Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What's On Your Work desk Wednesday?

So this morning, I ran Miss D into College,
(unusual) and came straight home. Changed the sheets and tidied in the kitchen. As I was sweeping the floor (an everyday, OCD type necessity for me), I was running through the things I want and have to do today and over the rest of the week. It wasn't until I'd come in here to chuck some paperwork in front of the computer that I realised that it's Wednesday! How horrid - I hope the real life stuff that is clearly distracting me soon lets me off the hook! So here's the desk...I'm adding pages to Miss Dunnit's 12 of 16 album. The stickers are Paperchase of course.
It somehow looks tidier from above, which is probably why for the past few weeks some of you tidy natured types have been able to breathe a sigh of relief as you've clicked over to this blog!
You can just see my lovely new Ippity stamps and next to them the kitchen timer. I use this alot - frequently I start to cook something and then wander back to my desk...a loud, makes-me-jump, interrupting bell is the best reminder - the only other one is the smoke alarm!

I have one last swing as well - in terms of cupboards and well, room to swing! On the counter you can see my underused Cricut and my overused guillotine (I have an evangelising preference for the guillotine against the paper cutter is I suspect, a passive aggressive thing!). You can also see a boxed up and ready to return Letterpress kit. It was loaned to me by the Shopkeeper gal. Fair to say that you wouldn't really want me to review it. Because I'm a sausage fingered impatient old whinger, the review would start and finish with 'messy'. In the sliding cupboards (ably decorated by Miss D and her baby cousins) are the card stocks, envelopes and blahdy blah associated with conducting workshops. Although, since sorting out my scrap box, I can honestly say that I haven't cut into a sheet of A4 card unless it's been to supply pieces in a workshop kit. Yahoo.
Come on then- get your camera out, point it at your desk and show us what you're working on. And what you've got. And if you want to - swing around and show us some other part of your doesn't have to be a dedicated surface or room...part of getting to know you is seeing your space, huh? There's a (ahem) membership button in the left bar of this blog if you want to be identified as a WOYWWer. I'm thinking that since it's done no harm and forged some friendships that it's not the embarrassing, nerdy thing my husband thinks it is. So there! Leave a comment here and we'll click around and visit. And next week, I promise. I'll take my head out of my erm, kitchen chores, and sort out Mr Linky. I think the time has come.


silvercustard said...

Love the desk this week, espesh the scraping. have atualy managed to post mine this week as i am off work today xx

have a great week eveyone xx

Annie said...

Hi Julia,
Love the pages of the album you're working on and as ever your space has me wanting to rummage through your stash. Love the artwork on the cupboard fronts...happy memories eh?
It's been such a lovely positive sort of week for me so feel free to pop over to my WOYWW and leave me a comment.
A x

voodoo vixen said...

Oh no! Your desk is tidier than mine.... I was just kidding in my post! Love the look of the album and the drawings on the cupboard door... what a lovely Mummy you are Julia... I'd painted over those years ago!! LOL I was the mum who persuaded her one and only child that his drawings from primary school looked better inside the cupboard door rather than on the front!! Do you think it scarred him for life?

Paige said...
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Paige said...

WOYWW isn't nerdy at all it is however becoming somewhat of a cult thing to be part if me thinks ;) I'm early posting today as I'm off work for the next few days waiting for Suki-Su to pop*.
I'm loving the colours int he friends LO of the lovely Miss D.
My desk can be found <a href=">here</a>

first post didn't work correctly :(

Paige said...

ok niether did this one :(
my blog is here

Chrissie said...

Those new stamps look fab.
I was fancying a Letterpress thingy... are they really a pain?
I have the same guillotine as you, but I have a trimmer as well which I use for scoring or fancy edges etc, but I saw one on You tube yesterday where you can cut out a square within a whole sheet of paper or card, I don't think mine is accurate enough for that!
Anyway, come for a gander, you can see my desk

Carmen Wing said...

Love those cupboard doors. HAve you seen the ones in Ikea with the glass panels that you can slide the kids piccies behind? I soooo want them.

I'm a guillotene girl too and have that exact one, though I think I have blunted it somehow.

Craig would probably not mind your house as you have your own room and he could shut the door and pretend it wasn't happening *g* I am in his face, in his space and taking over the dining room :P

Right here actually ;)

Deanne said...

My space is on my blog :) cant wait to see your daughters book finished, bets it going to be fab :)
Will blog hop later when the house is quieter :)

ikki said...

