Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 160

I took two photos on Tuesday, in decent enough light.  It will be unchanged by the time I post this but hopefully, I will have moved on to other stuff before Wednesday evening.  Well there's the kiss of the death for that as a plan then, huh!!  
About 10am, Tuesday

 There's the usual detritus. a pile of stuff gathered form other places that need my attention - a LOT of photos in preparation for a crop, a card that I liked from a shop - it has a phrase printed in different fonts - I could do that with my 24 alphabet sets and a stamp positioner, huh!  One day, grasshopper...
About 7pm Tuesday
And later in the day - the makings of something...but I'm not toally sure about it yet..As you can probably tell, I've put away the stuff that was actually in the away, but anything without the perimeter of the glass mat stayed.  As usual.  I see the addition of the phone. It rang a lot today, so I kept it on my desk.  Mistake.  Makes me Jump EVERY time it rings. 

I wanna just briefly be serious about blog visits.  If I visit every WOYWWer each week, it takes me most of my weekly browsing time.  Which means I don't visit and comment at your blogs at all in between WOYWW posts.  Which do you prefer?  I know my presence in your comments section isn't a life or death thing, but as you pop in here quite often, do you resent my lack of reciprocity?  Let me know, I may alter my strategy. (Like I have one, ha!!)
Now, while you're thinking about that, share your workspace, whatever and wherever you're working, we wanna see and be inspired by you.  PLEASE put WOYWW in the title and link to that post if you can.  When you visit others, add your Link list number to your comment.  IF you can live without it, consider removing word's getting really hard and if it can't be completed the first time, you often lose a comment, it's the 'thing' that I get most correspondence from WOYWWers about, and it's always negative!  If you want to and can't turn it off, please ask, loads of people here will rush to help you!


BJ said...

Morning Julia, was determined NOT to stay awake BUT........... Rewarded with #4 though. How do you cope with so much STUFF on your desk and have you had much chocolate lately??? LOL BJ#4

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Helloo my lovely. We realise that you can't possibly do every desk every week... do what you want to do, otherwise you'll become a square eyed, screen devouring, mad techno-geeky woman...and I wouldn't want that!!
Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

Anonymous said...

Very colourful today Julia and are those Distress Inks on your desk!?? Gasp, and one of the wee colours in the top photo too!! And quite a little pile of them you've got there in the bottom one. As to the commenting, if you get to me you get to me, if you don't, you don't! Simple!


Lavinia said...

Well I am really liking those Pink Stazon pads & the papers are very nice indeed, did you stamp those or are they printed?..Are you doing vintage perhaps? And I agree, it needn't be three shades of wee wee! :-) I giggled my head off last week at your comment! And no I dont mind you not visiting, its nice of you to do so, but time is the blight of all out lives!!! Have a good week!

Lisa said...

Looks like you had lots of fun things there to play with. Did you make anything with the punch that looks like a dress? i personally don't mind if you leave messages or not. I'm trying to build up my followers but no luck with that. I think if you don't like what you see you don't have to leave a comment. Enjoy your day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I personally don't see how you make it around to everyone, anyway. You know it's become a real marathon, especially since it's gotten so big here at WOYWW. I suggest something comfortable, like say 30 or 40 friends you "know" from previous visits and pay them a visit. I always try to visit all the early people each week, but after about six hours, my very, very slow ISP just isn't up to it anymore. Just my American two cents (not pence).

Anonymous said...

WV never works for me, even when I make it "speak" the letters. Given that I have finally sorted out how. I can comment with a good degree of reliability, seeing WV drives me MAD! But there you go.

I can't see the card with phrases well enough, but it sounds interesting.

Happy W!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and about the visits. I don't mind either way :)

It's always nice to hear from you but I know how much time WOYWW demands so whatever.



Lorinda.C.F said...

Oh, if only I had the space for so much goodness on my desk. Perhaps it's better that it's small and I have to clean up after myself so often... Though a visit is always appreciated, I certainly don't expect you to have time to visit everyone...I know I can't! Have a great week!!

Di said...

I think it has to be what you're happy with Julia - ain't I decisive?! Trying to get round every desk is waaaaaay too much IMHO, and what began as fun can end up a chore - which isn't the point of WOYWW. If you come and visit though, can you please bring the 'tidy fairy' along :)

Happy WOYWW, Di xx #12 (sheesh, what happened there then!)

Shoshi said...

Well, I've entered WOYWW this week, but only just - no photo of my desk but the link will take you to my stand at the craft show on Saturday. Reason for not joining in properly is that I am not well enough - have spent the last 3 days pretty well exclusively on the settee unable to do anything except taking some photos of the samples I made at the show, and doing a blog post. Sorry this post doesn't qualify for WOYWW but it's the best I can do this week, I'm afraid!

I am receiving so many lovely ATCs - those who have sent them, thanks so much and I will get yours sent off just as soon as I am able to.

Shoshi (hanging in there... just...)

My name is Cindy said...

Well, there's something going on - a lot of ink pads, personally I'm beginning to think it's stamps and ink that casue the chaos!! And can I still see that A on your desk? Wasn't something going to happen to that an age or so ago?

I love it when you pop by but I don't think less of you if you don't. WOYWW is getting so big it would be an impossible commitment every week, I can't see how anyone could ever do it regularly. And I agree WV makes it worse, I can never read them.

So stick with your current strategy, works for me!! Happy WOYWW Cindy x

Robin Panzer Art said...

Hi Julia, It's always wonderful to hear from you but there are no expectations, it's a lot to keep up with. I'm still trying to make it around to everyone each week but when it gets into the 100s I know I'm in trouble! So anytime you visit is a joy and it should be whatever works best for you! Happy WOYWW. Don't forget, you still need to choose which ATC you want and send me your addy! Princess Judy took Bird Tales the next choice is yours.

