Tuesday, 9 February 2010

How Do You Shop?

If only I didn't know the answer to my question! It's not about internet shopping as a preference to visiting bricks and mortar shops, nor is my question about your groceries. They are a given; you have to have 'em and it's highly likely that you are involved in their purchase. It's about your stash. I don't want to hear, and frankly won't believe you if you tell me you shop out of need. Unless you need glue or tape and that's all you get. I want to know if you're a regular visitor to your shop, to browse and pick up stuff that looks interesting nay, inspiring? Or do you do the 'per project' shopping? You visit the retailer to get bits for specific jobs, papers to match a particular event's photos, a stamp for a particular greeting.

Do you go shopping' when the mojo is low - does new stuff inspire you? Yesterday, Jo told us she was having a good chunk of money for her birthday; what should she buy? Of course, I gave her my opinion. She asked, honest. But I've changed my mind of course. I think now I'd squirrel it away.....and wait for the shopping moment that I haven't yet mentioned. That one where, despite the impracticality, colour, limited use, similarity to something already owned, despite the lack of immediate use, there is an item that you just plain WANT. And then, having the money to treat yourself to it, for no other reason, is the best sort of shopping. I did that this morning. Cuttlebug folder. Nothing major, immensely fulfilling. And so, to tidy up and have a play. Well, OK, to play.


Pam said...

I'm a bit of a bits and pieces girl when it comes to shopping, I pop into shops with a vague idea of what I want and always come out with something different; ie yesteray black paper came back instead with green polkadot and 2 ink pads, today diffent shop same black paper came back with pink ribbon and some mini stamps! I really want some new promarkers and keep saving but always end up spending it before i have enough as I can't resist all the little bits and pieces you see in your local craft shop!!

Love the cards by the way. Hugs Pam

Paula Gale said...

I've spent more money since i've been off work as I have more time to realise what I haven't got and what I NEED!!! It doesn't help with bloghopping and seeing loads of stuff that I haven't got - and shouts 'buy me then'!!!

I'm an internet shopper and I like my things 'quick'... OH calculated how much i'd spent on crafting stuff since i'd been off - well its not good... but not bad either - he's MY rationale: I've not been anywhere so saved lots of petrol (I have a BMW and that drinks the stuff), I haven't bought any new clothes and haven't been out, nor have we had a takeaway for ages... I told him to be grateful it was only £350 (for now - i've had another delivery this morning) but THAT IS IT. I'm now saving to buy something else from WIPSO.

I should have blogged about it - but I would have gone on a bit!!!

Sorry - that's really long winded isn't it?

BTW love that card and was looking at some old mags yesterday which featured all that range of stamps etc.
Paula x x x

Pam said...

Opps forgot to say I left you a little award on my blog! Hugs Pam

Wipso said...

I tend to go into a shop knowing there is something I NEED. I get it and then buy half of the shop because I like the look of it....can you tell I'm stood in a material shop at the time? I do have to add the embellisher is getting me to use a lot of the bits I have bought previously :-)
A x

Helen said...

I don't have any craft shops near me, so I either buy - by which I mean blitz - the stamp shows I can get to, or buy online. You don't want to know (I daren't try and add it up...) how much "stash" I have but it's lot. In fact I took a photo of some of it last week for this week's WOYWW (not having a digital camera I have to plan ahead...) so watch this space.

LadyBug said...

Not many shops near by me either so i don't have the pleasure of wandering around stroking all the lovely new stash. i sit in the evenings and wander from shop to internet shop cyberstroking the lovely papers and flowers of my chosen shops. I just enjoying looking at all there is on offer. I shop because I want things, I rarely need new stash as I have enough to last me for the next year or so (maybe longer) but I enjoy opening parcels of nice new stuff. so I shop because I enjoy it :) it makes me feel good to unwrap parcels and I even enjoy cutting into new papers... snip.. snip... snip :)

Lyn said...

PHEW - I've just re-read your heading, I was thinking I was going to have to explain WHY I shop, not HOW! I only ever go into my fav shop when I need something. That's because my visit for that one sheet of something or other that is the reason behind the visit usually costs me 50 times more than the sheet. I can't help myself - I love a good furtle and cannot resist a bargain or several.

Now, as for t'interweb, that is a whole different vibe .... I comfort shop when I have had a bad day at work. Together with the comfort chocolate that slips down a treat with the comfort plonk .... if I browse long enough I can always find that absolute essential that I didn't know I had to have ..... Therapy has helped though as does my One Word for the Year - "choices". All I have to do now is make the right choice first!

Carmen said...

I'm a twice yearly shopper. I go to the two Ally Pally shows and inbetween am on a comlete ban unless I can swap it, get it for free, win it or it is a complete necessity like glue/tape. Inbetween the shows we put £1 a day away in my pot and I save any money from Christmas or birthday. I usually end up with about £200 to spend £50 of which I give to Devon because she comes with.

It was hard at first but now I have fun entering comps - searching out freebies - seeing who I can swap with etc. Makes it all the more of a treat twice a year too :o)

Rosie said...

We haven't got a craft shop nearby either, so its online or at the big shows for me. Having been a sort of grabbit because I love it kind of gal, I'm slowly learning to shop in a more organised way, eg see the new Basic Grey designs, buy the pack AND the embellishments, so that I have a kind of kit. Not that I'm saying I don't do joyful impulse buys any more, because obviously I DO! Doesn't everybody??

Ann said...

I work full-time so it's usually the Internet for my supplies. I like the sound of Carmen's regime - to swap, win or get for free - as I've pledged not to buy new stash this year!
Oh well, there's always IWS (internet window- shopping).

Angie said...

That was an interesting blog ...I have changed how I shop over the years according to how rich I am. Now I'm poor I have to think before I buy but I have got a house full of stash so shouldn't shop at all. I buy on impulse (well used to) and only buy for a project if its special. I love browsing in shops but tend to pick up a lot of stuff I dont need ...I'm better on the internet but I do miss seeing things in real and having a stroke lol.