Hi WOYWWer's. I love Wednesday's these days - Mr. Olly reads the local rag (boring) and I sit here and read and nosey (certainly not boring). As initiator Julia says, getting to know and making friends, see ideas, and openly having a nosey is fun and also comforting. I like knowing that mess and crafting go hand in hand.
Julia, your timer made me smile - I'm always burning things. Peas make a terrible mess of a pan! I set the microwave timer, but often fail to hear it peep. I've had so many fire hazards, that now when the bell peeps, Mr. Olly starts shouting "is something done". He likes his peas green not black!

Also noticed your pin cushion - I had one just like this, but silly me sold it! Look forward to seeing something stamped with your new stamps - they look interesting. ikki

link here

Hels Sheridan said...

Fab look on your sooo nosey, I love this nipping about and seeing who is doing what! Right, last week I said my desk was messy...and got told...loadsa times, it isn' today...IT IS! I have left it after making a tag...and it is bugging me nuts off so I have to skidaddle to get it looking neat again...then I get crafty again ROFL..

Still can't do the linky thing...honestly, I am an educated (!) woman with an IQ of, I dont' know but I bet it is above here is my link, in the whole....hope you like it :O))

Hugs xx

Nicks said...

we are a bit similar today, 1. I forgot it was wednesday and 2. I have photographed a rather underused bit of equipment!
In the middle of a project, but thought I better post before I got too engrossed, I will be back later to have a nosey at everyones else's space.
just going to finish and then tidy up first like I always do...................... ahem
My desk today

Sandie said...

alright you've inspired me :D I've got to get on the stick and get a picture posted of my work desk- the view has changed since last week ;-)

SueH said...

Miss Dunnit’s projects looks to be coming along nicely Julie and I’m loving the look of those stamps!

No ‘cardy’ stuff for me this week but I think you may like what I’ve been up to.
I was brave and did a bit of ‘swinging’ this week so you can see my desk and a couple of other spaces


SueH said...

Sorry, that should have said .....You can see my desk and a couple of other spaces

Twiglet said...

Oh what gorgeous stuff you have to play with! I would struggle to make my mind up what to use. I love those cupboard doors too. Thanks for comment on my blog. We joke that we are like the sisters Pratt on Larkrise to Candleford - not really but then.....

Unknown said...

Hi Julia
Another Wednesday they are just flying round,
Me too love the gilotine, and the pages you are working on, when I saw the letterpress I thought oh good must ask her what she thought, have seen them in my local craft shop, but while reading on I thought best not go there. My hubby doesnt understand either he says cards is one thing " a desk what's that all about" its a man thing wouldnt understand, they just see a mess.
Well enough of my ramblings,
Here's my mess sorry workdesk
Christine x

Gez Butterworth said...

Lovely cupboard doors Julia. Your daughter's book is looking scrummy too. I saw some Tunnock's marshmellows yesterday & thought of you! Had to buy some of course, like you do!hehe. Have a fab day.

Here's my...draws breathe & blushes! washer!.


Helen said...

Am linking my WIP as still can't show you any pics. Will now go back and read the post and start hopping! See you all soon.

carlz said...

I have to admit i'm having a pretty tidy week!! my desk!

hugs carlyann xx

Helen Laurence said...

Hi Julia, loving the scrapping. I really must get into that more. Fabby cupboard doors. I remember when our cupboard doors were covered in dentist stickers like she-ra or super ted!!

I've managed to get a post in today & made a card!! here's my desk

Heidi said...

I am back Julia and this week my desk is NOT clean. I mean, it looks good but it is not spotless now!

Sarah said...

I look at your photos and long to have a rummage amongst your stash LOL
I've compared WOYWW to looking at houses for sale online when you've no intention of moving, a great way to indulge a nosey nature.
My desk can be found here

Susie Sugar said...

Oh Lots of photos this week Mrs Dunnit
I love your cupboard space and your pages in your book look really lovely
I have to run out now but will catch up with all the other desks tonight but here's my mess for today
Have a fun afternoon
Hugs Susie xx

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo for Mr Linky :0)
My desk is here

Anonymous said...

Everything is looking lovely, great scrap book, it's coming on a treat. Unity stamps are just great, but I don't own any yet, sob sob! I'm a trimmer person myself, but mainly because I can keep my fingernails intact too, have a hard time with that if I use a guillotine! My craft space has been invaded this week.....