Create With Joy said...

Hi Julia

It is always a pleasure to visit you and to see what's happening on your desk!

And it is always a pleasure when you visit me and leave a comment - but I certainly don't expect you to kill yourself trying to visit us all each week - and neither does anyone else!

It takes FOREVER trying to make the rounds and comment (not to mention the frustration of commening only to find word captchas that you can't read!)

Come up with a strategy that works for you. Hosting in and of itself is more work than most people realize. You do so much - I think most people here know that and appreciate all you do - so please, no pressure - of all people, YOU should enjoy your own party! :-)


enthusiastically, dawn said...

I was so blown away with all the sweet visitors that came by when I linked up last week. Seriously I am amazed at all of the creativity represented with all of the lovely links! Confession, I can't find my worktable. AUrora is even on the chair it is so bad- and not in her basket ...which I re-located from my desk, to a new set of draws on the side of my desk - which will be used to fill with stuff! I have so many projects, poetry and paper sprawled there- it is shameful...oh my - I think I will try to visit some of those who visited but I did not get to last week...Thanks for the warm welcome here...Dawn @ Benaeth The Surface

Elizabeth said...

Well, gosh, aren't we all early to the call this week! Your desk never disappoints - plenty to snoop at and I've spotted that fab dress punch ... I feel the need for one of my very own :) On subject of commenting, you could opt to visit those who leave a comment with you - would only help if not everyone does, leave you a comment, that is, and I would quite understand if you only popped in once in a while too - I struggle now to visit 50% of the links - dreadful, I know, but I have cards to make!!! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

mark gould said...

morning, happy woyww, looking very busy. happy crafting, mark

HeARTworks said...

Dear dear Julia! Just putting up the linky regularly is one tough job! I can't imagine how anyone would expect you to visit everyone on the list! I can't or my life will have to be put on hold! I have been feeling guilty about not returning visits so I said something about that on my post, but what with birthday parties (I actually cooked!) and preparing and giving talks, and working, these past few weeks have been hectic!!!! patsy (#22).

Danielle said...

Evening Julia, no I don't expect you to get to every desk. I can usually only do about 75 each week. I try my best and that is all I can do. As for the "A" on your desk, I have been seeing it for a while now. I was just wondering what plans you have for it? dani31

Ohhh Snap said...

So you've been so busy that your desk changed lol. Is that a spun sugar Distress Ink I see? It's a favorite of mine. I'm trying to budget for the summer inks for the hot pink (and the grass and pool colors too). I emailed TH pleading for a hot pink last year, so I have to buy it lol.

About the comments, do what suits you best :D.

Bridget Larsen said...

WOW 2 photos!!! hahaha I do that too when my phone rings. Doesnt bother me if you visit or you dont, its your time and what you do with it, sometimes I forgot to comment on your blog hee hee sorry. See lots of good stuff on your desk today
Bridget #27

Joynana said...

Hi Julia, your desk looks like you have really been working and creating lots of goodness. I like when you visit. But, I know how it is not to be able to get to every blog. I felt good last week. I got in early enough that I was able to visit 50 blogs. But, that won't be every time. SO do what you think is best. #35

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Julia,

I am beside myself with glee! I am number 36 this week - out of the triple digits!!!

And, oh my, how many alphabet stamps do you have? I have two and thought I really didn't need that third set..... hee hee

As for your visits - I always enjoy comments. I also try to visit everyone but I don't advertise that... I have my favorites - those that I first met through WOYWW so they are on my must go to list. I can see that being the "moderator" you may feel obligated - why not switch it up a bit? It will be interesting to see what kind of response you get - please let us know.


PS I just finished adding the photos and thought I'd check to see if your post was up....

famfa said...

Great pics of your desk. Alphabet sets, how many? I like it when you visit but it surprises me as there are so many for you to get round. If you don't, you don't. You started this, you are allowed to make the rules. I never visit everyone, not enough time in the week. Should be fun, not tiresome x

Peggy said...

You desk looks a lot like mine LOL FULL... I love hearing from you but I can't make it through all the desks and I would never expect you to visit every week. I appreciate that you do this I've learned new things and gotten tons of inspiration from all the artist out there. thanks Peggy

C said...

Thanks for mentioning the word verification, Julia. I hate it and almost feel like just leaving without commenting when it takes 2-4 shots at the darn things.

OK...I've vented. That feels better!

RosA said...

Hi Julia, Lots of good stuff on your desk, as usual. Thanks to the TH workshop the other week, I need (yes, need) more Distress Inks. I won't be able to resist now. Actually I need Distress Stains too, and oh yes, also ... etc etc.

Don't worry about trying to always visit everyone. I certainly can't. I love to pop in and see what certain people are doing and I will always try to return visits to those who comment on my blog, but that's usually a manageable number. (I have never tried to visit the complete list every week. It's just not possible.)
RosA # 40

Daniella said...

Julia!! I made it before tomorrow!! I am off to bed now, but had to link up since I could!! WOOO HOOO!!
As far as commenting. I know you love us and it shows because you have this party. Visit who you can, when you can. Don't stress!!!

Neesie said...

Busy, busy desk Julia,
It always fascinates me to visit your space because I never know what treasures will be there to feast the eyes...
I've tried to visit everyone so many times and never managed it so whatever you decided will be fine by me. ;D
I jump like that whenever Mufftypup barks which thankfully isn't very often! Maybe that's the trouble?
Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy! Neesie #37

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Like the 2 photos and all the STUFF!!
I've a positioner..rarely use it. On visits, I love having the comments on any of my blogs. But if it doesn't work it doesn't work, we all have life to deal with. However sometimes the way my life is right now, I can't visit ALL..I start from the front sometimes and sometimes I start from the last..I try every other week and make the 2 visits for current week and the past week I may have missed at that time playing catch up.
I truly appreciate ALL that visit my blog and I try my best to return the visit.
Enjoy your week.. Happy WOYWW

Lisa Richards said...

