Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Now y'all, before we start, wave hello to Angie; she's joining in vicariously, and as a founder member of this cultcirclething, it's very important to know that she's there! Real, genuine hugs to you, gal.

This is my desk..I'm working rather tidily - for me. Don't worry, it'll change! I'm working on cards for a Workshop entitled 'Trees'. Had a bit of a block about it because when I last visited the shop for a coffee morning, Mrs Precision was using the same stamps (you can just see them, from Kanban). And she was using them to brilliant effect. Mental block, crisis of it what you like, it was definitely a hump to get over!
Those little tubes at bottom right (caught in the flash, so not true colours) are fantastically fine glitters - dust, almost. I'm about to start mixing them up a bit. You may or may not see results at some stage.
So then, face my desk and swing left, camera please. This was taken at the same time as the desk shot, but the lack of window makes the light change dramatically! SO you can see..I have cupboards to hide all the stash in..cuttlebug, dies and folders always to hand, and erm, a small ribbon jar. When I planned the cupboard space, I had saved up a shed load of money and was going to use the white draw/shelf storage system you can see on the right. Mr Dunnit suggested just buying a few bits to test run (which you can see). It didn't work out as satisfactorily as I hoped, so that right hand set is all I've got. Mr D then made slide out shelves which are perfect. The cupboard you can see is home to embossing powders (top shelf) and each basket is a different variety of ink pads. I know! The white drawers hold small tools, sticky stuff, metal embellishments, blah blah. I'll close up next week if you like. All the crap under my desk on the right is stuff I should use but don't and can't quite part with. Oh, and some demo tools, waiting for the day!

Stephanie Dunnit has been working digitally this week..this 'Man in Prayer' image is the first and last layers of a sketch design she's doing for her course. OMG. I can't pretend to know about digi - I know lots of you do. But I recognise that overwhelming feeling of how awesome an artist my Sissy is. Amazing, huh. I like to think it might be diet Coke man, praying for a lift to break down at my house.

So that's us. Show us what you're working on - upload a pic to your blog, leave a message here and we'll trot round for a visit. SWING, if you us another space in your room so we can look at what you've got! If you aren't too embarrassed by joining in, snaffle the button from top left to wear on your blog. Why not, it's totally harmless and as close to a membership card as you, or I, can get!


Nicks said...

wow Sissy is talented!! Loving those Kanban Stamps.
Still haven't plucked up the courage to become a swinger but here is My desk today

Rosie said...

Those tree stamps are delicious - might have to get some of them. There's something about trees which is really iconic isn't there? Your sissy has a very serious gift there ... hope she's going to art school, I always regretted that I didn't. Forgot to swing, so it will have to be next week.
Mine is hat

Chrissie said...

Well, I'm somewhat at a loss for words on today's exposition! The swing to the left is cause for instant jealousy, I love all those slide out drawers, what I'd do to have a Mr D!
The praying man is as American cousins would say 'AWESOME'. It is really, really beautiful, what talent!
I am so glad I came by today, you can see what I've been up to here

Linda Elbourne said...

Sissy Dunnit is soooo talented she makes me want to vomit a little ... just a little mind and it is the result of pure unadulterated envy :0) Get that confidence under control my girl ... other people's always look better than your own ... so in turn she is probably in awe of your fantastic creations!
I did n't swing but I did blog
And I am waving frantically and blowing big wet sloppy kisses to Angie .... who I miss muchly too XXX

Linda Elbourne said...

I need to edit my post ... when I said "she" I meant Mrs Precision .... sissy Dunnit is in a whole nuther league to us mere mortals X

Ikki said...

Good morning Julia, where is everybody? I thought I was late, but find I'm first!
I love your Mr. Dunnit and his handywork, luck you - do you hire him out?

So pleased to see your bug standing there so proudly - I can't see for the life of me why they wanted to changed the colour to PINK! Up the GREEN BUG I say!! Anyway, the insipid pink would soon get lost amid all our crafting stuff.

Love your box shelves - great idea. Also your sister's digital images are just remarkable. And, look forward to seeing your tree project soon - I'm sure you can get over that hump no probs.....ikki link here

Wipso said...

