Friday, 27 January 2017

Sometimes, you just cant tell

Honestly, I spent a happy four hours at my desk last weekend, and came up with one card. I was trying too hard, to keep it at to reproduce but somehow amazingly different as well. I started as I always do with white card. I was going to do a grey ink base image and a really colourful window image with a darker outline to accentuate the detail. And of course, I go straight to a pre-folded card because I now it's an idea that will work first time.
Grim. Too white, too small, not enough detail. Hmmm, start again. It's Ok though, because the painty part is very soothing. So I graduated to black card, for the sake of the paints really, H2Os and Perfect pearls, all look better on dark card, I think.
 So I decided to change the shape of the painted area as well, and make these little windows. They looked ridiculous cut out and stuck on top of the much large whole pattern, so then I thought to use the cut out piece as a stencil. Cue more embossing, painting and at this stage, some cursing. Why on earth couldn't I get it to go right?
You can just see above where the stripes were. I painted the whole image after I realised that the stripes were ridiculous!
So then I cut into another sheet of black card, embossed another whole image and cut a scalloped oval from another piece of scrap. I painted through that. By now, the light was fading and I'm using one eye to see properly, and controlling the almost imperceptible tremor in my right hand by using the most ridiculously fine paintbrush. I wasn't unimpressed with the idea, but the execution was sloppy. Nice photo of the shine on the paints though!

So I lay in bed that night, thinking about the options I've already explored, and the starting point. And decided to go back to that starting point. Cut out a die shape to create a coloured window to stick on top of the bigger, whole uncoloured image. And I did. It's OK, but for four hours? Two things come from it. I had a nice time. And keep it simple. Although I still think it's a little lacking. Maybe its the wrong image? Spare me.


Sue said...

Hi Julia, I love the darker card ones. Hope you can get it just how you want it.

Have a fab Friday. Sue

AliWade said...

I love these - and, yes, that is 4 hours of your precious time and energy - BUT you created some gorgeous designs. Ali x

Krisha said...

Oh my, I have quit counting the times I have done the same thing! *gin*
It did turn out beautifully Julia.

trisha too said...

Hwy, as long as you were enjoying it, that's what really counts in the long run. It's the process, not the product, right? But I think ypur "product" looks super!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You have just validated my reason for NOT making cards. At least YOU have fun in the process. When I create something like this, I get too frustrated and want to throw it across the room. You obviously have the patience of Job.

RosA said...

Hi Julia, you simply can't rush perfection!
Really, they look great, especially the colouring on the black. It is a long time to spend on a card and I've done exactly the same thing and ended up with something I was only half way happy with! So, if you had fun it wasn't a waste of time.