Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A refreshing, solictied review:

I knew that I'd do a review for the TeaPod as soon as I visited the website and watched the video.  I drink tea. I like a great design. I really like choice. I like a new angle on an existing product if it works.  And the TeaPod was all that..and I'm a sucker for great packaging!  Did I ever tell you that it took me over a week to open my new iPod because I didn't want to spoil the sublime packaging...even the pristine cellophane.....Oh, I digress.

Mr TeaPod sent me a handful of samples from their range of eleven teas, all from Fair Trade estates in exotic Sri Lanka.  Just as well he chose.... eleven to choose from for heaven's sake - I have trouble choosing a mug to drink from! So, I made a cuppa, following the directions. Not gruelling. Drop the TeaPod in the mug, pour on the freshly boiled water and allow the tea to infuse.  
Then..use the TeaPod as a spoon, stir, add milk if desired and carry on as usual.The thing about the Teapod is that you can leave it in if you're a  herbal/fruit tea enthusiast, you get a real infusion, as it should be.  Unlike us 'builders tea' types who leave nothing but the spoon in - and here's an advantage...the TeaPod won't leave you with a blunt force trauma to the face like a teaspoon will! Although of course, you, dear Internet, are far too well mannered to even contemplate leaving a spoon in, I know. 
Of course, with no tea bag, there's no squishing against the side and running to the sink or bin....indeed, a polite tap on the edge of the mug and there was no dripping.  In the relative comfort of my kitchen, I had a fair trade brew which was very nice, perfectly measured and rather a fun thing to make. And then I popped the TeaPod and its envelope in the recycling bin.  

So bring on another test.  When I'm out delivering - and particularly if Mr D comes too, I take a flask of boiling water, a teaspoon, two mugs and four tea bags.  We share a mug of tea made the normal way - the second mug is to drop the used teabags into.  Colour me utterly delighted by the TeaPod then.  We each chose our preferred tea, I had my own mug and I didn't need the teaspoon and extras. And the pod goes back in it's little envelope (re-christened a 'sleeping bag', because one of us couldn't think of the right word...).  And now I don't have wet and mushy used teabags to deal with when sorting out the snack bag. Genius!  Now this may not be a large thing for you - but for us tea drinkers on the go, it's an awesome step up!  
 And then of course, there's the erm, arty, decorative potential of the TeaPod .
You can buy TeaPods directly from this page of their website.  Using that link will entitle you to a 15% discount.  How cool is that.  So cool, it's almost herbal, man. 

Furthermore, to infuse you with a similar enthusiasm, there's a chance for you to win a year's supply of TeaPods -  *insert little shriek* - I love this part! A year's supply - that's over £175 worth of TeaPods..how fab a delivery will that be! It's open to UK residents only - and worth a pop, huh! All you have to do is visit the competition page on the TeaPod website and answer a very simple question.  Mr TeaPod assures me that you will not be bombarded with mailshots and spam emails if you enter, it's not the way they work.  Like a lot of us, they intend to treat potential customers they way they would like to be treated as potential customers.  Does that make sense?  If it did, hurrah.
Excuse me now, I'm away to infuse myself.  Probably fruity this time.


Carmen said...

You do make me larf!

Is that your Christmas tree - the tea pod does look fantastic there and it does sound a brilliant 'on the go' idea. Off to try and win me some!

Sue said...

Those tea pods look good.

I am off like Carmen in the hope I can win some:)

My WOYWW will be late, as I can't download my photos at the moment. Think something is up with Blogger.

Hope you have a good WOYWWednesday.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now's the time I wish I lived in England. What a sad thing, because this sounds absolutely perfect, especially since I often dry my tea bags and have to put the spent tea in the compost pile. Good for the environment, but cumbersome and hard on my time and energy. You did a fantastic review. What a great way to enjoy your tea.

Helen said...

Wow a great review - now I've never been fond of fruit teas because they always taste kinda wishy-washy but these sound very interesting! Love the idea of you and Mr D sharing your cuppa on the road.

Krisha said...

Well, how interesting this is, and what a great way dispose of the used teapod. I will have to check this website and find out more.
Thanks for sharing.

mamapez5 said...

I love the sound of this, though sadly I am probably excluded here in Spain. We always take a flask of hot water and tea bags when we are 'on the go' too. I am one of the few folk I know who still uses loose tea and an infuser pot at home. Up until now I have ordered tea in bulk (no loose tea available here!) from a Fair trade company in UK and the service was second to none. Unfortunately they have just changed distributors, the prices have soared and they have stopped the free postage to Europe, so I am back to relying on visitors filling the corners of their cases with tea! An interesting post all the same. Kate x

misteejay said...

Now that is a fun review but it also covered all the essentials.

Those teapods sound great...need to hop on over to take a closer look and possibly win some.

Enjoy your pods.

Toni xx

fairy thoughts said...

Huh1 I challenge even that monkey to make tea bags sound so ... interesting, great concept shame I don't like tea.
cheers janet

505whimsygirl said...

Juliaia do you put cream in your tea? the teapod sounds very interesting.

Hugs, Kay

MaggieC said...

You have given me my second lot of giggles since midnight (the first was Barbara Grays's post for today). awesome ladies, both of you. I do love reading your blog, but I really must drag myself upstairs to bed, and I will re-read tomorrow and have a look at Mr Teapot. xx Maggie