Julia, don't get stressed about visiting everyone's desks each week! I think it's pretty much impossible if you work and then want to spend time with family and do other things. I like a random approach. I start at both ends of the list and skip around here and there. If it gets to be a chore where's the fun in that?
Enjoy your desk this week!
#45 !!! :D

DeeDee Catron said...

Linking up for the first time. I love the idea of everyone sharing workspaces and a couple of the fab bloggers I follow have been linking up for quite some time! Hope you don't mind me joining in :) Can you turn the phone ringer down? Or .. make it meow like a cat? I can't help but think if a cat meowed instead of a loud ring you might not jump :) lol #25

Geri said...

It's really difficult to comment on every post and visit each blog, so I say just commit to so much time each week or day and get in what you can. We all understand that we all have lives outside of blogging ♥ Sorry that I don't include an actual shot of my that required? I usually just show what I produced.

SandeeNC said...

Well personally I am totally devasted if you don't leave a comment on my blog, it makes me think of long walks off of short piers, and holding my breath till I am blue....oh wait...where are my meds? breathe grasshopper, visit or no visit, you can't get rid of me...bwhaaaa haaaa...darn, anyone seen my meds? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Valerie said...

It is comforting to know that you too struggle with not getting by to see everyone's workspace. I've only joined in three weeks ago and was totally overwhelmed by the number of places to visit. You have a wonderful following of people who are very understanding. Those who have visited have left me the sweetest most encouraging comments! I haven't linked yet...its still Tuesday here in the USA. I've created such a mess while crafting the last two days during our 100+ degree days not sure if I'm brave enough. I like everyone else understand if you don't make it by my blog. There will be no hard feelings! Happy WOYWW!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Julia - ah loving your busy desk today, all the fun there. The teeny weeny sling seat always gives me a smile when a see it, bit like my monkey, they're happy looking things.
Re your visits - I shall confess I always adore your comments as you always say something meaningful and not just a general bit of flim flam. That part is appreciated very much.
I shall confess I have never gone around everyone and cannot imagine how you do it - so I totally understand if you need to doing a third each week or such.
I just make sure I visit everyone who visits me and a few newbies I dont recognise the names.
..but in the long run you will need to work with your time as best you can as you DONT want the pressure of "having to comment" ruining your time with blogging.
Probably my comment has not helped at all ...
Do wonder though if the wee parcel I sent to you in UK in April went to the right address, ie did it arrive "Chez the Dunnits"??
happy WOYWW Julia and thanks so much, Shaz in oz.x #50

Anonymous said...

I don't think I should be trusted with important decisions like when you should comment on blogs, because im quite clearly an idiot who just linked back to YOUR blog rather than mine.. Oh yeah, I'm an idiot!

Very curious to see what you're making, looks very interesting in the pictures.


Zoe #54. Or #53 if you want to visit yourself!

A Hovel to Home said...

It's lovely to receive a comment from you, but really your desk doesn't get messy, sorry creatively untidy, on it's own and you need time to play with all the lovely stuff to then be able to blog about it .... so don't sweat it sweetie and have fun playing.



Inkypinkycraft said...

wow you do have a busy desk! I cannot visit everyone so sure you cannot either..i visit all those who visit me and some others have a great week trace x 57

Redanne said...

Good Morning Julia! I love your untidy desk today. I also like when you comment on my blog but I can totally understand how difficult it must be for you. I used to do everyone, but I can't do it now, it just takes so much time so I do my 'regulars' and as many other as possible. Really, you should do the same........A x #57

Darnell said...

I enjoyed, as always, the peek around your clut, er, crafty desk!

I'm glad you brought up about the comments. I've not been a "member" for ages like some, but I have a thought about it. We all agree it's gotten too big to get around to everyone. For me, it's not the getting around, as I do LOVE looking at the pics, but it's the time it takes to type APPROPRIATE comments related to the post. Can we all agree that it's okay to just say something like, "Hi from __________!" or "I was here." Period.

For me it would be fun to just know that people came by and took a look, no need to write a bunch. I wish there was a box to check for that, but I don't know if something like that is possible.

Anyway, short of that, I agree with the others, if you try and do them all, it becomes a "burden" and that takes the fun out of it, which defeats the whole purpose.

I try to do the ones with the same last digit as me, and all the ones who visit me, of course. The only ones I don't visit sometimes are the ones with black backgrounds as it wrecks havoc with my eyes and I don't want to risk one of my migraines.

Okay, that's my two cents. And, yes, sometimes I do shut up, since you asked.

Morti said...

I can't stay up past 11pm, I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. LOL

MvM-design said...

Hi Julia good morning!!
Don't visit everyone.....sometimes I did but it takes too much time from real life!!
Back from holiday and glad you liked the ATC ;-)
Hugsss Marleen
Have a great day!

Neil said...

Hi Julia, great desk, Can't quite see you going to all the effort to create a word background though! I would not expect you to visit EVERY blog; if we can't how could we expect you to? While all visits are greatly appreciated I'm sure it'll be nicer for you to visit non WOYWW posts too!
Have a great day.

ScrappnBee said...

We love you somuch! We understand that you cannot br the lovely one who comments on it all...athough it is all nice! Just follow what you hearts just says! -Amanda x64

Joanne said...

It's become impossible to get round every woywwer now the fame has spread. Please consider becoming an 'I can't visit every desk person' and pop by through the week. I'm up early again too but am way down the list once more.
Hugs Joanne xx

kay said...

good morning julia,lots of goodies on your desk today and your coaster still makes me smile,re the comments on blogs i have come to realise that we cant comment on all of them as there are so many now and so little time so my method is to visit everyone who leaves a comment and then everyone who has the same numbers of me in their linky,find that works well.
have only managed it twice to visit all blogs and thats being on holiday! so take time to relax and enjoy what you have started,x

kay #69

KatzElbows said...