Create With Joy said...

Morning Everyone!

First of all, my WOYWW 8 post is up - and I am NOT closing out the pack this week, lol!

Love your photos this week Julia - So much color in them - and of course, I always squeal with delight (OK, not literally, that would be VERY undignified!) when you swing that camera around and I get to see a different part of your room! So many pretty things in your post - but I'd really love a close-up of those Ippity stamps - I am seeing them on everyone's blogs but have yet to see them live!

Have a great day all! I'll make the rounds as I am able! I am (sigh) spending the day at the doctors today - that is one big UGH.


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Julia, I've posted a piccy now, doh! I've got an internet prob so asking for help, so would love you to re-visit in case you can offer advice, please :)
The stamps look lovely. Are they 2 part stamps? The stickers are fab, very pretty. Think I need to adopt the timer habit as I'd put an egg on to boil the other day then went upstairs, luckily my sis phoned otherwise it probably would have boiled dry :-/
Anne xx

Angela Toucan said...

your scrapbook is looking beautiful.

here's my desk today and a swing up.

Anonymous said...

Ooh you're so tidy! Here's my tip

Ann said...

Your desk is looking very colourful with your album. It will be treasured by Miss Dunnit I'm sure. And I can't wait to see what you produce with those lovely stamps. My children were never allowed to draw on anything other than paper as Hubby was the house-husband while I was at work, and we all know how tidy he is!
Mr Linky will definitely make Wednesday's blog-hopping easier - your fame is growing in Blogworld, Julia!
Thanks for your comment about my desk, here,

Hazel said...

I love seeing different parts of your space, Julia - and tell OH that it's not a nerdie pastime at all to go looking at other's WOYWW - I love it - and have got to know crafty folks a bit better because of it. My photos for today are here x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ohh didn't join in last week cause was in a huge guddle and forgot it was Wednesday too!!!! Mmm had a smoke alarm incident the other week, sadly didn't realise that my house smoke alarm is connected to the Fire Station here so got a visit from 7 Hunky Firemen for my non burning house!!! LOL
Here is my desk!

Diane.W. said...

Your desk looks very busy!!! Those new stamps look intersting.
My desk is HERE
Hope you can pop by this week :o)x

~T~ said...

Well, I'm back again! Thank you for the comments last week. They made my day! There are loads of pictures again this week - enjoy.

Handmade with Love said...

This is a really quick post to say this is whats on my desk will be back later to see whats on yours! Have a great week everyone! Tracey x

Littlebearcrafts said...

Hi Julia,
I love your decorated cupboards - they are so cheerful.
here's my space
Clare x

Unknown said...

Hi Julia - your desk is looking very creative this morning and your 12 of 16 is coming along great - Miss D will treasure that for ever when you've completed it. Glad you've (not) reviewed the letterpress - I've read mixed views about it - not good on the QVC reviews - but they didn't say that on-air yesterday!!!

My desk is ready to receive visitors and as usual - i've written chapter and verse!!!

Hugs to all - i'm on my way round to a desk near you!!!

Paula x x x

Pam said...

The pages look lovely Julia. Here is mine! Hugs Pam x

Anonymous said...

My table looks tidier from the top too! I guess it's because you can't see as much of it! Here's my disaster area, I mean craft table: woyww

Victoria said...

gorgeous stuff to oggle at as usual!

Now mine comes with a health warning this week, if you don't like mess - don't look!!!

here’s my mess

Teresa said...

Love the new stamps, I think I might need some :)

Miss Dunnit's book is looking good, liking the stickers.

My WOYWW is here (I will learn how to do links sometime when I find out how!)

Spyder said...

Oh my goodness me..I think it's wonderfully tidy, me of messy messy and messyer! and very interesting!! I think I'd love the guillotine too, if I had one! I have three of the other type and NONE of them cut straight! they sort of 'bend' the paper slightly. He's my messiness for this week.. I will tidy up for next week...maybe!
It's here


Unknown said...

Blimey ... I have just hopped around all of the above blogs and I am kernackered! I started a new tradition last week of coming back and making a special effort to comment on your post separately
... thoughtful huh?
Love the cupboard art ... now is that altered or is still a cupboard *LOL*
Miss Dunnits book is looking fab ... I zoomed in and could see it in all of it's gorgeousness ... I should do something like that for my babies too ... maybe one day!

