Friday, 1 November 2013

Run Away, Retreat, even!

Today has been long in the planning. I'm off to the wilds of Dorsetshire for a Retreat.  Of the crafting and girlfriends variety.  Nothing quiet and contemplative about this! Am already smiling in anticipation!

It's all thanks to the Baby Mumma in our group; she's the organiser extraordinaire.  Really. Believe me, she will have a back up plan ready to drop into place for anything that could go two ways over the next 3 days. Impressive.  Exhausting! I do a lot of organising and communicating as part of my daily life - as y'all know - I moan about it, often.  So today is marvellous for me.  I wrote the date in the diary, answered a couple of emails and will simply turn up at lunch time. Easy!  I should also point out that I wrote the date in our work diary, some months ago. And have had to email and ask twice about the date.  First of course, because I couldn't remember exactly when we'd planned, and certainly didn't think to turn pages in the diary to see if I'd written it down! And second because frankly, I couldn't believe how close and sudden it was after we came home from our holiday!
Cuttlebug Embossing folder, distress stains and inks, Woodware stamp

So, to prove that I've worked ridiculously hard this week to get ahead enough to be able to go and do hobby stuff instead of work craft, here's a couple from a handful of cards for workshops.  I've finished the base kits and samples for the calender workshop.  I've helped Mr Dunnit clear out the unused end of the Workshop so that it can be used.  That made my shoulders ache!  I've done a couple deliveries in the big white van.  I collected my darling girl and boyfriend from a hellish train journey caused by the 'storm' on Monday. I've nursed her, she was poorly. (Although her sweet boyfriend did more nursing than I - how the world turns!). I've cooked and cleaned (*ahem*) as usual, I've tried - really tried to catch up on ironing. I've done the books, now it's November I need to close October and submit the VAT return, but it's OK to do that on Monday. I've done a teeny bit more shopping for Christmas.  I've actually planned and picked out 'kits' for scrap booking over the weekend. I've planned and am about to finish cooking the main course for our supper this evening. I'm walking around a pile of boxes and stuff on the workroom floor..destined to go into the car - loads.  
I'm reconciled to the fact that I may have to come home earlier than the others - that's OK..any time away is going to be lovely.  Listen to me; I make it sound as if I never get any time to myself! Actually, the thing I'm looking forward to is probably the same as everyone else - having a conversation that doesn't have to finish because one of us has to leave to collect children, go shopping, try to sleep, check on get it.  
Grand Impressions & Dovecraft stamps.  Distress Stain and Inks.
It's not that I deserve this any more than any other - all of us work and run around like crazies....the trick to this is that it was planned, far enough ahead for it to be OK. And because I'm smiling in anticipation, I hope it's OK to link up with Annie's Friday smiles
If I actually get any crafting done, I'll show you next week!
Have a lovely weekend!


fairy thoughts said...

i couldnt work out if you aregoing toteach or relax. sounds exhausing much like my own world . .. enjoy

Annie said...

Of course it's ok to link it up Julia cos I'm smiling too just at the thought of having good quality time like that....enjoy every minute my dear deserve it.
Annie x

Claire said...

Gorgeous card Julia, have a fantastic weekend.
C xx

Hettie said...

Careful you don't trip over your halo whilst you are running around Julia!!
Lovely card.

Krisha said...

Hope you have a glorious time! Your cards are beautiful.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Although the cards are adorable, I am laughing at how much you get accomplished when push comes to shove. In order to have a bit of free time, you appear to have worked like a maniac. The thought of cleaning that workshop you showed before (even if it's only one end) would have me sore for days on end. So of course, I'm laughing right along with you, but NEVER at you.

Robin said...

Julia, I am exhausted just reading this! You deserve your special time out!

Loved all your cards!

akilli melek said...

have a fabby couple of days. nothing better than uninterrupted crafty chat. caroline

Eliza said...

Gosh you talk to me about getting this in perspective and here you are flying high on the same high that I ride around on and get things done. Sounds like you will enjoy yourself regardless and a good natter with friends is a treat, hey I understand that. Have a great time, have a few drinks too it will do you good.

Hugs Eliza

Helen said...

Well it made me smile... I wish I could come too, the week I've had - but I've opened a bottle to celebrate the end of it! I was exhausted reading everything you've done this week though, it puts mine to shame really. Have a wonderful time and I hope you do get time to make something cos we want to see!

Monica said...

have a wild and wonderful time

Ann said...

Gorgeous cards Julia!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend, you deserve it!! Sounds great, take care & hugs
Ann-R xx

Elizabeth said...

I hope you have a great time at the retreat ... and perhaps it could be restful too because by the sounds of things you need a rest. Why is it that, in order to clear some time for play, we have to work like fury beforehand!?!? It's one of life's eternal mysteries. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Oh sounds amazing! Hope you're having fun!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

As someone who is usually planning the event and getting all the parts and pieces together I totally understand your feelings towards going to an event where all you had to do is show up! That heightens the fun.

Lisa-Jane said...

How did it go? I hope you had fun! I find these weekend retreats wonderfully good for the spirit indeed x