Wow. Thanks for swinging and sharing your storage space. It's really brill. Clever Mr Dunnit. You have such a talented sister too. Do say congrats from me.
A x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hiya, I didn't join in last week cause my desk was too tidy, so here it is this week!!! Here's my mess!
I love the box shelves, mmmm tasking notes fpr when I get my own wee house!

Deanne said...

oooh oooh I love those tree stamps :) and that digi art is something else! its beautiful.
my boring space i'm afraid is now on my blog :)

Hayley said...

Hi ladies - this is my first time admitting I am not a very tidy crafter and here is the evidence
Off to have a nosey on everyone's blogs. I hope I find someone else as messy as me.
Tee hee Hayley

Karen said...

OMGwhat a talent your Sissy is Julia!!!! I am in total awe of her!!! That being so just ignore the doodles on my desk....perlease!!!!

You can find my space here


Helen said...

I've joined in today - well, kind of - read the story for yourselves - here:
Now I'm going snooping to see what you're all up to.

Twiglet said...

What fab digital art! I can't imagine how Sissy does it but well done! I have added a bit to my blog about the dumflings - great bridal suggestion Julia - ta!

Sarah said...

How talented is your Sissy?
I've blogged my desk and other musing over at

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love that tree stamp Julia but when I saw the stamp set I only wanted the tree, not the whole set :-/ I'm not popping round to visit today as I had a really bad headache last night and if I stay on comp too long will no doubt end up with another! Will pop round to visit desks tomorrow ;) At the top of my blog is a little guessing game if anyone would care to join in - just a bit of fun, so WOYWW is the 2nd post down. Yes very talented Stephanie is ;)
Anne xxx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Sorry - Big hi to Angie ;)
Anne xx

Kaz said...

Hellooo Angie xx
Oohh how I laughed at your 'small' jar! And oohh how I oooooooed at your sisters art. I don't do digital either, I promise myself I will, but it seems to hard.
I'm hoping to get round to eveeryone's blogs today, but there is a little reason as to why I might not this week. You can see on my blog here.
I like the look of the tree stamps, can't wait to see the finished articles. xxx

Yvonne said...

OMG , how clever is Steph.. I want that man in my room!
Any ways on to you fabby creative room, I think I uderstand the " feeling rather out of it" when you see all the talent out there, and thenk OMG how can I better that. But hun, your work is amazing!
Love the shelving, been doing this myself , you try something , don't work , then back to the drawing board!
But it's looking fab!

Handmade with Love said...

Hi Julia and hi Angie. I love that tree stamp and have stamped it in green and pink so far! Although I have been reading WOYWW I have never posted so heres my desk Sorry I don't know how to do the linky thing! Have a great week. Tracey x

Angie said...

I'm here and I've blogged ....and althiough no pic of workspace there is some of a 'messaround' I had ....not sure yet what I will use them for but it was fun. Thankyou for your waves ....I do so hope that I have seen the end to this virus thingy.

Wow what a Ribbon Jar!!!!!
Love the praying man seeksso clearly to me.
I also envey you having such a hands on hubby ... he is so good with wood.
Thanks for caring xxx

Paula Gale said...

Morning Julia and all, Love those stamps from Kanban - i've been admiring those on Tracey's blog (she's mentioned she has them above) and have googled them. they're on my wish list!!!

I've done you all a big blog this week so apologies in advance. I'm off on a rare trip out now so will be popping by everyone's place later.

Julia - you have a wonderfully talented family and an industrious looking desk/workroom/shelves - the lot!!

See you all later.

x x x

Anonymous said...

Sadly I think we all have craft room envy today, and we all need a Mr D in our lives! Love the digi image, obviously talent runs in the family! Great ribbon jar!! Brilliant! Love the tree stamps too, I have to admit that the majority of my stamps are of the "nature" variety, and I love anything to do with trees. I'll try and pop round everyone later, I'm working from home today on the company laptop at we had 9" of snow last night, I have to surf and blog from my own laptop and Mr Butlersabroad is asking for it! Here's my desk this week and a swing too AND drawers!