Angie said...

I managed to blog my WOYWW today ...before nightfall lol ... and I have actually started a LO.
Love the idea of a timer ...I need one in every room I enter.... I get so easily side tracted ... watching TV ....musing over crafts ... and the I need 3 4 for the kitchen too as the cats killed my last one. Felix headed it off the worksurface, on to the floor ....and I stood watching him !?!! lol

Linby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minxy said...

I hopped on this morning to find you hadn't posted yet, so i waited and then promptly forgot to come back till now lol Here is my fairly tidy space...since the OH is being a slave driver making me spring clean!!!!!!! the swine lol
You look like you've been having fun though.
hugs Minxy

Anonymous said...

My desk is here. xoxox

Handmade with Love said...

Hi Im back again. I am loving the look of the album that you are doing for Miss Dunnit, its looks lovely. Those stamps look fantastic too!I love the cupboards and the bright drawings on them, its really sweet. I have left an award for you on my blog but I see that you have already received it! Well done for creating WOYWW! Tracey x

Linby said...

I need a timer - I can't hear the one downstairs on the oven! Love those stamps.
here's mine, displaying the push back technique!

Linby x

Net said...

Done mine!

stephanie said...

ooooo tons of lovely new things to go look at :) Wednesday is getting busy.:)

Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you! that paper trimmer is definitely the best purchase I've ever made! As for the LePlumes; I do love the way they color, but I've had sooo many leaks, and half of the time the fine point end doesn't work! Last night I was truly ready to throw them out and spend my grocery money on some copics! lol

Penni said...

I do love being nosy and looking at everyones desks. I've got a couple of small projects on the go at the moment. Hope to have at least one completed by the weekend, but apparently I have to go to work too LOL!!!!

I've already come out as a WOYWWer and out your button in my sidebar!!


Cardarian said...

Hello Everybody! Another fun Wednesday! Always nice to nose around other peoples desks, of course do not hesitate looking at mine! It is here!
I wish I knew how to make a direct link for you - it is so annoying when you have to copy paste a link!
Sorry and hugs to all

Lisa said...

Here's my desk, reasonably tidy for me!!

Tracey said...

I know it's quite late but it is still Wednesday and I am a WOYWW virgin, am a techy moron but you can find my desk here

Susan said...

Nearly forgot too! Tempus fugit and all that!
Hers my desk tonight
Keep well!

Helen said...

I think I made it to the end - sorry if I missed anyone, but my knees are killing me, kneeling at the computer and I need a cup of tea! Hopefully the glitter will now be dry so the WOYWW WIP piece is now ready to post in it's finished state.

Penni said...

Thanks for stopping by today Julia. Lots of people are admiring my EZ View Desktop - it is fab, I love looking at all my flowers instead of them being cooped up in boxes LOL!!!

My Score-Pal is Metric and I do llllllove it - I've only had it a week and I don't know how I ever managed without it, it's fabulous.


Kerry said...
A little late but have been busy this morning.

patcrafts said...

Just having a senior moment I posted my pic at lunch time but forgot to leave a comment and link, so if you would like a look go to

Julie said...

Loving your essay this week!! I'v had a real chuckle! No desk from me tonight, it's all very boring by comparison and my room's a tip due to new boiler and access requirements to the rad! Juliex

Nikki said...

Julia it's that sound that goes everytime you
use a guillotine "Swish & OFF WITH YOU HEAD "
at least that's what it reminds me of whenever I hear one go... I think it's Thurs already for you I'm Late
My Desk
hugs Nikki

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

I'm back again this week. And my desk looks waaay better than last week...maybe a little more boring but at least its clean. Hope you'll get some use out of that word art.

Anyway, here's my desk

paola said...

Well after seeing your cricut with its wires all wrapped up and not even plugged in i dont feel too bad that i havent used my cricut for ages, have never had much joy from it, despite that i still seem to be buying cartridges, got 22 in total, i know i am CRAZY!

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Great desk as usual, and what a great number of comments.. mine was empty and no point showing as just too busy to create a mess! lol
mind you having said that I did create this morning! My fingers are proof of that!
Hugs x

Rosie said...

Julia if you keep taking these overhead shots I can't see your delightful bin, and I miss him!! I worry whether he's OK out there, and whether he might be feeling neglected????

Better late than never ... my desk is here on my blog.

Fallingladies said...

I just can!t imagine sweeping daily, wow!