I love the thought of the word background, but I have to confess I'd probably do it on a computer rather than with stamps. That's just too much work for this lazy stamper!

As to visits, I think you should do what you want to do. We all know that no one can visit everyone and I think we have to be nice to ourselves and just do what we can. I don't mind if you never visit me on WOYWW. After all, you've given us all this crazy day, that's gift enough.

And I agree with the word capture thing. I often can't fill them in and then feel bad that I didn't leave a comment. And the audio version makes me feel I'm going crazy!

I hope you enjoy WOYWW as much as the rest of us do.

cheers, rachel #68

AliWade said...

I can breathe now that I am safely on the list (although I was a good girl and fed the cat before sitting down in front of my trusty notebook computer). You can also take a breath and not feel guilty if you do not visit all our workspaces. I worked out how many hours it would take for me to do that, and then I was amazed at your commitment. I visit everyone that I follow, plus often the ones on the list that end with the digit as me, and then perhaps some random ones if I am still feeling nosy! This will preferably only be on Wednesday, or Thursday morning at a push. Don't want my week to be taken over. Ali x #70

Twiglet said...

Hi Julia - don't worry about visiting - just to know you are there running the WOYWW head office is enough for me. There are far too many desks for you to visit, let alone revisit, so just pop by now and again and I am sure we will all be happy. x Jo

fairy thoughts said...

morning julia
I always thought the key to good leadership was deligation..... you organise us and we will follow (not good at being a sheep but here I made an exception) I would have difficulty just reading your comments. there are too many to visit each week, do what ever you feel and enjoy!!
janet #11 (just caught you before I went to bed!!)

CraftygasheadZo said...

Morning lovely! Super desk pics as always, lots of interesting things to draw my eye. As to visits, well it's always lovely to see you but life gets in the way eventually! I think no one expects you to visit everyone each week, so don't worry about it! I tried and failed, so I visit everyone I actually follow then anyone who visits me that I don't follow. Then if I have time & energy I pick a number and visit those with that number! Lol I agree you've given us this day so that is more than enough, and do you know some weeks I'd like to see you between Wednesdays, I enjoy reading your non-WOYWW posts a lot. Take care Zo xx 74

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Julia, I think you are a real trooper going round everyone's blogs. Don't worry if you dont get to mine. What's that red and White packet next to your scissor handles. Enjoy your week busy lady.
Lynn & The Doodly Birds

Kath Stewart said...

busy busy desk as always julia and hey we wouldn't expect you to visit us fact I ain't linking up this week as I know I will fail miserably in the comment visiting department...hugs kath xxx

Helen said...

Love both photos today, you are spoiling us! You can visit my blog whenever you get a chance, I don't mind, it's just nice to know you are around!! I have no hope of getting round every desk, as you say it takes a long time, so I am sure no-one expects you to. Have a creative week, I am liking what I see on your desk. Helen, 26 (nearly forgot!)

Queenie Jeannie said...

You always have such interesting stuff on your desk!!! Love it!

THANK YOU for addressing the word verification thing. I've decided that I simply will not comment on blogs that have it. I have no problem with anyone using comment moderation, but BOTH is just pointless and takes up too much time!

Kirsty.A said...

It's always nice to get comments whenever you visit. I tend to visit on Wednesdays and then scroll down to catch up with other posts I've missed, but I can't always comment

Annie said...

Hi Julia,
It's always lovely when you pop up in the comment box but I think we know you're not really wonderwoman [even if you do wear your knickers on the outside at times].
Big hugs,
A x

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Love the before and after photos, and if you get to my desk... fine, if not fine! To be honest there are so many now, if I mange 10 it is a miracle! Mind you with the state of my desk... would you want to look at! LOL
Hsve a stress free day
Hugs x

Sarn said...

Morning Julia

Another *CREATIVE* desk you have there hon.

Would totally understand if you changed your commenting habits. It is VERY time consuming . . . and you have a LIFE!

Sarn xxx

Angenita said...

Thanks for another WOYWW.

I wouldn't feel heartbroken if you didn't visit my blog.I sometimes struggle with time to only visit those people who left me a comment, no way I could visit everybody.
Somehow there must be made time for dayjobs, family and friends, crafting and housekeeping as well.
So I would understand if you didn't visit all participans.

MrsC.x said...

Julia love no one has time to comment on every posters post so dont half kill yourself!! no one expects you too

your mess is nothing compared to mine this week!! haha

happy WOYWW! Mrs C.xx #87

s4rah said...

Hi Julia
This is my first time joining in with WOYWW - long time listener, first time caller etc.
I don't see how you could reasonably be expected to visit everyone every week - at number 88 I would not be shocked if you didn't get to me. And besides, I don't think commenting for commenting's sake gets us anywhere.

Thanks for running such a cool project! Sarah x

Erica said...

Just made it! Got a picture of my desk before I left for work. I love seeing everyones workspace!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, great 'busy' desk again this week.

I also agree with the majority, I wouldn't expect you to comment on everyone's blog but it's nice to see you :)

I don't suppose you'd of ever thought you idea of showing people's desks would of got so big! Well done on having the fantastic idea :)


Ann B said...

That's a lot of desks to get round every week Julia and I'm sure no-one expects you to do it every week and I'm happy whenever you (or anyone else) visit me.
Intrigued by that little round thingy at the right of your desk - looks like rolled up cardboard pieces stuck together like an insect hotel.

Ann B

Unknown said...

