Friday, 9 November 2018

How do you make the cut?

This week's WOYWW featured several Deskers and their die cutters, new dies, or something die cut related. I've been thinking about it since. Don't worry, I find it soothing.

I have a Big Shot, and it is within reach of my desk, as are the dies. I could almost brag that I have a die cutting station, after all, it is a specific area of surface dedicated to storing and using dies. But I don't think that real stations become covered in loose piles of other stuff, books, post and other detritus that spills over from my desk surface. No sir; people who have specific areas keep them specific. I've seen evidence - this is the WOYWW HQ remember.

I rest my case.
You know and can just see on the shelf that I'm a Scan'N'Cut owner too. Am finally turning to that more often, particularly for multiples or large images. But I can't see me getting rid of the Big Shot, which was the route I thought I was taking when I splurged on the Scan'N'Cut. 
See, I'm a 'one off' cutter. You may call it spontaneous, because that's more arty isn't it! Whilst I'm making a card or putting a LO together, it occurs to me that I need a frame, phrase or embellishment that I already have on a die. So I cut one. Often I have to cut another (and another) whist I try card colour and possible chop things about to overlap, under fill..whatever. My point is that I cut, use, put away (sometimes) and move on. 
Here's a nice framed snowflake die in use. I love it. Had it for two years and we used it at the Card Marathon last week. It did cause me a lot of cutting time, but I didn't cut any extras. 
It hadn't occurred to me to have a session of die cutting to put die images into stock for later use. Turns out, others more organised than I, actually do this. So this possibly means that they use white card and colour it with inks and whatevers when they need to use it to match or stand out. Which possibly means that they have a good storage facility that keeps them flat and clean and above all accessible. Impressive. It also means, very much more impressively, that these crafty types often know what they're doing before they start. So perhaps they spend a day cutting Christmas shapes because over the next week, they plan to make Christmas cards. Wow. I can't do it. My plans are erm, too flexible for that. 
Even little dies are useful. But ergh, so fiddly!
And there's something in my head that says that spending a chunk of crafting time 'just' die cutting isn't a good enough use of the time. Which is preposterous and ridiculous isn't it. Look back at my WOYWW post this week....'good use of time'? Argh. This Leopard cannot change her spots, but I shall be trying some gentle over cutting...from now on, each time I use a die, I'm going to cut a spare and see if I can remember where I've put them and if I ever get around to using them. It's not a life changing method, I don't think. But if it iturns out to be just that, you'll hear about it, believe me!


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I think having the space really is the key factor for me and if I can remember I will show where I now keep my die cutter(s) next woyww.
Like stamping I can not do this just once, I have a ritual that this has to be done at least 3 times <<< am I crazy or is my brain thinking one for the base one to layer one just incase I lose any of the above..!
The idea behind the scan and cut looks and sounds like a dream but my brain is thinking of the process you have to go through to get to that cutting stage.
I think I just need to find a little helper that enjoys cutting out, sadly my little helper has all grown up now :))
Wishing you a super weekend Julia & go girl with those Christmas cards.
Hugs Tracey xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My shop-aholic friend Kathy loaned me her alphabet dies and cutter last year. I had three days to cut as many alphas I could in that time. I bought a package of legal sized envelopes and labeled them on BOTH sides with the alpha name. Then I found an old rectangular tupper type container and after each letter was cut the number of times to my satisfaction, I placed the envelope in the container. Since they are all together, there's no way I'm going to lose them. Not sure this will help you, but it's a thought.

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Julia, I don't die cut spares. However I can see a big advantage to doing so. I have some favourite dies that I like using, and I am sure I would make more cards if I had these ready cut out, or if I set up a die cutting station. My main problem with that is I clear everything away when the grandchildren come for sleepovers, which is quite regularly. Hmm, I shall give this one some more thought! Happy crafting, Heather x

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I tend to forget about my Cuttlebug, as it is in one of the sideboards. So when I do get it out, I usually do more than I need, whether that's die cutting or embossing. Then I keep the extras in a basket and root through them when I make a new card.

Hope you have a nice relaxing evening. Sue

Helen said...

I occasionally die cut spares... did it last year with some Christmas greetings (a Tim set) AND I even know where they are... in a little business card type plastic box (no "type" about it, I re-purposed it from work) - right next to my craft mat-on-the-floor.. indeed, in some wider shots some weeks it may even be visible. I often mean to do a stock pile of other images too... it'll happen one day. possibly.

fairyrocks said...

You had me with the idea of a station for all the cutting things... I almost fell off my chair laughing at the 'know what they are doing before they start" crack! I will admit that my um areas for cutting spill onto any open table space. Put in an extra table? Just set something else up on it and fill it to the max. Sometimes I will cut several of the same thing in different shades or paper type. Some of them I use, some of them I gift out. Others I meticulously store...Not so much. Usually they disappear into the table top piles. Thanks for sharing you photos and your clever insight.