Thursday, 20 May 2010

Keep Calm & Carry On!

There's a problem in cyberspace that has caused poor old Mr Linky to wax and wane - he appears to some and not to others. I haven't dismantled him, honest! It's a problem on other blogs too, so be patient; somewhere there's a very skilled geek working on a fix. I'm sure.

Meanwhile - ohemgee, what a fab WOYWW - I've only just finished visiting. And for those in a flat spin - the Anniversary will be Week 52, which is Wednesday June 2nd.
Back later with a 'proper' post. I can't use 'normal', for that would be a fib.


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

As you know I'm having my own probs with Blogger and though there seem to be quite a few people with Blogger probs I'm having other probs too and I'm wondering whether mine's more to do with my PC as it's 4 and a half now. I'm too mean to buy a new one unless absolutely necessary and am wondering whether I could just replace the hard drive. What do you think? I'm having problesm with McAfee too, start running a scan and it stops partway through :( I did contact them last week but thought the problem was solved. I'd be grateful for your thoughts as it helps to clarify things in the mind with input from others ;)
Anne xx

Wipso said...

Hi Julia.... Mr Linky was gone first things then it came back when I was too busy to go blog hopping. Now I've got a spare couple of minutes it's gone again! you think it's trying to tell me something? Maybe having done the first 108 on the list it says I'm not to visit the others? I don't like it when a machine is telling me what to do :-)
A x

Lisa and Eddy said...

Mr.Linky is back for me now too...phew...I had time to sit and be nosy last night and it was gone...I didn't panic though...just did something useful with my time...cleaned my scraproom...but you gals will have to wait for next week to see :) xo Lisa

LadyBug said...

well that explains it all. I was refreshing and refreshing for ages this morning :)