Thursday, 27 April 2017

Getting your ATC OK

I have posted how the ATC swap will work for WOYWW8. 
The page is shown at the top of my blog, imaginatively entitled ATCs.
THIS is a link to the page if you want to rush over there.

Postage is expensive and if you want to take part, you only need send one ATC. It is not the law that you send one to me as well, I wallow in the goodwill of the fact that WOYWW qualifies for an anniversary and that we all seem to enjoy it, so please, there's no need or obligation.

These beauties represent a teeny part of my collection.
The trouble with ATCs (if trouble is the right word) is that they can feature anything; as long as it fits on the base card, and can bear the postal system, it will work. I've been trading and collecting for some years now and probably have hundreds of ATCs. I cannot possibly pick a favourite....they vary too much in content and meaning. Strange the things we get attached to.

At some point, the WOYWW Anniversary used to coincide with the WOYWW Crop. It wasn't deliberate, but was a great way to combine postage in some cases. This won't be the case this year, given the months between the two, and that the Crop is the first in our 'one off' locations.  Instead at some point, for those of us attending I'll steal a good idea from somewhere to come up with a souvenir to make and swap at the Crop.
Clear as mud? Good oh. Carry on with your designs then. I haven't a clue what I'm going to do. Again. Some things just don't change.


Helen said...

you do make me laugh! I will do my best to make at least one atc.. I have one or two supplies I could put to good use.... hope the eye is getting better.

misteejay said...

You have some lovely ATCs there Julia. I am always amazed at what ideas folk come up with and what they can manage to fit on those tiny cards.
Toni xx

Sue said...

Hi Julia, Lovely variety of ATCs there. I could never get into ATCs. I prefer toppers, so you can use them.

Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

Kyla said...

Yep ACT are always a great idea

Shaz Brooks said...

I;ll be up for the ATC swap too- no matter how often I say I'll make some, the only time I actually do is for the anniversary. Loved the post- so you.Hugs, Shaz Xx

Angela Radford said...

Definitely up for the swap. I already have loads as I used to do the swap that Craft Stamper did years ago then carried on with some of the ladies when they stopped. I love them as they are so small they're quick to make that is when the brain is sending suitable ideas out Lol! Have a great day, Angela xXx

Christine said...

I'm in for swapping - I have all my components printed out but just need some time to cut them out and put together in the form of one brilliant WOYWW 8 ATC!!!! there will be nine by the way! lol

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Julia, was praying for you, suddenly thought must check how face is, and so pray infection is on mend as it didn't rate a mention.
I'll do an atc too, more if time permits. Am quite sure we'll enjoy them best.
I had a clean up, mmm rather ongoing one, and found a few more to adorn a new cork board I think I might get for that purpose. Saw it today...maybe I can justify it ;)
Prayers for healing. ..and hopefully some sunshine over the weekend.
Hugs Shaz.x

Tracy said...

Those are beautiful.
I have made a few in my time...I seemed to need a theme in order to get started, lol.