some G+ blogs. I know about the "about" page and the "post" page, but it's apparently the way the individual set up his/her G+ account. There are some blogs I simply can't comment on, even though I come directly from your list. It's because I can't find where to leave the comment. I look at the top left, top right, and bottom, but it simply isn't there. And I'm frustrated, too when that happens. And I'm just stubborn enough that I will NEVER join G+ because I'm sure I can do everything in Blogger I can do in G+.

I'm certainly not much help on this one, because up until about a month ago, I had no trouble with G+ users. I couldn't understand what others were talking about. All of a sudden, it started happening to me, so now I understand why some people are frustrated. I noticed Judy (?) made a new blog so people wouldn't have to send her an e-mail. That may be what others who are using G+ or WP have to do.

Again, thanks for this.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to add that I'm with Krisha on posts that don't take you directly to the WOYWW post. I am often late visiting, and am still leaving comments to others from last week. To have to scroll through to find the right post is very frustrating, so I won't do it from now on.

Also, like Krisha, I like the fact we across the pond get to leave comments early and go to bed at a decent hour. But you know me. If possible, I'll stay awake until I see your post is up.

One other thing that bugs me, is some deskers also use WOYWW as ONE of MANY links they link to each week. It's frustrating to have to scroll through all those MEME icons, too. I might leave a link in my post to another desker whose blog I've found inspiration in, or who has sent me something, but I will never leave another MEME icon.

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, totally with you on WV and CM- that really is the most irritating thing to come across, especially if you have just spent a few minutes typing up a comment to someone. CM should be enough surely?
On the G+ thing, weird thing is I have never had a problem( yet, she says with fingers crossed!) with it- seems to work fine for me. Could it be anything to do with security/firewall settings, I wonder? But then, like Paula, I never sign out of mine either. You gotta have a few ground rules, so we can all play nicely together. Thanks for all the hard work you put into WOYWW Julia- brightest part of my week. Hugs, Shaz xxx

Helen said...

Thanks for posting these house rules!
I can't help with G+ because I won't use it - so unless I can easily leave a comment I just hit the next desk.
I have found that even if I link my actual WOYWW post to your link up, if I schedule another post for the same day (like I will be this week) I still get some WOYWW comments on the next post - which is really odd, because I thought the link is meant to take people to my WOYWW post.. unless of course they don't come via your list I suppose (DOH moment!)
I've often wondered if I need to leave my list number in your comments - will try to forget to do so from now on, lol!

Belinda Basson said...

Succinctly put! I am with you on all of the above and try make my desk interesting to look at or inspect with close ups and the long shot etc. Right now my A1 cutting mat is a bright shiny white as I spray painted it on the week end and everything is sticking to it...even though it has dried for 24 hours...might have to turn it over, back to horrid green!!! Hope to see ya Wed...having root canal tomorrow, if I survive I will be there, I try be a regular. Hugs from a WINDY Cape Town.

misteejay said...

WV + CM seems to be overkill and is so annoying. I have to admit that there are a number of blogs that I regularly visit but now don't comment on because of this.

Toni xx

Nic said...

OOOh errr I hate Word Verification sooooooo much!

I found in my blogger where I can change my default comments away from Google+ but I will lose all of my current comments - not that I have many.

glitterandglue said...

Thank you, Julia, for all this. I, too, cannot comment on Google+. I find myself going round in small circles trying to do so - so may I apologise now to anyone who has left a comment on my site and not received one back as they are on Google+.
I am aware that my own site - with Webeden - has caused some frustration with folk. If they use any sort of Apple device, then comments aren't possible (as you yourself have found, Julia) - something to do with the fact that Webeden uses Adobe Flash player - which Apple refuses to talk to. Again, I'm sorry - but if folk wish to go the extra mile - and actually, many have done - then my email is there and I respond to the email.
I do try to visit as many as possible during the week - and that's the important part for me - during the week. I don't get round to many on Wednesdays - but keep plugging away at it during the next five days or so. It's the only way I can do it, I'm afraid - that thing called life calls me to participate...
I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy participating in this blog hop. You are a great bunch of folk who take part. I have received some lovely comments on my work, have met up with several people here in Britain, and have had large numbers of folk asking after my hubby, who has been really poorly since Christmas. This has been a real source of encouragement to me. Thank you all, and thank you Julia, for so faithfully doing this each week.

