Friday, 5 February 2010

Let me talk this into a logical reason...

This is one of the cards from yesterday's Pretty In Pink workshop. I have to post it because in preparing the cards for the workshop, I misjudged how long the paper piecing and painting would take and it all fell apart and for the first time in ages, some gals went home with unfinished cards. So if you're squinting at this trying to work it out - sorry! I made it slightly easier by pre-cutting all the nonsense pieces out for everyone (12 times then), so that calms the guilt a bit! The design of the card is a less complicated (!) version of an original by Sheila Halliwell. So the workshop for this week is over and I must turn my attention to tomorrow's crop. I know what I'm going to do (for a change) and so it's really a case of unpack and tidy up after workshop preparations and then re-pack. That'll take up all of my craft time today....that big basket of stamps waiting to be cleaned that you saw in my WOYWW photo is on the list too. At last! some of you will joyfully shout!
That's the thing about going to a Crop....everything I work so hard (I do, too!) to keep in check, tidy, reachable - indeed, findable, has to be reduced and decanted into something smaller than my car so I can go and do the LOs elsewhere. Honestly, by the time I've packed, remembered the beverage bag, lunch, goodies and a warm layer, it would be so much easier and logistically more sensible to stay at home and scrap alone. Not to mention probably more productive. I mean, I truly hate the packing part....put it off too long though, and you end up taking twice as much because you're in a hurry. The need for speed really impairs your judgement in packing anything , believe me!
So why bother going to a Crop? Especially the grandly, eloquently and imaginatively named 'Ludgershall Crop'? Company. And a chance to let a conversation finish instead of cutting it short because one or other of us has to be elsewhere. Ludgershall Crop is small. Some months it's difficult to guarantee the five people that are needed to cover the hire of the hall. But that's OK. We relish the space. It means we can welcome other people without needing to worry about venue size! Call it what you will - cropping/scrapping/crafting in company is one of the greatest pleasures - even if you have nothing else in common, there's this paper-scissors-glue bond that instantly makes you part of a community, and for a day, you can immerse yourself in it : talk about it, admire other's stash, browse other's albums, borrow other's ideas, eat home-made and possibly even construct a LO or two for yourself. Why wouldn't you, if you could?
There's no need to assume you aren't living in or near a craft community of one size or sort - if you want to, you can find it, get involved, immerse yourself. You'll love it.
This lecture came because I was in WH Smith last week trying to bring myself to part with £6 for the February Scrapbook Trends mag. Squatting, as if to worship at the rack of hobby magazines - you get the picture. A woman behind me picked up the copy I had just put back (see, I do have will power). We were strangers. She asked if I was considering it as a purchase for me. I was. 'So you know what scrap booking is then'? She was quite surprised. Thought she was on her own in this small market town. I told her about the large community on her doorstep. Gave her details of what and where that I know about. She was amazed, thankful and we parted - she with magazine. It's up to her now though. And that's the other thing about this craft sits and waits and it's entirely up to you. So why do I crop? It may be because its empowering!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous post missus, and so true x

Rosie said...

Exactly what happened to me ... except that the crop I started now fills the hall and has a waiting list! But you're right, its a monthly shot in the arm I wouldn't be without.

CoventryAnn said...

i love going to the 2 local crops i attend, it makes such a difference being with like minded people who don't look at you gone-out when you mention anything scrappy, who share ideas and stash, and above all are great fun to be with! Oh, and i do make a couple of LOs each time!

Paula Gale said...

i've never been to a crop but it sounds like it would be a good place to meet like-minded people - however, I'm getting a sufficient fix on here - thanks to people like you Julia, who brighten up my day! Two more weeks off work - visit to docs this morning, so i'll be blogging away for another 2 weeks at least...

p.s. you would have gotten one of my awards - but Wipso beat me to it!!!

Paula x x x

Lousette said...

I don't go to crops, but can totally see the appeal. Had to laugh at the crouching in prayer worship position in front of magazine rack. I do that often, debating with myself about whether £6 for a magazine is justifiable or not. Just today I had a lovely conversation at the magazine stand with an elderly lady who was looking in the knitting magazines for yarn shops in the area. Craft does unite us all :) Love reading your posts.

Pam said...

I don't attend crops, but do dip in and out of a fortnightly craft class in a local hall, its 2/3hrs of sharing something with people who enjoy the same hobby as the closest most of my non crafting friends come to crafting is via buying my cards!! I have also often chatted to complete strangers whilst perusing magazines in borders (my husband thinks I'm mad!!!) Hugs Pam x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I love the card Julia and the colours :) Great post! It is difficult to find communities you may be interested in in your local area even if they're advertised. It took me ages to find out that 'The University of The Third Age' is actually listed under 'U3A' and that if you're looking for a walking group you need to check out 'ramblers' :-/ I find it difficult getting stuff together when I go to a craft group once a month. I always think it won't take long to get stuff together but you end up taking so much 'just in case'. It would be so much easier if you had the space and the inclination to hold it at your place LOL
Anne xx

Anne said...

Oh, what a serendipitous meeting of minds in WHSmiths! Totally agree about the crop - especially as I type this whilst waiting for a load of photos to slowly print, having spent the last 45 minutes (at least) sorting and tidying and packing for my crop tomorrow. We too are small in number, but it is rather fabulous to have dedicated time, with nobody to interrupt or anything to distract. Even though, as you say, I'm sure I would get more done if I stayed at home!

Chrissie said...

Great card Julia, I love the colours.
There's an award for you on my blog!

Carmen said...

I often wonder whether to go to a crop - I do know there is on about 15 mins away but it's the going there for that first deep breath, open the door, go in on your own thing. My only local crafty friend didn't seem that interested when I mentioned it.

I dunno - maybe I should stick to befriending poodle breeders... *g*

LadyBug said...

I love going to crops and even though it takes forever to sort out what i want to take and then pack it all. I really look forward to the second Saturday of every month when we all get together, for some of the ladies that go to our crop it's the only time they get the sit down in peace (well not kids or housework) and craft. it's a me day!! no dogs no jobs and just plenty of time to do my own thing. I love cropping :) we are also a small crop and often we are only four but it's enough to rent the hall and it's all ours :)

Kay said...

I like the sound of a crop but never been to one. Not sure if there are any near me. Living near central London makes it difficult to find out about what is going on (unless you're looking for a rave or a nightclub!). Sorry I missed WOYWW this week, not sure where the time went this week!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Julia

They're probably coming at you thick and fast but I've sent you a blog award - If you check out my blog you'll see why.

Paula x x x

Susie Sugar said...

What a stunning card Julia , you defo have great style girl

Anonymous said...

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