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Hi Julia, sorry I missed last weeks. I did manage to peak in at few desks though. Here's mine this week Love your work space its fab to see some more of your room. That sketch is awesome...tell her she needs to come teach me how to do that!!
hugs Helen x

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Julia, I'm still not feeling well but could'nt let Wednesday go by without joining in so heres my DESK today.
I will try to pop round and see everyones desk over the next couple of days as I'm recovering
Hugs Susie xx

Kathy said...

Wow, fab photos Julia. Love the idea of pull out shelves (storing that one away for future reference) Miss D's artwork looks amazing.
I've just uploaded my photo for this week.
Now must stop AWUMPing and get on - I'm sooooo behind myself this week!

sam said...

Oh man I want a craft room with drawers and stuff. Oh well I suppose if I did I might not get anything made as I'd be worried about making a mess. As you can see here I have no trouble with that at the moment heheehe
Hope to pop around to some of you girls over the next couple of days.
Take care
Sam x

Hazel said...

It's really not worth showing today - but it's here x

patcrafts said...

Here's my desk this week not as tidy as normal and I did swing today to the right I might add.
Brill art work on your blog today and aren't you the lucky one having a DH to build you shelves etc.
Pat x

Sam said...

Hello Angie!! I am not as early today as I was last week (I think that was quite an aberation!) Anyway - wow just wow - what a fabulous piece art by Sissy Dunnit - amazing.

My desk (tidied up!) is over here on my blog - I'm off to have a peek at a few others!

stephanie said...

oooerrr girls, im blushing over all the comments on my man in prayer!! Thankyou thankyou. Had to laugh out loud about the vomit comment!!I have felt the same way many times. off to visit all your WOW's now. :)

Pam said...

Like the tree stamps I was eyeing them up yesterday in Hobby Craft. Here is my desk!

Hugs Pam x

Sam said...

that box on my blog? It's a box that I made at a craft club a while ago and it has been a bit squished so I need to repair!!

Handmade with Love said...

Hi Julie, thanks for your comment on my blog and for becoming a follower, by the way you so got me right! My desk is messy but I absolutely do have a tidy up once I have finished my card! Have a great week. Tracey x

Spyder said...

Love what you've been up to, there's not much to see on mine because...Woohooo!! I've done a bit of tidying up!! (well in my eyes I have!!) here's
what's on my work-desk this Wednesday!!


Linby said...

My desk is not a crafty one this week - so feel free to miss it if you only want a crafty nosey!

here's my not crafty desk
Love those tree stamps.

Carmen said...

Wow blimey Julia - if anyone has least cause for concern about their crafting it's you. (Did that sound right? Reading back it looks odd - it's meant to b mrale boosting...) Anyway - you are fabulous, creative, inspirational and wonderful.

It runs in the family obviously cos am gobsmacked at the d.coke man there. oooh he's a bit tasty isn't he?

Have bloggy blogged here, be scared though - I'm taking you to the cupboard under my stairs!!

jay670120 said...

My fave stamps on your desk !!!
The digi man is fab xx Deffo runs in the family all this art & craft projects xxx well done both of you x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Julia
thats what I like to see a bit of a mess, or maybe I should say a happy crafter, love those trees, fantastic Man In Prayer very talented.
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Will have to go to Birmingham the morning of my op to enable me to do the tree workshop. Whats a 3 am start compared to a great class by julia.
Love Stephanie's picture. Will she be selling them as would love a copy
Lady Nurse

Alix said...

wowzers...i'd swing for him!!! ;)

Kerry said...

Love your daughters work. So cool, I am so not into doing digital stuff lol
Joined in with my desk and stuff. here is the link

patcrafts said...

Hi Julia you can't see the Stampotique Originals as I put the wrong photo up DOH! You can actually see them now and how I have used them, they are now on my blog. Sorry about that.
Pat x

Ann said...

I'm off to look at everyone's desks. Too busy this week at work for any craft time sadly but next week I'll reveal my cupboards in all their glory ;)

Susan said...

