Monday, 15 February 2010

Opinions, please

But whoa, this isn't an open invitation, remember, this is my blog and therefore in the main, restricted to my opinion - otherwise I'll have to admit that life may not always be about me, and I'm not ready for that!
However, sissy Stephanie and Dori, her partner in all things design are at the stage of having to apply names to their start-up and it's incredibly difficult. And for reasons of flattery, they thought of asking you! Now here's the thing: I'll give you the short brief and a list of potential names. Please leave a comment (if you feel so inclined), indicating your preference, or indeed if an idea pops into your head, tell us that too, negotiation is everything!

So here's the (really brief) brief:

'Dori and I are trying to come up with a name for our new design business.... It's to target scrapbook and textile audience.... We were wondering if you would post the names on your blog and do a mini poll for us...'?



Passion for Patterns




Life's rich pattern

In the next couple years, I fully expect that you'll be looking for their scrapbook products in your local stores; so it would be fab if the name you're looking for had your help in these early stages, huh? Thanks for that; fun, interesting and helpful. What every blog post should be. But around here, very unlikely!
So back to me then. Phew. Was starting to get the shakes. The lovely Pam shared her award with me (from her iphone, which is a little too jealous-making, to be honest). Thank you, Pam. You can see from the way I wear these badges on my blog, I have no modesty and I'm truly flattered. But I recently gladly received this badge from others (honest, it's costing me a lot of money) and so I'm not going to put you through my normal acceptance ceremony - although I'd love to really....I think it's about manners, and boredom thresholds!
NOw, I'm off for a real life WOYWM - my friend The Colonial has invited me for coffee. She didn't mention the rummage, but once I'm there....ha! Somebody stop me (and possibly my camera!).
The card features a new Cuttlebug folder, versamark ink and bronze Pearl Ex - and that incredibly yummy ribbon. It's part of Thursday's 'Vintage' workshop in Tidworth. That would be my take on 'Vintage'; rather inevitably it still includes colour...I just cannot do faded and elegant!


Lol said...

I like 'Life's rich pattern' it describs what scrapbooking demonstrates and also includes the pattern part! Good luck with the new venture.

Hugs Lol xxx

Anne said...

Yummy card! It's typical that ever since I got rid of the Cuttlebug, having not used it for months, I see so many things with embossing on!

I say Passion for Patterns. Followed by paper.pattern.textile.

It is very very exciting and I look forward very much to buying the first lot of stash from P4P/PPT!

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Julia
I think it has to be Passion for Patterns, love the card up top gorgeous design.
Chris x

Chrissie said...

Hi Julia!
Golly, I've missed your ramblings...ummm I mean your interesting stories LOL!
How exciting is this new venture for your sister and partner? I wish them all the luck in the world with it.
My vote is going to 'Life's Rich Pattern' I absolutely loved it as soon as I saw it and (for some unknown reason) it popped a piccy of Carole King's 'Tapestry' album into my mind...ah well, we senior citizens have these strange aberrations at times you know.

Carmen said...

I think Patternmania is a bit close to Papermania and they don't want to lose potential customers from some eejit (like me) typing the wrong thing in.

There's 3 I love - In order:

Patternpallooza just cos I love the word pallooza :P

paper.pattern.textile because it hints at more than "just" paper.

Life's Rich Pattern because it sounds so sumptuous.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Life's Rich Pattern is definitely my fave. Love the embossed card.

Gez said...

Enjoy your coffee! I love paper.pattern.textile stands out from the rest to me. :)

allyf said...

Patternpallooza (probly spelled it wrong tho, cos it sounds different, and fun and thats what it should be.

Anonymous said...

'Life's rich pattern' gets my vote...touch of class don't you think!


Helen said...

I'd go for Passion for Patterns

Kerry said...

paper. pattern. textile.
It just kinda said to me "yup, you should pick me" lol
It is simple yet tells it all.

Anonymous said...

Life's Rich Pattern gets my vote - I agree that patternmania is too close to papermania. Life's Rich Pattern has a bit of a different ring to it than the others (just my opinion though)...

Looking forward to seeing what they choose :0)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Lovely rich elegant card Julia ;) I'm with you on the Stampotique stamps (per Linda's blog) and as I didn't get any lurve yesterday I'm going to take her advice and treat myself to some of said stamps ;)
I like pattern.paper.textile I like the sound of it, but also it speaks to both paper and textile addicts.
Anne xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Sorry, paper.pattern.textile - you knew that of course ;)
Anne xx

The Paper Princess said...

Morning Julia!

Since it's all about you, first things first - I LOVE your beautiful card! (smile)

Now moving on to your sisters - looks like they are getting a pattern of favorites to choose from - looks like there are a top 3 emerging!

Here are my faves in order:

1) Since I LOVE alliteration, my first choice is PatternPallooza (either with the 2nd P capitalized for a visual break or as 2 words!) I like the way it sounds and I like that it is unique! It has a fun ring to it. The only downside to it is that when people go to type it in as a website or a blog name, people may have trouble spelling pallooza if they use that in the URL!

2) paper.pattern.textile was my 2nd choice - very hip and contemporary feel to it - very easy to remember - easily conveys what they are about! The only question I would have is re: the image they want to convey based on the items they will be selling and the market they want to reach. It definitely has a younger/hipper/more contemporary flair to it - so if they are selling more vintage type items for example - then I would go with choice 3 which is...

