Friday, 23 April 2010

Fun, this

My life appears so charmed doesn't it, that I'm able to say - oh no, can't do that, it's no fun. Well interweb, there's a lot of things I do that I try to make fun, and there really is a few things I have to do that I don't enjoy. And then there's the things I won't be doing again because good grief, how short is my life? And one of those 'things', is painting pegs. Yep, common-or-garden wooden clothes pegs. Not the round, somehow voluptuous dolly pegs, not the exaggerated, memo holder type pegs. Just pegs. See, me and that lovely Paige saw some in John Lewis last week that were painted and decorated and outrageously expensive and very very pretty. So I thought I'd make some for lunch lady Jan who is running a couple craft stands at shows this summer; she's made some absolutely lovely fabric bags in varieties that make you swoon - and she quite likes the idea of pegging them up on a line for display. So you can see, this is to be a gesture of friendship and solidarity. I think it's safe to say that she doesn't read this blog, so it's also safe to say that I won't be so stupid next time. This is an hour and one coat later. I can't do another, I was covered in paint, the little bits of wire that I really thought would help - didn't and even though I was sitting in the sunshine with he sound of other people busy, it just wasn't working for me. AM I a tad impatient? Or really, are my sausage like fingers just past the joy of fiddly? Anyway, now they're nice and dry, (the pegs) I'm going to sand them back a bit - distress them a little - you know that vintage look that Cath Kidston is charging mega bucks for? Then finish them. With buttons, paper and doodads. But absolutely no grace. Although, I will hand them over with as much grace as I can muster because I know she'll like them and I know she'll appreciate every minute of fiddling about that I spent on them. Man, I don't do fiddly very well! Or gracious, come to that. Thanks goodness I have a blog where I can whinge!

Here too is another of Crafthouse Press' die cut Gorjuss gals..the card is mirror turquoise which is why my conservatory roof is reflected as weird stripes - you ain't trippin' man. Sorry CP, but you didn't check my photography accreditation and now it's too late. Cackle.

St George's Day today, may you enjoy every minute of having a patron Saint who slays dragons. Marvellous English man! We are celebrating with roast beef in giant yorkshire puddings this evening. It's OK, that is not any sort of crystal ball gazing; believe me, I already know how giant they are!
Have a smashing weekend. Rumour has it that some of us will be blessed with real summer time type sunshine. Some will be cyber cropping over at UK Scrappers And some will be making an attempt at the Room of Shame. If I'm not back by Monday, send in a good looking fireman!


Helen said...

You make me laugh out loud!! I have this vision of you trying to paint fiddly little pegs in your garden.... no way would I be faffed to try that but good on you for attempting it! Show us the distressed ones before you part with them!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your yorkshire pud and roast beef - I'll be round!!

Jane said...

Oh no that looks like it was a real tedious job...but I bet they will look fab when you are idea...but don't see me trying it!lol You would hear me screaming all the way up here!
MMmmmmm I love the sound of the giant Yorkshire Pud!

LadyBug said...

I thought that was what you were up to with those pegs on your desk. I'm not sorry to hear you have tried this before me, coz now I might not paint mine. maybe just a strip of paper and some dodats???
I have a fireman at the ready for you, although he might have to stay here a while ;)

Sandra said...

Happy St. Georges Day to you :)

I'm so loving that card, I'm feeling the need for that die cut girly :)

Pam said...

Painting pegs!!!!!!!

Toucan Scraps said...

If you use a die bath instead of paint you don't need to take the wires off the pegs first.

Alix said...

oh do sound frustrated!!
i;ve painted quite a few pegs in my time...and stamped quite a lot can colour them quickly with an inkpad {brilliance is good because it dries nicely}...but its a messsy old job on the fingers!!

hope your friend likes them!!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

LOL LOL I can't believe you have been painting pegs. Lovely card though, but think I will give the pegs a miss. Have a great day Julia, Tracy Evans x x

Linda Elbourne said...

OK ... I can't help with the peg painting ... clearly I arrived too late and you had finished them ... shame :0) However ... I am happy to help eat your dinner ... so I am setting off now ... should be there in ... erm ... three or four hours :0)
Do you know the colours of those gorjuss girls just keep getting better ... I really am starting to like them!

Wipso said...

Oh Julia. I'm sat here chuckling [I bet my neighbour wonders what I'm up to in here lol]. Have you tried dipping the pegs in paint? I do hope you will show and tell the finished results. I rather like the effect you got with reflection in the card...surely it was intentional? :-)
Twiglet and I are off to Woolfest at Builthwells for the day tomorrow. I know, there will be no pretty papers or stamps there sorry!, but hope it will fill us with inspiration so we can show and tell all the lovely things we will make with our new purchases [cos I'm sure there will be lots of those I'm sure :-)]. Have a brill weekend enjoying the sunshine.
A x

mckinkle said...

tee hee oh what fun you had Julia!
I look forward to seeing the end results, I am sure they will be stunning and you might even not want to give them to lunch lady Jan!!

