Saturday, 6 February 2010

On a Saturday? Don't I ever shut up?

No........not when there's bragging to be done! See this card here is also to be found over at Susie and Vikki's Christmas Club, as the card by the guest DTer - with my name on it, and with ridiculously flattering words from Susie! Why wouldn't I blog about that! So this is a Christmas tree, (yes IT IS) and explains all the hearts on my WOYWW desk and the star shape explains the grasshoppers; for Ramona, anyway! It remains to be seen then, if Mr D will receive a card covered in hearts next weekend. It's unlikely to be honest - the hearts that is, he'll certainly get a card. From someone.

So whilst I'm in the inflated head mode, I need to acknowledge and thank Wipso and Chrissie and Paula, for generously passing on this award. They all got the money and so said some incredible untruths about me. There are strict rules with this and as I seem to be all about shirking, I thought really I ought for once to step up and prove my gratitude.
I must:

Thank the person who gave you the award
Place the logo on your blog
Link to the person who nominated you
Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and post links to their blogs
Send a message to let them know they've been nominated

1. I am a naive idealist.
2. And I've learned to be a horrible realist.
3. On the inside, I'm a neat size 12.
4. My favourite colour is yellow, it cheers me. I don't wear it though, it kills me.
5. I was a child bride. Yes I was.
6. It took me 3 goes to get a Driving Licence, but now I'm the best driver I know, naturally.
7. I read 'relocation' type travel biographies to satisfy a wanderlust.

Man, I'm so interesting. So now, I'm obliged to pass this award on: this is hard, because most of the people who have blogs that I read are more creative in their daily lives than I am in a week... but hey, am happy to share a good blog!
Anne: neat, honest, busy; probably the blog of the person I intended to be
Helen: because I'm big and ugly enough to be publicly jealous of her talent
Deanne: neat, chatty, inspiring; probably the blog of the person I intended to be
Kathy: because I'm big and ugly enough to be publicly jealous of her talent
Charlie: detail packed cards, always an idea or colour combo to erm, borrow
Helen: the most sharing of crafters, probably the blog of the person I intended to be
Jane: detail packed cards, always an idea or colour combo to erm, borrow....


Milliesmarvels said...

Thanks Julia, congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to me :-) You are welcome to borrow my ideas anytime, it's nice to know someone wants to!
Went out of the house today for the 1st time in over a week, felt strange but bought some paper from Rymans so think I am on the mend :-)

Kay said...

Cute card, love the gingham background, and congrats on your award. Hope Mr D appreciates whichever card he gets.

Deanne said...

awwwww thank you soooooo much :) now i have to think of 7 interesting things about moi eek xxxx have a wonderful weekend x

Debsg said...

A real cheery card. I love gingham.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. I love the looks like it probably 'feels'...very valentine-ish. And...I love yellow too!

The Paper Princess said...

Morning Julia! Your card is lovely and very creative (your comments left me laughing!) I'll have to be sure to hop over to Susie & Vickie's too to see it there live!

Ramona :-)

Anonymous said...

jules baby, you are truly lush :) xx

Chrissie said...

Hi Julia!
Just catching up with all my favourite blogs sweetie!
You've been so busy and made so many gorgeous creations lately, I especially love what you've done with these hearts (can't believe you're entering challenges now, way to go!)

Claireliz said...

Great card Julia, Love it.

Angie said...

Just a quick HI to say I'm still fighting the fourth reacourance of this stupid virus but mentally I feel better and thought I would start to catch up on blogs I've missed so much ...loved winter blues LO. Thanks for your kind thoughts xxx

stephanie said...

awwww love the card... comments had me LOL !

Anne said...

Oh, you're so sweet! Thank you!
(I wish I was really neat. Remember - I only show very limited areas of my home on my blog. If you could see the carnage that I can see from my spot here on the sofa, you wouldn't say I was neat - at all!).

my5bratz said...

cute card, congrats on the GDT, well deserved, as was the award :)

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Congrats to you! your card is gorgeous!

Chrissie said...

That is one cute card and very innovative! I enjoyed reading your additional info... builds up the picture I have of you... and you are most welcome to the award... thrice even!
I ought to be hauled over the coals for overuse of the ellipsis!