Monday, 26 November 2012

When is a ticket a tag?

As with all things office-y, I'm fond of a tag.  They have potential, don't you think? Space to fill without being a huge desperately blank page.  They can deliver wisdom. Why, in the real world, they convey information like sizes and washing instructions to the all powerful brand and even more romantically, destination details.  Wow.  That's a lot for a piece of card with a hole in it.  So really it was no wonder that the humble tag crossed the road to the craft side.  Mostly they fit anywhere: on a card, on a scrapbook LO, on a canvas (see Vicki's if you don't believe me).  Often they are used as the basis for technique demos and workshops.  Because of course, a bundle of tags are almost instantly a book of techniques when bound together by the handy holes.  And really, I guess Mr Holtz has a lot to do with that and the popularity of tags generally as a stand alone work of art. I kinda like a tag to be stuck on something....unless it's dangling from a present with my name on it.  So if I go with a tag, it's normally for a card front or at least an element on a card.  One way or another then, during the course of a season of workshops, I often offer a tags themed session.  Well this winter is no exception of course.  In the best tradition of me coping better if I'm in a routine, this week is the tags workshop. 
We've thrown in tickets too...because they are easy to treat in much the same way.  I think.  Only smaller.  Without holes. Potentially easier to attach.  Or harder. Like a tag, they can be two things at item in their own right, or a contribution to a whole, bigger thing.  

So to make a small tag, do you just have to punch a hole in the ticket and thread something into it?  And if you cut your own tags and don't punch a hole in the centre that then a big ticket?  I dunno.  Seriously, these questions keep me awake.  At my desk.


Li'l Pidge said...

As you know I love tags too. As you say they are a blank canvas but due to their size not as intimidating.

A tag without a hole? Surely that's an unfinished tag?! Missing a place to thread all the lovely ribbons and threads we tend to amass!

Di said...

Hmmm, food for thought here indeed. So where does a label feature in all this debate - only wonderin' :)

Ha, I managed to fit all the new card stock into me crafty drawers (not an easy feat in itself) and they almost collapsed.

On that dubious note, I leave you for now - still pondering I 'spect.

Hugs, Di xx

Laurie said...

gotta have a hole, where do you thread the ribbon!! I say an unholed is a ticket and a holed one a tag, thats just my humble opinion but my gosh these are lovely

Annie said...

Oh blimey this one will stop me from sleeping tonight now ! :-)
A x

Helen said...

Well. I too have been known to decorate a tag or too...but tickets I tend to use on something (like a tag...) not haven't given hole punching them much thought before. Yours however are beautiful.

EELS said...

Definitely a tag without a hole is a ticket!

Twiglet said...

I dunno either but keep making em whatever they are - tags/tickets/labels/- they all look lovely!!x Jo

Redanne said...

Too much of a conundrum for me but I adore making tags, prefer them now to cards (sad I know). Love what you have done with the tickets....... Hugs, Anne x

misteejay said... - who knows.

What I do know is those creations of yours look pretty darn good Mrs D.

Toni xx

505whimsygirl said...

Oh no Julia,
I see your dilema - now I'll be laying awake at night thinking is it a tag or a ticket? haaaa


Bernice said...

Yes I think a tag should have a hole. They are really very popular at the moment - I've jsut been asked to do wedding invites which consist of three tags in a wallet type thingy!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Julia, a great post as usual and yes love tags too but have only ever made one and that was a WOYWW one a couple of years back for PiF, so there are you!!
I love em but dont make and yes they need a hole but not necessarily to attach to something but something like ribbon etc can be attached to it - on a a card!! :D Shaz in oz.x

Cardarian said...

Loved this post and your tag - ticket makes are wonderful! I also feel that I have to stick a tag to something and yes ha, ha the best tag is the one on a pressie for me!!!
Lots of hugs,

Kimbo said...

A tag has to have a hole. For me tags are an invitation and tickets are a memory. Looking forward to the class on Thursday x

jill said...

Lovely tag Juila, Tags & tickets are so useful in crafting & enjoy the challenge of being able to create a mini master piece on something that can be so plan & boring when naked.

fairy thoughts said...

yes crafters do love a tag/ticket and I'm no exception. Once while buying my train ticket to work the auto machine had a hickup and spewed out a load of unprinted tickets..... oh I grabbed those tickets like they were gold.... great for stamping on for cards/ scrapping etc, very useful... and free!
lovely card by the way

butterfly said...

Tags, tickets... I'll take'em all, holes or no holes - love the two projects you've created here - hope the workshop is a blast!
Alison x

Kezzy said...

Keeping you up at night!!! lol, I agree I love tags, they don't keep me up at night but I do spend a lot of time wondering about sizes, especially when you see one and is referred to size #8, I mean what does that mean? cm's, meters, inches lol lol. Hugs Kerry xxx

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

A serious dilemma indeed! Patsy from

Shoshi said...

Excellent post, Julia. When I first started, I couldn't understand this mania for tags - for me tags were gift tags (as you said - dangling from a present with my name on it!!) - then I discovered TH using them for techniques, and I thought, so what, and I've never really done much with tags. Now I am really doing tags! I've started doing a mini-album that's going to be full of them! As attachments to other things, they are fantastic. Also I started to think of them in much the same way as ATCs - miniature works of art, and a suitable vehicle for swaps and gifts. Now I can see the point of tags.


PS Glad I hopped over early for WOYWW or I might not have seen this. Really helpful!

RosA said...

Both those pieces are great! Would love to see the top one from another angle. That's just me being a stickybeak, and it's not even a WOYWW post, which is where all us stickybeaks gravitate, I reckon :)
I used tags on Christmas cards last year and I must say I was very pleased with the effect.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i love how this tag turned out. ticket or tag? you are so profound today, Julia!

Shirley-anne said...

Well Julia as long as you are awake at your desk you might as well be crafting your writings .

Robin Spitzer said...

I love this post! I see everyone making tags and have no idea what they do with to hole or not to hole, that is now a question I need to ponder...along with what to do with them...unless they go on a present...or a scrapbook page to journal. ...I really don't scrapbook so whole or not I am lost there....I can tell you this...I love ALL the tags I see..for my 2013 goals I am adding tags, whole or not ... I am going to start making them!

Tamika said...

Good question! I love both projects though!