Thursday, 25 February 2010

Decisions Decisions

So here's a starter for hundreds - the ippity stamps have been utilised and I like them very much....well cut, neatly mounted, deeply etched. Yum. The text stamp is by Wordsworth; I'm saving the ippity texts for another day. When they suit the card I'm trying to work on perhaps!

Text is a weakness of mine; one of the reasons I got into scrapbooking was the journalling potential. Leaving all my blether for future generations is an irresistible idea! Of course, that would imply that I have a sense of self-importance that may be slightly exaggerated. Moi? Bit like blogging really, it's all about affirmation innit. I'm sure I've mentioned before that a friend once accused me of being unable to make a card without text on the front. She was probably right; my collection of text, word and alphabet stamps is probably the one 'section' of my craft room that I would have to immediately replace after a fire; I would be lost without them. Of course, even as I type, I realise I'd need a new glass mat, guillotine, heat gun and a fairly long list of 'basic tool kit' things - which raises a whole other question. Just what is a basic tool kit? Do you include inks and stamps? How many pairs of scissors? Glue and foam pads? What do you include for colouring - or is that a luxurious extra? Is my difficulty in collating a basic tool kit list because I have so much stuff that I've lost sight of what I actually need, or is the reason I have to drag a super sized tote bag to a crop something to do with indecision? I mean, often in a restaurant I can't decide what to order before I know what everyone else is having. Is that the same? Is it indecision or nosiness? I dunno. You tell me what you think and then I'll decide.

Me and The Colonial are going to the Make It! show in Farnborough tomorrow. Anyone else? In the interest of good taste: Make It! is a paper crafts show. There may be other stuff. But I'm incredibly confident that none of the exhibitors will be of the variety that could justify the smirk on the male youth's face when I called the show by its name this afternoon. I mean, would I really put myself out for a day of smirk inducing Make It! I know this answer, so maybe I'm not so indecisive after all!


Anne said...

I was seriously tempted by the Make It show - except that I don't have any spare cash and I already have too much stuff, and a to-make list longer than my arm!

Have fun - show us what you buy!

Annie said...

I have more crafting stash than I use or need so any extras for me would be surplus to requirements. I'm just thrilled with a new ball or two of pretty wools these days :-) Hope you have a lovely time and come back to show and tell all.
A x

Lyn said...

Fab card - colours, ribbon, stamping and especially the text stamp. I LURVE text stamps, they are an indulgence of mine too. A card with no text on the front? Unheard of in the Honeypip Camp!

Eeek - I have to say, heaven forbid, if I had a stash fire, I would have to replace AAAALLLL my texts stamps, which would of course be impossible because some are no longer made, and definitely AAAAAALLLLLL my tools and embellishments. BUT, I have started to buy paper and cardstock differently recently (without even tickling the surface of all the stock from x years still begging to be used, which may take some time - especially as my latest crafting joy is making inchies...)

Which reminds me, now where's that home insurance renewal reminder?

Diane.W. said...

Hi Julia!!!
Your card is luvly,the leaves look so pretty.

Hope you have a good time tomorrow,looking forward to seeing your purchases :o)x

Alix said...

i didn't follow most of that isn't abnormal for me ;0)
love the card...and the stamp...and have a fun day with whomever is *the colonial*

The Paper Princess said...

Very pretty card - love the leaves - and yes, I'm a text stamp junkie too!

Handmade with Love said...

My mind is boggling too now thinking about what is a basic tool kit! Such a pretty card I am glad you gave those stamps an inking, it was well worth it. Have a lovely day tomorrow, I look forward to hearing all about it! Tracey x

Helen said...

The card is lovely. I adore text on the front of cards, it adds something special. You carry on...
I couldn't bear the thought of a stash fire.. yikes, what a nightmare. I've got my stamps listed in a binder by order of manufacturer, but not the rest of the stash.. and of course if THAT went up too, I'd be lost. Don't know where I'd start to replace it... it's all essential, isn't it?!

Can't make Make It as have to work and am going to Stevenage on Sunday, can't afford (either the train fare or the shopping) for both... enjoy.

Ginny said...

whoulda thought you love

as to the "basic" kit...I'm sure there's a LOT of things here I wouldn't bother to replace but there is still sooooooooooooo much I just HAVE to

Unknown said...

what a lovely card julia.

WRT basic kit - I NEED everything I see so have way lost site of basic.

Have a great day at the show - i've never been to a show and would like to go to the NEC in March - is anyone else going there?

Need to know all the lowdown when you get back - who did you see, what did you buy, whats the next big thing...

keep us posted

Paula x x x

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous card....did you spend loads and get some yummy new stash/????

Paige said...

What a nightmare a Stash Fire would be :( I'm horrified :( I think the thing I would miss the most would be all the albums and mini books I have already made, everything is replacable and i would replace it all as quickly as possible. I think I would be more careful with storage purchases second time around less of the the pretty little boxes that fill up to quickly and more larger RUBs.
I adore Text as well and just wish a had prettier handwriting.

Chrissie said...

I just love the card Julia.
That text stamp is truly gorgeous, and it looks perfect with the colour palette and those pretty flowers (are they the ippity stamps? if so I love them!)
I can't even bring myself to think about losing all my stuff eeekk! If I were starting from scratch now though, I certainly wouldn't bother replacing a lot of my stash.
The problem is, when you're new to a hobby you have to try a little of everything until you discover what works for you. I have been quite 'strong' in the past and got rid of loads of stuff that I knew I'd never use, but there still seems to be a lot left!
Have a wonderful time at the show (I'm so jealous!) and please let us know what goodies you've bought.

Rosie said...

Dear Madam
The concept of TOO MANY text stamps does not arise in this context, or indeed in any other since the words 'too many' and 'stamps' cannot by the laws of grammar and common sense ever be used together. I simply wished to clarify the situation for your edification.
Yours faithfully
A. Pedant

mckinkle said...

Such a great card Julia! Lovely warm colours and lovely lush ribbon!

Have a great time at the show, look forward to hearing all about it soon!

Keryn x

Carmen Wing said...

So Julia, what does a glass mat have over a normal mat? I keep seeing them being mentioned and as Ally Pally draws near I wonder if I should invest. Do you want to know horror of horrors? I don't own a single alphabet set. Eep! I do think I might neeeed one soon.

I only found out about the Make It show a couple of days ago and have plans now this weekend. I can't wait to see what you make/buy!