Hi Julia You are welcome to visit anytime you get time!! I tried once to visit everyone leaving a comment. Whilst it was fun trying I got to number 70 and it was Thursday!! It is an impossible task now we are such a big gang....We should have our own collective term don't you think A ??? of WOYWWers. I'll muse over that one as I peruse. I pic a random spot to start visiting from and then for a bit of fun I close my eyes wiggle my mouse and leave it to fate! I always try to return visit - Thereby hangs your problem - you are tooooo popular girly!! Have fun wherever you land thats the important thing. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 89

PS you might not visit anyone this week as you will need a lie down after reading all your comments! You did ask :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Julia I can perfectly understand that visiting each and every blog can be very time consuming! And i think that all of us should know that....I usually allocate a certain time for blog hopping and then get on with other things...
keep well..

Sarah said...

I'm just very grateful that you open your "home" each week and create a wonderful place where so many can meet and share. You don't to cook, wash and clean for us all too! Feel free to meander and stroll at will - You are the hostess with the 'more than you know' mostess. Thanks again, from - this week only - Sarah and Ruby!

Hazel said...

Good morning, Julia, I linked mine early this morning when I happened to get up to go to the loo (nearly TMI!). As for visits, I love it when people, including you, of course, visit and leave comments, but I don't expect it and I don't think any the less of anyone because there are more and more of us here now! I love seeing your busy workspace - have a lovely inky week!
Hazel, WOYWW #27

lisa said...

Looks like you have a very productive desk this week, Julia. with lots of distressing happening. That stamp that's clinging to the bottom of the desk looks interesting but I can't quite make it out.
I don't think any of us expect you to visit the whole list, you'd never sleep and there's no fun in feeling anythings a duty and this is great fun after all. We are just so grateful that you get us all together each week and keep us all in order. If you stop by you are very welcome but if not no problem.
Does any of that make sense!!!
Have a great week and Happy WOYWW
Hugs Lisax #98

KatzElbows said...

Julia, just a quick note. Everyone's really good at leaving their linky numbers. But a lot of people's numbers change when wrong links get deleted. I don't know what the solution is, but it can get a bit tricky!

Kathryn said...

Barely keeping my peepers open here but I did spy wonderful work going on your desk. Sometime I would like to see a pic from the doorway, the whole room... Go ahead, I dare you to bare it, ha!
Julia, don't fret over visiting everyone, this is a huge venture. We all understand and we thank you for starting this!! It kind of has a life of its own now, doesn't it. But, you have been the matchmaker of so many friends! We will all be eternally grateful to you for that! just sayin...

Trish Latimer said...

love the pinks and green inks going on in the desk Julia! Commenting- you do what is fun and feels right...when things become a chore, thats when you need to step away and rethink! Trish xxxx

Jaki Morris said...

Wow, lots to look at on your desk this morning!
I would so love to get in there and do something messy!

You visit who you want when you want and why you want! Life's to short for obligation.

Take care
Jakix #101

Angie said...

I should have stayed up another 10 mins but lids were crashing ...then couldn't wake up so by 8.27 I was No93 shocked was I that I forgot to comment.
I totally understand the task you have infront of you each week now the numbers are so huge ...I say visit when you can ...dont give up all your browsing time to us it all by ear ...dont let your enjoyment suffer ....we understand....and remember ... atleast 20-30 each week dont comment on yours. xx

Eliza said...


I am sorry I didn't post this message straight away this morning had to rush to a board meeting and then an update firstaid cpr course.

Love the desk all messy, just perfect and love the glasses just thrown in the mix, I do that all the time.

As to an answer to your question, I do not expect you to answer all the posts that get placed on here, that would take most of the week to do and you have better things to do than try and keep up with us. If you do you do if you dont then doesn't matter maybe next time.

I do think if i visit someone and leave a comment, then that person should do the same in reply as a curtosy. After all i have gone and visited them and left a comment. I do find that some people here don't do that at all. I think some might have health issues or death issues and that is understandable, but, others just dont reply at all.

Sorry this is a winge and if you want me to leave this blog group because of it I will understand. I just feel it needs to be said.

I hope you have a wonderful art filled week and get to see some wacky desks filled with awesome stuff.

Oh and I have to add I was so pleased this morning that I could post my link early before going to my mad filled business day. Just awesome, thank you.

Hugs Eliza

Sheilagh said...

Good Morning Julia,
I am always delighted to see a comment from you, but I also know you have a life outside of the world of blogging. If you felt you had to visit every blog that took part in WOYWW I think it would soon become a chore instead of a pleasure.

It is a wonderful phenomenon you have created and it is growing daily, as you well know. I used to try to visit all the desks but it is just impossible. I pick a number from 1 to 10 and visit every desk that meets that number. So this week I have picked 7 so will visit every 7th desk. This way I find new desks every week and new inspiration.
Sorry for prattling on.. ;0)


sandra de said...

I would not expect a woman who show's her knickers for chocolate would have time to get around to everyone's blog. Love the distress inks and stazon ...definite pink thingy happening on your desk.
Sandra @105

Helen said...

I'm loving that little deckchair. I don't think anyone could expect you to comment on every post, after all you do have a life! I try to visit those who've visited me and pick a few random ones to look at. xxx

Diana Taylor said...

Interesting lot of stuff on your desk this week - I love those Stazon Inks - they are so versatile.
I have been on challeges where the host has never ever visited me so I wouldn't worry about it - just fit in what suits you - you do more than enough with hosting this in the first place - and I for one appreciate it very much!

Kate said...

Random visiting whenever you have time sounds like a sensible option to me, you can't keep visiting everyone every week!!

** Kate **

Glenda said...

Girl, I certainly don't expect you to visit us all each and every week! I feel you have done enough by creating this lovely forum! Visit when you can...we all know you are just like the rest of us. Time issues are often a big deal for a lot of us. You can only do what you can!

Belinda said...

