Tuesday, 9 March 2010

OK, so I'm a large behind..

Apart from checking that my scheduled post for yesterday actually happened, I seem to have only had about 5 minutes at the computer in the last handful of days. Seriously, I need to get a to do list for my lists. No stress nor nuffink, just more to do than I can, clearly! I am late thanking Paula for an award; she said some terrible lies about me in her acceptance speech and worse, she seems to understand me a bit - sort of knows already that I ain't going to bore you to death with any more of my trivia lists! You should read hers though, her antics at 'work' are great fun, or naughty - if you work at MI5!!
In lieu of the trivia lists, and because I forgot to photo my watch collection, I'm going to answer some questions that have popped up as comments:

1. Being born in Hong Kong makes me erm, British. My papa was in the army see, and did a two year 'tour'. Frightfully un-exotic!

2. I don't eat seafood because I'm a foolish, squeamish 'eat-with-the-eyes' type of gal; fish looks somehow so like, well, fish. Head, poppy-out eyes, and worse, shells, eyes on stalks..oh lordy. This makes me peculiar even in my own family. I know.

3. This morning, I got a bit down and dirty with paper glue and ink. Can't show you yet, but I will. And I should tell you, that this whole altering problem....yep. Clearly it's because I don't like the waiting time for drying!

4. This is Ginny's comment. It is one of the most profound comments ever left on this blog:
'as to the "basic" kit...I'm sure there's a LOT of things here I wouldn't bother to replace but there is still sooooooooooooo much I just HAVE to have...'
To which I'd like to add: Bejeweller, anyone?

5. The garden bin is fine Rosie, and not at all neglected. Following a day of sunshine, it is currently digesting a Christmas tree. A return to photographic glory is not guaranteed.

6. And finally. If you're going to be at Japonica's Workshop day next Monday, please say hi in the comments. Then next week when I tell you the story in photos, we'll know you! And I might tell the story about me and Janet and the photo saga.

Gah - forgot to add that the card is made using Kanban's clear stamps and Basic Grey Origins papers. But you knew that. They've been all over my desk in pieces for a couple of weeks!


Joan said...

Great card - I love all the different greens.

Kaz said...

Oooo I like that stamp and I think I need to know where that holey ribbon came from too I neeeeeed some!! xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Lovely card Julia ;) Love the stamp. Bejeweller? You don't mean one of those Crystal wandy things do you - which I have but don't use :O though I have on occasion. Re: your comment, you're not loading bullets yet for?? shooting rabbits for rabbit pie?
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

awesome awesome card missus! that tree is deeeeelish xxx

Diane.W. said...

Luvly spring card,Julia :o)x

Angie said...

I think you are hankering after the spring with two out of three cards being green and of trees.lol love the card .... its Lush ...as Gavin and Stacy would say

The Paper Princess said...

Love those pretty greens - learned something new about you today - and boy oh boy can I relate to your To Do List comment! I am sitting here trying to play catch up on mine now! Looking forward to seeing how your desk looks in a few short hours, lol!

Ramona :-)

Cardarian said...

I am a bit late commenting - but I love both cards yesterdays and todays! Trying to be springish aye?? Well it might happen for you but we have snow coming in Slovenia so no spring for us yet!

Linda Elbourne said...

Lovely card ... and I do the eating with my eyes thing too ... can eat sea fish ... as long as it isn't looking back at me ... but can't eat loads of things coz they are too ugly!
See you in the morning :0)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Doh! Ignore that, I was in Dozy Dora mode as I frequently am :-/ - talk about short-term memory problems! hehe
Anne xx

stephanie said...

im liking the paper on that card. x

Paula Gale said...

I really love that stamp Julia - and love the colour ink you chose to work it with. I love trees... Thanks for accepting the award - quite chuffed that you did actually...

Paula x x x

Spyder said...

yay, yes as our American friends will say, 'awesome' card! Love the stamped tree, it really does look useful, specially if your name was Teresa, and you stamped them in green! Yes, you did spy the horsey cartoon, it's in the post below the WOYWW as a card, but a bit different, oh blow, I could've had a spot the difference if I'd thought! maybe next time! thanks for popping over,wonder what'll be on your work desk next week!

Emily said...

Hi Julia

Thanks for joining my blog candy :)

All the new sets can be seen at www.makethedayspecial.co.uk I am expecting stamps from three new companies in the next week or so which are exclusive to us in the UK so do pop by the site for a nose :)

June said...

Oh wow i love this Julia it stunning, what a lovely fresh colour
by the way, i now give freebies on tuesdays and wednesdays at my other blog if you want them. Just thought i would mention it so you dont miss out http://dezinaworld.blogspot.com/
Hugs June xxxx