Friday, 12 July 2013

The interloper...

This over exposed and grainy photo was taken on my ipad..from a different room (almost the North Wing) and in a hurry.  It's my mess.  And Laura.
Laura fell into my life about eight years ago when she started coming to the Crop.  She is lively (young), enthusiastic (young), funny (young) and incredibly patient with me (much older).  She is also a gifted paper crafter. 

The picture describes a scene which isn't uncommon when craft friends visit me at home. They want to see my desk and frankly, more to the point, want to test my shame levels and see if it really is as bad as it appears.  They are never disappointed.  On this occasion, Laura was with another great chum, Ali - (who stepped smartly out of the line of the camera!) and we were just visiting.  I had been whining about an unfinished card.  I had stamped, daubed, cut ripped and got the elements I wanted..but couldn't, could not, get them to sit on the card comfortably.  Not aided by Mr Dunnit who the day before had said the elements were funereal.  Hmm.  I thought they were classy......
Anyway, like a child in a sweet shop, Laura snatched up the chance, stood at my desk for oh, I don't know...twenty seconds, and put the card together perfectly.   Obviously, I blagged my way out of it by saying that she's done pretty much what I had tried and that meant it was obviously OK to stick down and commit to...but really.  
It had to vaguely match a sketch...that's my only defence really!
This is pretty much Laura's MO.   She gets the elements together and spends a bit of time on preparation and then in a flurry of hand movements, she's done a fabulous LO that just leaves us mortal croppers a little breathless.  

Actually this month, Laura is the Guest Designer over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  On her blog she walks you through how she arrives at her counterfeit kit and then periodically posts pictures of the LOs that she makes with it.  She's amazing.  If you're a scrapper, you need her blog in your reader...if for no other reason than to remind you of the wonderful things you could be making from the stash that you already have

Have a lovely weekend, y'all - shaping up to be hot here in Blighty, so I'll be looking for gentle outdoor jobs that involve a chair.


Lizzie said...

You are hard on yourself. The elements were chosen by you and are great. Sometimes though, we need to step away from something, because we get bogged down in it and lose sight of our original inspiration.
The layout made by Laura is lovely and I'm in no way criticising that, or taking away from her contribution... but... if you had gone back later, I think you'd have arrived at something similar and also very nice.
But I do love the card - well done to you and Laura for a great joint effort!
(off to look at Laura's blog now ;-)

Annie said...

I have to say you're right..... again!....her LOs are just gorgeous.
And isn't it annoying when someone walks in and does, in two minutes, what you've been struggling all day to do?
I'm sure like Lizzie says if you had walked away from it and come back later you would have done it too :-)
A x

Krisha said...

Well, Laura turned out a beautiful card from your makings! Now I am off to check out her blog as you bragged so much about it and her. LOL Hope you find the outdoor job that involves a chair. (mine is to HOLD DOWN the chair on the patio)

Helen said...

I am sure your card was just as good - I agree, we are all too hard on ourselves. Will check out Laura's blog as soon as I've eaten..

fairy thoughts said...

Don't you hate it when that happens lol. I was looking at the photos from the crop the other day especially the one of her with messy hands. her face was a picture! I am planning on doing stuff in the garden ....from a chair too

Sandie said...

Lovely post. Sadly \I can't see your photos as \\i\'m on wifi and my laptop is not downloading them
It's not personal. It's not downloading others either! I'll have to revisit when I'm home

Claire Grantham said...

What a lovely post Julia. I love having a craft buddy, mine is young too!! I don't love it when other people get my elements to work after I have struggled...that's the only child in me :) But I am always happy to work with a great crafter..I'm going to check Laura's blog now.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I adore how you spotlighted this talented crafter. Her work is fantastic (thanks for the link), even though I'm not a scrapbooker.

I'm always in awe when someone can make something out of elements I've attempted to put together. It always helps me learn and look at things in a new light.

Hope your weekend is as nice as you predicted. Staring at that weed ridden patio while sunning may be just what the Dr. ordered.

BTW, I can see where Mr. D got that idea of funereal. Had to laugh, too.

ike said...

How fantastic .... A. You got visiting Crafty Buddies :-D and
B. Laura sorted this fabbo card for you :-FD

A lovely card :-D
I'm off to look at her Blog now :-)

IKE xxx

airing cupboard crafts said...

WOW this was rather unexpected this morning!! What you forgot to say was that I did my first ever LO at crop with your guidance and help. If I ever have a scrapping question/dilemma then you're the one that I ask as in my eyes YOU are the better scrapper. I found it easy to do the card because I wasn't under any pressure and hadn't been looking at it for days that's all.

Thank you my dear friend x x x

scrappymo! said...

My crafty neighbour that I make card with is much younger than me too. I quite enjoy showing her where my mojo has deserted me...she always sees me straight!

Your card (and Laura's) looks great!

Fun to see your room from this angle.

Spyder said...

brill card and a clever you for getting her to come round and do it!!