Judys Lace Creations said...

I really regret going to Google +. When I deleted it, it went back to old blogger form on one blog but not the other.Now I'm stuck with old (Google +) blog, and new blogger one where people can comment who aren't on Google +.

Monica said...

I hate not being able to leave a comment and last week I found about 5 Google+ sites i could not leave a comment or find an email. So Google+ folks please add an email and if you do not want us on the email you use, make another on gmail, they are free. My iPad is what i frequently use for visiting sites and I may make a note this week and see who on G+ and if it is iPad.
This is one of my favorite sites to visit and see some incredible art work and best of all see others lives. Despite miles and culture we share so much. Feel that I have made friends as well and that makes a wonderful day.

Monica, deep in the heart of Texas, where the stars really do shine bright!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I feel I should chime in with something here but I think you've mostly said it.

It's probably good to note that most of the WOYWW bloggers link directly to their WOYWW post and not to their blog in general. That's so nice and helpful when visiting desks several days later. We need to teach that trick to design teams!!!

trisha too said...

Oh that Google+ and Word Verification.

Those I do NOT like . . . at all.


Brenda B said...

I'm a Wordpress user. On Blogger blogs I have to put in my Name, Email, Pick my type of blog and then type in my blog name! I don't see how that's much different to Blogger users commenting on my Wordpress blog? I use Firefox, and I can autofill most times just by starting to type, so it saves me a lot of work.

I have a Yahoo email account and I notice it logs me in as a Google+ ID on Blogger when I sign in to the two Design Team blogs that I'm part of, but I've never yet been able to comment on a Google+ enabled blog! And while we're on the subject, was it because of the spam that you ditched the option of "OpenID" in your own comments? I only as because if it wasn't for the Google Account I have for the DT work I wouldn't be able to comment here at all! As to WV, I agree, it's the devils work!

And I'm lucky in as much as Wordpress seems to be very good at automatically picking up on spam comments and corralling them for me to check and approve/delete as necessary. I get anything up to about 10 a day and it doesn't miss a single one!

I've yet to drag myself into the land of technology and still use a laptop. I don't own a tablet or even a phone!

Lisa-Jane said...

Absolutely agree! I'm also surprised at how many people bother to reciprocate visits. I don't think people mind if its later in the week even.

BJ said...

Gosh learn something new every day. Didn't realise I didn't need to post my number on my comment to you.
Thanks for this gentle reminder of all things WOYWW. I still have a google+ problem, what is it with that system! BJ of no number

505whimsygirl said...

OMG. I think I'm on Google+ but I don't even really know. I have noticed that you haven't left comments in the last 2 WOYWW posts and maybe that is why.

I agree with you on the word verification as half the time I don't get it right the first time. I also don't know what a MEME is.

I do appreciate you putting together this wonderful blog hop that can also understand the frustration with it also.


MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I reckon that Shaz Brooks might be right about firewall setting etc. Her husband set up most of my firewall and security as well and generally I can get to most. I would also put in a plea for some people to make their writing clearer for those of us with different glasses for different things. I find it hard to read posts with the more handwriting type of font, and my pet horror as being very hard to read, is small font in white or yellow on a dark background. That I do find particularly hard to work through and will often give up. Comment Moderation would seem to me to be sufficient to get rid of the rubbish that may try to get in. You will soon know if the message is not one you want, and can delete it immediately. xx Maggie

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

PS I am off to bed now to get ready for the battle across the Atlantic to see who can get the number on spot - all in very definite fun, I must add. See you soon, Elizabeth - if I can stay awake. xx Maggie

Robyn said...

Thanks for keeping us in line!

Nikki said...

I find blogger has improved so much that vm and cm are useless you can just delete the comments that annoy you and turn off sending every comment to your email and just goto the comment section in blogger and voila there be all the comments listed daily makes it super easy not to miss anyone :)..... unless life gets in the way

Daniella said...

WHEW! Glad to know I am not causing trouble! Of course I agree with all of your post. Well put and well done!!
YOU are awesome!!

sara j said...

I have read and agree.....I'm just so thankful you do this!

Eliza said...

touche Julia I'm with you.

Hugs Eliza

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