I think this is suppose to be fun so having said that, you should not feel obliged to visit everyone every week. Shake it up and visit some each week and free up time for you to do other things like crafting. Otherwise it will take the magic out of the process. I have enjoyed your posts but I understand if you don't reach me every week. So have fun and don't let this rule you.

Belinda (110)

Lori said...

Julia, I love to receive comments but I just do not have the time to visit everyone's desk each week. I honestly choose 20 randomly and pop in to say hello. So, I totally understand if I only get a comment by you once a month or so. xoxo

Mary Pat Siehl said...

love the distress inks on your desk!! so fun!!

Julie said...

Hi Julia,
I think you should have a whole week off and ignore us all then eat chocolate and watch films all week!!!! How does that grab you?!!!
Well you can wish!! Have a good week anyhow
X Julie

Becky said...

Well you did make some headway yesterday, didn't you? Maybe you could turn the ringer off on your phone? Then there won't be quite as much jumping going on. Ha! As far as visiting goes, do what you feel is best :) #117

Sandy Trefger said...

I admire you for wanting and trying to visit and comment on every blog but I for one, don't expect it as there's no way I could do it. Perhaps visit as you can and randomly do a set number and mix it up each week? Love the clutter on your desk, it means lots going on and hopefully lots accomplished. Yes? :)

Serendipity Stamping said...

It is very difficult to get around and comment on everyone's blog, so you just go ahead and do what you can or want to do. Sorry my heading says Tuesday, but I could not get it changed. Tropical storm Debbie has the sun shinning right now, wonder if we are done with it or going to go back and forth with sun and rain again today. #118

Unknown said...

I can only spend a small amount of time checking other's blogs so I don't expect everyone to check mine. My problem is that when I go to enter my info on the linky thing I end up paging down without realizing it and entering my info on the wrong post. (Week 159 I accidentally entered at 173 when I'm already 128 - please delete if you can) Anyway, I enjoy the opportunity to see other's creativity!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

no, i don't think you have to visit everyone. i doubt if that would be fun for you and WOYWW should be fun! thanks for the word about word verification. it does make it harder to leave comments. sometimes i'm tempted to write "no, i am not a robot. only robots would be able to read those crazy jumbles of letters and numbers!"

jan s said...

Hi, Thanks for the warm welcome last week, really enjoyed joining in,

LiliansArt said...

wonderful day!!! the sun is out and i am here peeking at other peoples desks!! lol

Unknown said...

Hi I don't expect you to visit my blog every week. It is lovely when you do. I can't visit everyone either and try to look at different ones each week.
Carol x 123

JoZart Designs said...

Ooops I've corrected my linky entry so now I'm 127.... I was 65 on the duff one!
Lots of lovely goings on there on your desk and tasters or remnants of projects so overall a nice interesting messy snoop!
It's getting hard getting round now and I try to vary how I do it each week. It's the price of your fame!!Tee hee!
Love JoZarty x

Laura said...

Good morning, Julia (at least, it's still morning here.) Alphabet sets always seem like a good idea, don't they? I spy new distress ink! I'm going to have to pick up the summer ones -- that raspberry is calling my name. I can't fathom you dedication in trying get around to everyone. I try to visit everyone who visits me, plus some folks I've gotten friendly with, and then all the folks whose Mr. Linky ends with the same digit. . . I say, go with whatever strategy fits your week. You could visit the early birds one week, the middle of the pack the next, and my cohort the next. We appreciate your constancy in setting up the playground every week! Happy WOYWW.

Barb King said...

This is such a wonderful thing you've created, Julia, I would hate to have it tie you up so much that you spend more time commenting than creating. Just do what works the best for you, I certainly understand. Thanks so much. Barb #128

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Hiya Julia - I like the 10am/7pm shots this week. :)

I don't want you to feel obligated to comment on every single blog. If you still get pleasure from it, then great, but if it feels like work then change it up. It's less what I want from you than what you need for yourself.

I won't be crushed if I only see you on my blog occasionally. I don't see most of the WOYWWers anyway and certainly can't visit everyone myself. How can I expect you to?

One thing I would suggest if you decide not to visit every single blog: add a little blurb to your post that you'll be visiting randomly so no one gets their panties in a wad. :)


Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Crap. Forgot my number...

Susan #129

Whimcees said...


I love when you come to visit my blog - it is an amazing accomplishment for you to visit everyone who posts on WOYWW. At only 9:15 am you already have 128 people to visit! Wishing you a great day today!


Barbara Diane

Deb said...

love that cute little girl stamp you are using!
while it is lovely to have a comment from you, it doesn't seem feasible for you to comment on all the posts each week, we understand if you can't get around!


Anna Karlsson Widmark said...

What a relief to see that Wednesdays are the same even though the summer holidays are on! Happy Wednesday!

Zildara #132

Judith said...

I opt for a photo on the road instead of my desk. My work goes with me when I travel with my husband. I needed a break from my desk, but it comes with me. Hope everyone is staying cool from the heat. Judith, Texas

April said...

I think we all understand if you can't get around everyone! I know I certainly can't get around everyone!! lovely busy desk as always! I hope they're not loose dies hiding under your ipad stand!! you've warned me about loose dies :o) x April # 102

Jingle said...

It looks like you have lots of fun create stuff going on! YAY for that! As for can comment on my WOYWW post or you can just comment on whatever post catches your eye when you do get around to visiting! I'm happy to see your smiling face whenever and wherever! :-)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I had to laugh at how you said making the plan to play later was the kiss of death. That is so true in my life! If I plan to play, it ain't happening. If I just happen to sneak up on it, then I can do it.

About visiting us or not, I understand that there are a billion blogs to see for WOYWW so I wouldn't feel slighted if you can't stop by for a visit. I understand! I think most folks would. I think if anyone leaves you a comment that they are new to this, you should make a point to visit them, but anyone else you visit is just bonus. That's my buck-fifty worth of advice (minus taxes).