3) Life's Rich Pattern - which to me has more classic and timeless appeal than the first two choices. (I think these are all good - I would take it to the next notch and start asking what is going to appeal to their audience and best represent them!)

The only other comment I will make about the names (then you can stop quivering!) is that when I think of patterns, the first thing I think of is sewing patterns, not the paper.pattern.textile choice might be best because it conveys the breadth of what they do - again, thinking of if one is judging whether to click on something based solely on its name.

OK - back to Julia! Congrats on all your awards! And again, love the beautiful card!

Ramona :-)

Wipso said...

Really love your card Julia and want to wish sis and her partner all the very best in their new venture. My fav is Life's rich pattern because, to me, that says it all.
A x

Linby said...

I like "life's rich pattern" best think it says it all really.
Thanks to you I ended up buying Tunnock wafers in dark choc - not that I am open to the powers of suggestion!! they didn't have any teacakes in dark choc so that was the best I could do.

Sheilagh (60 x60) said...

Life's Rich Pattern does it for me:o)

Pam said...

Life's Rich Pattern. Can you belive it my morrison didn't have any dark choc teacakes left either.

Hugs Pam x
PS I dont have an iphone so you shouldn't feel left out, its my ipod touch I use it when I'm too lazy to plug the lap top in!!

Linda Elbourne said...

Like the card ... a lot.

I also like Patternphinalia :0) I know there must be a better spelling somewhere :0)

Linda Elbourne said...

Actually the google search and webby address would be a nightmare ... Lifes rich pattern it is for me too :0)

Julia Dunnit said...

Pam, I'm secretly pleased about that! I'm posting a text response from the Enthusiastic Educator:
I like paper.pattern.textile. Says what it does on the tin, and easy to www find. However, Life's Rich Pattern is more romantic and more american, and more crafty even?

Paula Gale said...

Hi Julia - just love that embossing folder (that's why I have it too!!!). However, it looks completely different on darker paper - much richer and luxurious in fact - and how clever that it matches the pattern on the ribbon - it's almost like you planned it - you did that on purpose - didn'tcha!!!??? tee hee.

Hmm.. if I did as google search and all of the names came up and I had to click on one of them - I'd be stuck quite frankly. Here's my humble opinion

Contrary to what a couple of others have said, I might go for patternmania as I would 'word associate' this with papermania knowing that this is a strong brand and being aware in the crafting world of what they do - I'd maybe jump on the 'mania' bandwagon. (or even go 'patterns 'r' us)!!!tee hee.

Patterns by design would have me thinking that it would be somewhere i'd go to to commission a pattern:

Life's Rich Pattern could be the name of someone's blog that tells me their life story;

Patternpalloozer - I can see that this may appeal to the U.S. market as it seems to be a very Americanised kind of word - but what the heck does it mean (does it really matter)- and it is catchy;

paper.pattern.textile - I can't imagine walking in to a shop and saying - "Do you stock paper.pattern.textile products?" - because of course in a craft shop they might say "Yes, we stock all of those, which are you interested in first" (I've just done the role play in my head)!!!

I think the name needs to be punchy, memorable, easy to spell, and become a brand in itself - so consider how this would be translated into a logo, what could be the strapline (I had to do a piece of work to come up with a strapline once for a new company and the strapline usually has some word play on the original company name or speaks volumes about the company's mission and aims).

Anyhows, of all of those suggested only two do it for me: Patternmania or Patternpallooza (although the spelling could be a barrier - but google should correct this or say "did you mean..."

I hope this helps - I really wish your sissy and her business partner every success and I'm sure we'll be seeking out their brand in no time - whatever it's called.

Paula x x x

Lyn said...

Sorry but, after day back at work after a week off, I had officially run out of decisions by 3pm this afternoon. However, I would like to wish sissy Dunnit and Dori every success with their venture and surely trust you will keep us all up to date with their progress.

Fab card, I luv that embossing pattern and colours!

Alix said...

loving life's rich pattern myself...of how about *patina perfection*? a big fan of allitertion, me!! ;0)

Carmen said...

Julia - you has another award on my blog. Sorry :P

Hels Sheridan said...

I think


Is a well cool name!

BTW..loooove your card! x

Jennie said...

for me Life's Rich Pattern , rolls off the tongue easy to remember, and conjures up a conglomerate of things! long word for could be life is taking over.. just cannot get back into the blogging..doh! :(

Anonymous said...

I like 'Lifes rich parrern'.. Says it all I think. XX Luv Kate

LadyBug said...

I like life's rich pattern as well.
there's an award on my blog for you.

Wipso said...

There is another award for you on my blog should you wish to take up the challenge :-)
A x

Ann said...

Hi Julia,
Love that card. Especially the dark colours. Really shows off the embossing.
As for your sister and her partner's name for their new business - everyone seems to shorten company names anyway, so Life's Rich Pattern would inevitably become LRP, Passion for Patterns would soon become PFP, American Crafts is AC etc etc. So maybe they should be thinking along the lines of what would be catchy/quirky/acceptable in a shortened title?
My only other thought was Scrapbook 'n Textiles.

Nikki said...

Paper-Pattern-textile says everything in 3 quick word
Life's Rich patterns - is easy to remember
good luck picking hugs Nikki