Friday, 14 February 2020

One in a Chameleon

This prompted some interest on Wednesday. It was on my desk, awaiting the last few bits of colour. It’s a Pink Ink stamp, if you’re familiar with them you’ll know they’re a bit larger than average, and always come with flourishes and a bit of text. If you’re keeping up with the trend for large cards, these are perfect. If you like an image that can be coloured, well, this range is for you.
I took this at the best angle I could get to show the shimmer paints. Some of the colours are actually Shimmer Paints, others are Pixie Powders. All used as paint with a water brush. It didn’t take hours to paint, and it was a nice thing to do sitting quietly for however long, but I won’t be making a stack of them. I like it almost as much just as a line drawing on a card. An exercise in embossing, for sure!
This is a 10 x 7 card, and with the swirls and flowers (which are separate stamps in the set), it makes a really nice statement card doesn’t it. If a chameleon can make a statement. 


Helen said...

Fab cards, both with and without colour - it is big though, as you say it certainly makes a statement!

Robyn said...

ROFL- we know what the fox says, what statement does the chameleon make??

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Goodness, that colored chameleon is amazing. You are skilled with those shimmer paints and pixie powders. You did a fabulous job coloring and detailing this card. Even the colorles one is amazing, but the way you colored the first one really made me smile.