Unknown said...

Julia, I appreciate you simply hosting this whirlwind adventure each week. We all lead busy lives and I, too, am guilty of not leaving comments. It certainly doesn't mean I don't do any visiting, because I do. I just go quickly and hit as many as I can. You shouldn't feel any remorse at all about not commenting. We all understand!!

mommyle said...

So many of us are just SO busy, I am tickled if anyone makes it to my blog at all!!!

I LOVE your paper with all the printing on it. Is that a little Ketto fairy? I can't tell!

Have a wonderful week!

"I spy with my little eye.. the coaster regarding chocolate!" I love it!!!!

mamapez5 said...

Well, better late than never, I did make it to your workdesk fest this week. I love your desk. It always looks as though there is lots going on, though I have to admit I couldn't work quite like that. I do like to sort of clear one project away before I start the next though it usually only goes as far the tidy-up tray, and stays there until I can't squeeze any more on. Then I have to have a real putting away day.
And as for comments; We all like getting them but I know I can't possibly visit everyone who post here so you shouldn't feel you have to either. You are the one who makes it possible to link up with others, but it doesn't need to take over your entire week. As long as you don't just visit the same few each week, I am sure everyone will understand. I certainly do. Kate x

Unknown said...

I totally agree about the word verification situation. I kept thinking it was my eyesight--but it is getting kinda crazy. In the meantime, I'm in love with your luscious busy workdesk! It makes me want to dive into your papers and stamps! I have been doing more cardmaking, and I'm getting ready to shop for some fun stamps this week! Happy WOYWW! Sandy at #137

Darnell said...

Sorry, I had another thought. No one has suggested this, but what about making it a monthly event, instead of weekly?

Or a WOYWW UK, then the next week WOYWW USA, etc. - one week one, one week the other. That would make the number less each week.

Just ideas.

Love you!
Darnell #55

trisha too said...

Those StazOn colors are the prettiest I've ever seen!

Anyway, you are so busy, I never actually expect a comment from you, and am always surprised and delighted when one appears.

And good grief, I hate word verification!

trisha too

Monica said...

made it today. You mean you don't want to spend your life reading our blogs and commenting ! I am just delighted when you do visit and no i do not expect it. This is meant to be fun and it is. SO many fabulous people so many interesting desks.

Unknown said...

Hey Julia! I've been thinking about that visiting thing too...because I notice that people seem to feel guilty if they aren't visiting everyone..apologizing and things. I don't think anyone needs to feel bad! For me, WOYWW is another way to keep me inspired to share my work, it helps me to remember to photograph my process and my progress. I would feel more guilty if I were neglecting my creativity because I was trying to comment on everyone's blog...

Happy creating!

Annie #142

toni said...

Great to see lots of action on your desk, I must say I agree with Annies comment above. Whilst I love visiting desks I don't always have time. I think we need to keep this as one area in our lives that we don't have to feel guilty about and enjoy visiting when we can. have a fun week x

akilli melek said...

as I dont get out much I tend to live my crafty life vacariously through others....if you were to visit every blog and comment every time... me thinks my crafty life might be a little duller.
Love reading all your blog posts and the comments when you do manage to pop by are welcome but by no means expected every week. You host one of the most enjoyable crafty bloghops - from that I get lots of comments that I wouldnt otherwise get.
caroline (melek)

Crafty Debs said...

I'm likeing all that creativity on your desk, very juicy indeed!!! Even though I am quite new to WOYWW, I don't mind if you can't get round to my desk. It DOES take a long time, I think I spent about two days last week trying to visit everybody ...... not enough hours in the day! Happy crafting. Debs #146

Debs Willis said...

Hi Julia - dunno how the Dunnit does it :-) I manage to get around a few each week, and try to make sure I visit anyone who leaves me a comment, but couldn't visit everyone as it would take all week!

Loving your desk, and i spy peg stamps, which is what I;ve been playing with on my blog!

Happy woyww
Debs #146

Belinda Basson said...

It is late here in Africa, but it is just not Wednesday if I don't participate in this giant desk hop! Slowly doing my rounds. It is always lovely to hear from you but I don't expect a visit from you as hostess as it is a huge task I am sure to get round 200 or so desks and read and comment on each one. I comment on the desks I get to and enjoy reading them properly and don't feel guilty about the ones I don't get to cos there are just so many productive hours in a day and I should be at my desk creating not typing. But being in contact with all the WOYWWers as often as I can makes my week a better one. Your posts in between are always good for a read and a chuckle so blog on and we will follow...

Hettie said...

Lovely busy desk there Honey! Just how many font sets do you have? I need to catch up me thinks.
As for visiting desks, it is YOUR game so YOU make the rules for yourself!
Sorry I am late but if you have seen FB you might have an inkling as to why!

Tracy said...

Looks like all kinds of fun is going on here ;)

Anne said...

Hi Julia although it's great when you do pop by but I know you cannot manage to visit everyone every week. I know I can't visit everyone who has joined in. So lovely lady do what best suits.
Don't think I have word verification on - as turned it off but blogger changed since then. Great to be back having a nose. Hope to get to a few desks - but think I will be late. Anne x

SueH said...

This is what happens when you let the Genie out of the bottle Julia!

Although it’s very nice when you visit my blog (as is it when anyone visits) I would never expect you to visit me each week. I know myself that I could never get around to everybody because I would by on here all week and never get any crafting done, so don’t feel bad about not making it around to everyone

I have a strategy that works for me. I visit 10% each week, that’s everyone who’s link ends with the same number as mine. On top of that there are several blogs I visit each week regardless and of course if someone visits me I would always make sure that I return the visit, out of courtesy.

And as for your desk………you can never have too many alphabets!

Happy Crafting!

Queen Lightwell said...

