Friday, 9 February 2018

Knowing when to stop...

I am a big believer in the power of the written word to tell a story. In scrapbooks in particular, I love to see handwritten notes or journaling.  I made this LO at last month's Artful Angels crop. I had packed light and was amazed at myself. By the end of putting the first LO together, I realised that 'packed light' actually meant that I had forgotten two boxes of alphabet stickers. So my LOs were without titles. It's OK. I could retro-add them, or indeed, they would be fine as they are!

Not so it turns out. For me, a title is a part of the story, is a part of the journaling, however brief. So when I finally unpacked my Crop stash (two weeks later), I had to sort this LO properly. It felt unfinished. It only took a few minutes and I'm happy with it now. 

Interesting isn't it. How do you do it? Am I stuck in the rule rut or does this title help....? I know the journaling is a bit difficult to explains that this particular child has to go through two degree courses (because he's studying medicine) and it must surely be a relief to have graduated successfully at least once! Or is it not explanatory enough? Should titles be just explanations. Are my Layouts going to cause historical hysteria because sometimes the title is just a play on word or a coupe of initials rather than an introduction to the story? Whaddya think? 
Meanwhile James, keep your head down darling boy; your coolest, youngest, funniest, best ever not-really Aunt and not-really Uncle are immensely proud of you.


Sue said...

Hi Julia, That's alovely LO. I hate putting textin my own writing, as I think my writing is rubbish. Sue

Annie said...

I’d say you’ve done a lovely job....and it does the job perfectly.
Annie x

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Julia. It looks great. When I saw the second picture with "one down" I immediately thought one degree completed, one more to go, before I read the remainder of your post. So I think the LO is perfect! I had done a handwritten note in my wedding album, but I am going to change it. My writing is rubbish! Maybe I will practice a bit of calligraphy before I change it! Hugs, Heather s

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

One of the reasons I've never cared for scrapbooking is because you have to explain what the pictures should convey. Although I think you did a lovely job with this scrapbook page, I am a "less is more" gal, so I would have stopped with the first one, or the added words "one down." I guess a title is OK, if you think you need one, and I guess that is why scrapbook pages ARE so formulaic. You asked, I ranted!

LisaJ said...

The title is a MUST! It draws the viewer in, makes them interested in what is going on which leads them to read about it. I mean, what is a scrapbook for if not to show to others?? You, of course, know the story but others don't. And when these books are passed down thru the family, it will be SO appreciated!!
I'm into genealogy and I'm at a point where I'm trying to track down family photos so each person on the tree has one. Very frustrating when people pull out a box of photos and they aren't labeled! And the person who has them doesn't have a clue of who, what, where or when!
So, yes, a title is a must.
Here's a tip for us procrastinators - I'm talking about people like me who have a stack of photos that have been waiting years to make it to a scrapbook - in the day & age of digital photography, this is so easy to do. I have a little 'wipe off' board (or write on paper) and when I'm scanning photos for the family tree (or when taking photos), I write info on the board about those photos & scan it first (or take a photo of it), then scan the photo (or take a picture). Then when you are ready to download the photos, you have the info right there.

SusanLotus said...

Today's idea! Thanks! :)
Now I know how to get started again. It has been slow lately.
But now I'll take some old projects and renew them.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I like the idea of a title IF you have one. Sometimes nothing comes to mind and the picture does all the talking. As the poster above said a title draws you in, but sometimes the photo can draw you in. You have some journaling in to further explain things to those who want more explanation.

I feel scrapbooks are to look at, remember things past, and to give you "feels." Some times you and your readers may be quickly leafing through and other times you and your readers may want to deeply peruse each page.

And I second what the poster above said about photos. The extended family found tons of photos after my grandmother died and who, what, where, when was a huge topic. I went right home after that I pulled the photos out of my album and labeled them. I didn't just put Judy and Jim, I'd put Judy and Jim, Judy's drummer friend from middle school. Anyone finding the photo in the future will know. I don't scrapbook.

BTW, I have one photo labeled Trina, Maria, Judy and Mystery Girl from high school. Someone else saw it years later and said that Mystery Girl's name was Daria. As soon as they said that I knew it was. Now it is labeled.

Cara said...

I think the title and journaling finish it off perfectly and are pretty self explanatory. I always think that even if the reader doesn't always get my logic or sense of humour, that they are still getting a part of me.

BJ said...

I think it is great but I did need the explanation about the 2 degrees required for medicine, but I think you said the journaling covered this anyways. Rock on Julia. BJ
PS I ought to be replying to my WOYWW comments!! Bad back has stopped me sitting at my desk for the past few days, I'll see how I go now...

Darnell said...

More is definitely better when it comes to a LO and it's brilliant to look at it with an eye towards what someone would think seeing it a coupla generations from now. I LOVE the title considering the situation, Julia! I can't read what you wrote, but explaining what the title means in your journaling will make it stand the test of time! Congratulations to young James!! Hugs, Darnell

April Story said...

I think you should be able to journal and title however you want. :-) . It's an art form.

Neet said...

Lovely LO - either way - and such a lovely young man who is doing a sterling job studying medicine.
I know what you mean about words - I have put little "tasters" in my pictorial diary but now I go back and look at it and wonder what I meant on some of them But I don't want to put a whole screed!
Ah well, in years to come it will be bonfire fodder.
Hugs, Neet xx