Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dunnits abroad

it's a promising title, huh. Hey, I should call my book that. you know, the book we all have inside us, waiting to be written ..looks as though I've made a start!

Mr Dunnit has gone to practice his golf. our neighbours are relaxing on their terraces - I can't se them, but every now and then I can hear the clink of a teaspoon in a cup or a slight movement of chair on tile. Yes, it's very quiet here this afternoon. o sounds from the swimming pool either...but that might be because the water is cold enough to induce heart failure. in my opinion.

I cant give you a run down of our touristic achievements and explorations. Unless you count trying a new restaurant last night ( the Sangria was excellent, I must say, and shed loads of atmosphere, lovely). see we came over on 'holiday' to spruce the place up a bit prior to lots of use over the next ten months, so we've actually been quite busy. thing is, you kinds don't mind washing loose covers, cushions and beach towels when you know they'll be dry in a jiffy and looking splendid and vibrant in the sunshine. we've done a fair amount of DIY and making good too...trying to decide if we can touch up the paint work for now or whether we should make a start on the whole thing....I know my preferred option. Hey, YOU know my preferred option!

I've managed to so some SMASH journalling too. Mostly because the stuff is here, I don't think it would have been missed if I'd left it at home.. I fear I'm not a natural at it, it still feels a bit contrived,I must be doing what I never did at school. Trying too hard. May not do much more...possibly because this place is so familiar, I need to take a holiday to somewhere I've never been, Oh what an idea, a holiday! I must talk to Mr D.



Bethan said...

Am liking the Sangria bit!!! Have 'fun'!x

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm trying my hand at the "Smash" thing myself. Even though the pages aren't "white"...they're still blank, and that just seems very intimidating, lol! Enjoy your trip!

Tertia said...

Today is the first day of our school holidays and what am I doing you ask? Not lying in, not resting, not playing with my new Silhouette that I got for my birthday last week. Travelling? NOOOOO........ I have to go to a @#$% course at school for the whole day. Wanna swap? I'd rather be washiong.
I am afraid I am no good at smashing either, so can be of no help to you.

scrappymo! said...

Have a lovely relaxing time (in between the DIY)
Soak up the sunshine and have another glass of Sangria! I heard it is medicinal!

Lynn Holland said...

Sunshine, warmth, heat, washing on the line. Things you dream about. Enjoy yourself x

Helen said...

How lovely it sounds being able to wash stuff and dry it in the sunshine..though yesterday was lovely here...enjoy the rest of your stay and don't stress about your journal. I couldn't do proper journalling that requires writing stuff in, it's just not me!!

KatzElbows said...

Just about to get dressed and go to work so I'm trying my to hate you! I think your book shod be a murder mystery, a who fun it. As for the Smash stuff, try give yourself a really short timeframe to work on a page. Maybe set the kitchen timer. It might help you not over think it. Plus then you can always come back to it later.

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

I am very good at touching up.. ooops that sounds rude! But if you need any just have to shout.. across the swimming pool! Have a relaxed time :)

Di said...

Coo, I'll come and hold your paint tray for you - anytime! The bliss of washing drying in the sun too.

Enjoy your holiday Julia and please bring more good weather back with you!

Hugs, Di xx

Stitching Lady said...

It is nice to read you ----greetings from France - the country of our renovation house, haha!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia,

I'm thinking maybe you should come to Santa Fe, New Mexico!!! Then we can meet up and have a splendid time. There's lots of places that know how to make a mean margarita -- and sangria.

The smash book looks great!


Alison Scott said...

Sounds great. Sangria and sunshine! Fabulous.
Enjoy yourself.

RosC said...

The book looks smashing ;-) and the holiday sounds pretty good after a cold winter.
Come and visit us down-under one time. I'm sure we could rustle up an interesting alternative to sangria!

Neet said...

Never got the hang of the Smash thing - my photo albums look a bit like a Smash book anyway.
Oh how lovely to be where there is some warmth and sunshine. I'll come and clean, whatever if you want.
Hugs, Neet xx

fairy thoughts said...

A change is as good as a rest as they say! enjoy the sangria

scrappymo! said...

It doesn't look contrived at all...It looks great...busy and fun!

Anonymous said...

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