If I hadn't been in such a hurry earlier I would have made it in under 150 for the first time! lol
Now, as to your question...hmmm, I don't mind if you just visit my WOYWW posts...I rarely make any others anyways! :) Posting more than once a week seems to be some kind of herculean feat for me, go figure. :)
At any rate if I do get up any other posts its no offense to me if you don't have time to leave a comment on them or even time to see them...the internet is a really big thing! I've been lost for hours in here! :)
Just enjoy the time you have online however you please and if you leave me a comment know its appreciated, just like you hostessing this linky party is! Have a wonderful day dearheart...
Deeyll #153

RosC said...

Hi Julia,

Clearly the move of the day was towards pink - pink card, StazOn, DI arrived by 7 pm. That's a fun way to show the desk in work mode.

As for visiting, I can't possibly make it to everyone and leave something relevant and sensible. That's me. I'm slow. I do aim to visit people I know, those who leave comments, and few more peeps that I don't know each time. It would be nice if you pop in and sometimes leave a 'hello'. Just don't burst your boiler! :-)

Ros. #121

PS I'm interested in why the Linky number changes. Last night I reloaded your page and it came up 125 for me. Then this morning I'm 121. No angst, just interested in how it works. R.

Katie said...

Thanks for hosting! I'd say visit however many you feel like :) I've never made it to all of them. So just enjoy yourself! Thanks for hosting and sharing!

Katie (155)

Unknown said...

you do have a busy busy desk there. Lots on interesting tools of your art

I have a big mess all over my place.
I love to hear from you but do not stress over visiting every week I know I don't !
Im already number 125 comment here this Wednesday for you


Madame Bizarro aka Nan said...

Okay...was attempting to comment from my smaller laptop when it decided it would start its little trick of shutting down. BAH! Anyway, I'm baaaack...week three of invincible clutter and hijinks.

BTW, I don't know if I'd show my knickers for chocolate, but I would for licorice. :D

okienurse said...

Okay better late then never....Out storm chasing with my DH and sitting in the hotel tonight I got upset thinking I was missing WOYWW I decided to enter it late! Heres hoping I can hop around to a few blogs over the coming week on down time. I appreciate any and all comments and it is way to difficult to get around to every desk on Wednesday so just come visit me when you can! Vickie #159

Spyder said...

Morning!! I'm waiting for my window men, craft room cleared (well the windows bit are) and my computer is set up somewhere else. Your desk looks very busy, as you always seem to be! and that's one big punch I don't have, is the dress useful? (it looks like a dress) I guess it is!!
(on a Thursday!)

((Lyn #32)

The Determined Scrapper said...

I too think about how you are able to get to all of us. I look at the list and think to myself. She is either a super fast reader, or she stops by very quickly. There is no way I would ever be able to make it though everyones blog. I try my darnedest, but most times have to take a couple of weeks to go back and look at everything. I would just keep doing what your doing and those that don't like it can learn to deal... Smile its Thursday and I just got my post up.

Kim said...

Very busy desk you have! I think while visiting everyone is an admirable goal, there is just not enough time!! Even if I had a broadband connection, I doubt I'd be able to comment back to half of the people who stop by to say hi! And while our blogs are to share our creativity; we need the time to create! I try to stop at people I haven't "met" before in the challenges, and go from there. Perhaps that could work for you too.

Crafting With Jack said...

Hello! I have just come from Spyder's. So it is you who started the WOYWW posts! I was thing of joining in, wow you have a lot of people joining in!!

Karen said...

Oops I hope this doesn't come up twice, last time it wouldn't add the comment. Love your workdesk as always, so many things to check out. I could do with some happy mail too...!!! Happy WOYWW Karen 86 x

misteejay said...

I have always struggled with word verification and the current format seems even worse so it is very off-putting to find it on so many of the blogs I love to visit...unfortunately, it does mean I tend to comment less often.

It has always amazed me that you manage to get around so many blogs during the course of a week Julia - I would suggest you continue with what you are comfortable gotta keep it fun not stressful.

Toni xx

Shoshi said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, Julia. Yes, M.E. is a very hard taskmaster that doesn't let you get away with anything - I knew full well that I would get mega payback for all that overdoing things, but boy it was worth it! I had such a great day and really enjoyed demo-ing all day and making a lovely mess! Today I am feeling half way human again after a week's enforced rest, and the brainfog has lifted sufficiently for me to be able to realise just how much catching up I've got to do! I shall take it slowly though, or I'll end up back at square one again.


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I had several work tables this week. You'll see what I mean when you visit my blog. Blessings!

Bugged Designs said...

Hi Julia. Lots going on - isn't there always! That paper with boys and girls on it looks interesting. As for blog visiting, I have no idea how you have even managed to get around everyone, I'd say just go with the flow and wouldn't feel obliged to visit all the desks each week, there's plenty of woyww-ers to share that task between us :)

Kezzy said...

Oh wow lots of yummy crafty bits on your desk, I only have black stazon I never realised they did such gorgeous colours. I have been wanting a stamp that is like a little girl in older type clothes a bit like the stamp on your desk, do you mind me asking who it's by? I think you do great with visiting who you can, some times I stress about visiting but thats me, during stress times I get awful anxiety which means I stress more, but thats just me and it's a way of life, so I may say on my blog sorry sorry sorry, but deep down I know everyone understands. Happy woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

JoZart Designs said...

Just back from the Slovenian mountains, lazing on cardarians chaise longue, drinking excellent slogan wine, Jo and dolores are crafting I am watching, life is good, regarding comments, I left you a message at, and you can do as you please in terms of reciprocity. Tis quite impossible to visit and comment upon all if one is a
So going to do more than blog.... Dxxxxx it's now nine pm and a cool thirty degrees on the terrace. Ps using jozarty log in just to confuse you

Eugene Bryant said...

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