Missing joining in :-( I love that humongous (sp?) jar of ribbon!
That work thing is just getting in the way of all the fun!
However I was persuaded by two colleagues to take some crafty stash into work today so they could have a go at lunch - they have seen what I do and wanted a bash themselves! I meant to take a photo of their Valentine cards/workspace but we got so involved I forgot! (try and remember tomorrow for Newbies sesh Part2!)
I do have to say though, that the tidiest person turned out to be the messiest crafter I have ever seen - great pink/red hands Jan - oh and the worksurface, and most of the cards!
Great fun!

Julie said...

Ooh I'm a swinger and didn't know it!! Here's my desk this week, rather boring, really, but I have swung!! Love your sister's art work, btw!

Hazel said...

Having shown a blank workspace this morning, I did eventually make a couple of cards, so I've just taken some updated photos with a bit of activity in my space - here x

Jo Power said...

Wow your desk is tidier than I have ever seen it. Your tress are great. Thanks for your comment on my blog. xx

Julie said...

Think my linking went awol so try this!

Nikki said...

Hello your sis has done a beauiful job on her digital image and I wanna touch his washboard stomach :)
those tree stamps of your's are sweet and your room has so many great little places to put everything away to find it quickly love that unit
Here's My Desk LOL
Off to surf thru everyones desks

Hels said...

I blogged .. and forgot to tell you ROFL...still suffering with shock from realisation that my arms now have BINGO wings ROFL....loving that digi art...very very very clever girly ... BTW, special guest appearance from AlfieCat on todays desk LOL

my5bratz said...

i am NOT photographing my desk today I just emptied out all my drawers on to my desk to find my wirecutters, which weren't there by the way :(

and quite possibly they did get their talent from auntyJ coz it had to come from

hey Ange :0x

Paula Gale said...

Wow Julia - it took me a while to get round everyones desk today - infact its half past midnight and i've just made my last visit!!! Phew. Don't know how you do it - but you've Dunnit (get it???) sorry - i bet you've never heard that one before!!!

a good turnout today wasn't it?

BTW - you pointed out the cardboard tube in the jar - I didn't realise i'd put it there - I used up the paper towel that was on it and meant to put it in the recycling - there not much I can do with it really!! The other rolled up thing is my heatproof mat.

Thanks for being the perfect hostess again today.

Paula x x x

The Paper Princess said...

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!
That's how it feels anyway!

Sorry, gals, that I am so late with today's WOYWW entry. I know it is now Thursday for some of you. Today was a rather challenging one for me - it is my sister's birthday but it is the first year she is now with us. So, everything is moving along a little slower than normal on my end (and I had a good long nap this afternoon as well!)

Here is my post. I hope you'll all have a chance to visit. I went to a new spot and have some nice pics posted - including several of the cats (Tsunami decided to make an appearance for today's photo shoot!)

Julia, I am loving the new views of your room these last few weeks (hmmm, does that make me a nosy sort of gal?) I posted a special pic just for you today - hmmm, now who's the nosy gal as you go running over to CWJ, lol! :-)

Anyway, I have another post to make for a deadline - I'll be visiting some of your rooms as soon as I can - obviously though it will be post-Wed this week!


The Paper Princess said...

P.S. It is the first year my sister is NOT with us. That makes my post a little more sensical, yes?

Natalie said...

my first time doing WOYWW. i entered a bit late in the day but a wednesday is still a wednesday right? go see me.....

Jennie said...

oh I missed it due to the thing called work, and now we have snow!!!!! grrr, but love your shelves, missus.. very groovy! will be back next week hopefully when I have mess to show you :)sorry should that be art in the

Charlie said...

He he... no 1 and no 7 - don't tell no 5 is not normal??? Have a nice Thursday - I for one can't wait for this week (the working part of it) is over... =0)

Penni said...


It's my first time joining in with WOYWW. I've been viewing from the sidelines for a while now and can no longer resist joining in.


silvercustard said...

Wow what a lot of fab desks there are out there!!! Love yous as always Julia xx

mine is on xx

my5bratz said...

ok, I caved and took photos of <a href=">my desk</a>