Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Housekeeping and that RoS

I have been very neglectful with expressions of gratitude to Susie and Sheilagh who gave me a blog award: in acceptance, sadly they don't want a speech. Just a list. Oh, Ok then. Here in no particular order, are 10 things that currently make me happy:

1. My husband of 24 years and 44 weeks says that he still looks forward to coming home from work every day. (I'll take that, I didn't ask reasons or whys, I'll just take it, thanks!)

2. I've decided what to do about my middle aged and horrible hair and it shall be done. Next wednesday at 9.15am.

3. Basic Grey - this would also appear on my top ten list of things that I'm scared of.

4. Planning a holiday; we do this a lot in this house. Plan.
Two years since we executed a plan though.

5. The good, improving and better health of my beloved parents and in-laws.

6. Miss Dunnit.

7. Coffee.

8. Sweet food.

9. My sisters and my er, sistahs (that's you, friend).

10. My blog. Corny huh, but it does make me happy. It lets me write anything and have an opinion and a laugh and it never bites, doesn't eat my sweeties and doesn't fall asleep while I'm expressing my opinion. Perfect!

Of course, I could have listed my blessed life and the joy I getfrom being creative and the beauty I see in the world that so inspires me. But you'd recognise the bump in my cheek as my tongue and you'd know I was trying to be some sort of celebrity and then the list wouldn't be current, because all of that is a given, right?! And it is a current list. You may want to ask me again tomorrow when I've spent another 15 minutes in the Room of Shame. So far, all I can see happening is a redistribution of the stuff in there; so am thinking of giving myself permission to leave the job until the boot sale season starts up. There is one thing though, that I need you to know: despite my apparent lack of pride over the state of my workdesk every week, I will never, never ever, no way, post a 'before' picture of that room on this here interweb. I don't care if it's not as bad as any other RoS - it's mine and it's staying that way!


Wipso said...

Really love your list Julia but how do you keep it down to just 10? I had a little think about what would be on my list and my mind just ran away with me. Guess I'm just very easily pleased :-)
Your parcel is on it's way so keep your eyes out for the postman in the morning :-)
A x

Anonymous said...

love the list in all it's 'non-celeb-version' quality! live love laugh and inspire my sweet x

Anonymous said...

oh, and don't forget to dream :)

Anonymous said...

...and cherish the moment

Julia Dunnit said...

Yeah Helen. And don't forget the Bo****ks! LOL!

Milliesmarvels said...

Love the list, I like your no1 the best :-) So sweet!

Linda Elbourne said...

How lovely is your number 1 ... after all that time ... I am only on 10 years ... but I shall aspire to what you have XXX

Chrissie said...

I enjoyed reading this, funny how we're so nosey about what makes others tick!
You mentioned the differences between us re mounting SU stamps... I get v. p'd off when stamps are mounted crooked so this way I have only myself to blame if they're not on straight. I don't actually know how an actual Stampamajig works but my 4 bits of Jumbo Lego plus the corner of a Nesties packet works a treat for me.
By the way my number 1 is approaching 37 years this year... at present it's 36 and a whole bunch of weeks!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hope the list isn't in order of importance otherwise Miss Dunnit will be very unhappy :( hehe At this rate my desk is going to be a right mess tomorrow - I am not going to tidy it specially for the photo shoot! ;)
Anne xx

Jenny said...

Yay, honesty! Haha, I so get the "celebrity thing" - pass the bucket xx

Anne said...

I want a before picture this week, please!

Paula Gale said...

Spoilsport - I'm sure I requested the before and after picture. Well done on putting together your top 10, i wouldn't know where to start, and more to the point, once started - where to finish!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow's walk of shame!!!

Paula x x x

stephanie said...

im in love with a lazy sunday and a good movie.:)

Wrightboysmum said...

Your top 10 made me smile especially the Basic Gray comment. My blog posts are much more boring. Looking forward to reading more.