Have a fun day!

Keryn x

Happy St Georges Day to you!

Chrissie said...

Happy SGD to you too Julia.
What a wonderful thought re the pegs. I'm sure they will look every bit Kath Kitson when completed and your friend will be enchanted! I'm sure that all your agro will fade into insignificance!
Thanks for the enquiry about my knee, it seems to be progressing well. I'd love to know exactly what they did!

Bethan said...

Happy St. George's Day to you and enjoy your roast beef!
...nice pegs ..ahem..rather you than me, but what a lovely thing you're doing.

Have a fabby weekend.

Mummylade said...

You lier! They will to be decorated with grace. You can't help being talented hun.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ab fab gorjuss card Julia, mirror turquoise sounds wonderful mmmmmm. Erm hate to say at this late point but you could have spray-painted the pegs LOL, much quicker and no messy fingers. Hope we get a piccy of the completed pegs. I'd have loved to see lunch lady Jan's bags too. Sunshine or no, TraceyW ('Ickle Northerner' and fellow WOYWWer) and I will be at the ICHF show at Aintree, Liverpool tomorrow yippee! (Just for info, we met through being members of Craft Swap Forum a few years ago)
Anne xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my. I COULD have dipped them, I COULD have dyed them, certainly I COULD have sprayed them - but girls, that requires preparation and planning and you know as long as I can whinge about it afterwards, I'm going to be flying by the seat of that fireman's pants! I like to think of it as spontaneous. The sun was out and I wanted to sit in it without guilt over doing nothing!!

Charlie said...

ROFL - you and your blog are my favourite "waste of time" Julia. ALways good for a giggle. What is next decorating the head on nails for someone??? You're to good for this world - honestly. But can't wait to see them all jazzed up. THanks for visiting - if you enjoy chocolate - did you see the silly card I made earlier this week. LOTS of chocolate there... =0)

Bettythebaglady said...

Now you know why they are mega bucks Julia! Like the Gorjuss girl thing.Haven't got any of those but the girl at the hairdressers has just qualified and I kid you not she is the spitting image of those girls. I nearly asked her if I could take her pi for my blog. Do you think the blog bug has bit as well as the fiddling with flowers? Hugs Betty

misteejay said...

Happy St George's Day Julia - thanks for the comment on my blog - I can assure you this crafter will be anything but saintly...the bottle of Baileys is chilling in the fridge as we speak LOL

Can't wait to see the pegs when finished.

Toni :o)

Paula Gale said...

you crack me up... painting pegs - whatever next???!!! Contrary to you whinging about it - painting these still makes you more patient than me!!!

At least you enjoyed the sunshine - and the fact that you can give a more personal touch to your gift for your friend than Kath Kidson could EVER manage - she probably has 6 year olds in the far east doing hers (sorry if thats controversial)!!!!

Paula x x x

Angie said...

We celebrate a lot of things up here ....but not St George's Day lol ...mind you there is nothing to compare with a good rare..ish beef joint with Yorkshires.

You and your pegs made me giggle ...cant wait to see how they turn out

Lyn said...

Firstly let me put this in context and in my defence - my eyesight isn't what it used to be and I am using my tiny netbook.... PHEW - the tiny photo looked to me as if you were sorting cigarettes!

Anyhoo, what a lovely kind thought - I bet lunch lady Jan was dead chuffed and really appreciative. Now, down to those Gorguss Girls, and I hate to admit this, having seen them in-the-flesh (rather than in-the-photo (age-eyesight-teeny netbook)) much to my horror .... I'm becoming drawn to them *shudders*. I think it is the colours - not girly or twee but very of the moment.

Happy belated St George's Day mate!

Lyn said...

Oooh, I meant the tiny photo in "blogger" not on your blog! (Also in my defence!) The phew as the actual photo that showed pegs!!

Carmen said...

I honestly thought you had done a cool design on that card behind her head and now you tell me it's refelction - I love the effect! :P

The pegs, I feel your pain - fiddly and me (having short stumpy nails still, just don't work. Bet they turn out beautiful though :P

Spyder said...

I remember doing this!(what?) well, not painting pegs but turning them into hedgehogs (wool pompoms with googly eyes) and sticking them on the peg, then fixing the hedgehog peg onto a notice board so it looks as if a hedgehog was holding whatever you put into his 'mouth', my girls loved them

my5bratz said...

LOVE this image, I was wondering what the background as for the fireman, he's (in my dreams anyhoo)