Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

In a move of uncharacteristically impressive organisation, I can show you a transatlantic desk as well as mine, this very morning. It's uncharacteristic of course because I had very little to do with it! This fabric and design laden surface is Stephanie's. It does indeed look as if she's using a permanent marker to colour some cord. The rubber glove and the pen, cord and scratch paper tell me that much. The rest you'll have to surmise, but I'm guessing it has something to so with that magnificent 'tablecloth' we saw last week over at PamKitty's. Just when you thought that life was too short for mushroom stuffing, Sissy Dunnit brings you colouring your own cord! Wow indeed.

And then there's my desk. You can see snow again, it's falling thick and fast this morning, grr. Again Rosie, you can see the green bin....conveniently located by the door and the discarded christmas tree....a hint from one to another in this household that the tree needs to be er, trimmed to fit in the bin! Anyway, that's through the window and I should save that for Thursdays!

My desk is the usual mess after yesterday; no sign of the sewing machine - I set it up elsewhere in the house because I couldn't squeeze anything else onto the surfaces in here! I've added three packets of teeny Papermania buttons to my button jar - do you know that you get less of the polka dot ones in a pack for the same price as you do the plain..really - how cheap is that! SO to get my own back, I will decorate my own from now on with my trusty Signo white pen! Savings of that nature will make a significant impact I'm sure, on my 'Spend Less' intention. Which isn't going so well. You can see my box of Stabilo coloured pens - really nice thin nibs for journalling and drawing stitches on papers. I must say when they run out, they will be replaced, I use them a lot. There's also a bottle of Prima flowers at the back of the desk. In an effort to remind me to use some. I love what everyone does with flowers and I have resolved to try and include them here and there. Until last night, this bottle was all the flowers I own and they are old - the original little flowers, I fell of course, for the packaging and think it was about a year before I could bring myself to break the seal on them bottle! The white card on the glass mat is cut awkwardly because I'd embossed it with a wordy folder and used some of the words as separate little tags. You can just see the makings of a couple of cards, and the paint is part of the fixings for the canvas. I'm not too ashamed of it this week; at least I can, hand on heart, say it's a productive mess!

So it's your turn - leave a comment here and direct us to your blog so we can have a nosey at your workspace. It doesn't have to be a desk, it certainly doesn't have to be tidy! We wanna see what you're doing and what you're using. Make a habit of it and brag about it with the button you can snatch in the left margin - go on, it's harmless and it's free and well, you'll be in quite a large circle!


Wipso said...

I'm laughing at your comment on my blog. This really is one cluttered room I have here today :-) I know you can't really see from the photos but my table, when pulled right out like it is today, fills the biggest part of my room so if I get any customers needing fittings we juggle for space to get the job done :-) Oh and yesterday in what little floor space I have left I had a little 14month old little girl and all her toys, her Mummy and another neighbour for coffee when a customer called needing a get the picture? :-) I just love my job.

As ever I love nosing round your space Julia. I'm looking for tiny flower buttons if you know a good stockist.
A x

Hazel said...

Love the activity there today (not the snow though) - had to laugh at money saving by putting dots on the buttons (good tip - lol!) My WOYWW is here x

Deanne said...

Morning Julia
No snow here but a very grey sky very miserable looking :(
My desk is where it always is but showing on my blog for you all to peek at :)
Enjoy your day xxx

Susie Sugar said...

Those buttons look lovely I love polka dots on everything (Oh except my face !! lol)
Thats a smart set of pencils you have there they look all nice and new
I have a (what I call) tidy desk this week Here
Oh you have more snow , none for us yet although it is cold enough and so dull too.
Catch you later Love Susie xx

Twiglet said...

Oo you crafty card makers have such gorgeous stuff to play with! My desk is covered in fabric bags and little dumflings - pop over if you want to know what a dumfling is!

silvercustard said...

Hi there Julia, found my way here via good old Querky Boots (aka Dee) so this is my first stab at WOYWW - yours looks fab just like Dee's and making me feel mine is a bit empty (apart from the cat!) must do more craft LOL

well i promiss there is a project under that big fluffy thing!!!

You can find me at

love looking at all you WOYWW
Love Claire x

sam said...

I had to join in this week just to show you all that Susie isn't really that messy - anyone would think I live in a tip!!!
Here's my little spot I think I need to tidy up a bit heheehe
Sam x

SueH said...

I know what you mean about the Stabilo pens, I used then too and they are great for faux stitching, especially if you prick the line first……it almost looks real. So many colours too!

You can see what’s on
My Desk.
Here, if you fancy popping in.

Kaz said...

What?!! One jar of flowers?!! Good grief girlie!! I'm hoping your comment means you have been shopping for more? Have you been to that shop that I went to after seeing Susie's collection?
I love your desk this week, lots going on.
Nothing from me this week as I'm still at my sister's and run out of mojo. Should be home for next week provided there's no snow here! xxx

Linda Elbourne said...

Loving your desk this morning ... very productive ... I am going to skip sissy D's though ... she is far too clever and her desk is just toooooo professional ... I mean it looks like she knows what she is doing and where she is going ... I am far too much of an amateur to comment.
You have gone for a circle this morning in terms of the WOYWW ... where as I question if it is now a cult ... there being sooooo many of us.

Linda Elbourne said...

OMG ... what a dimwit ... my desk is here

Chrissie said...

I've had a bit of a tidy up! One cannot fail to be impressed!!My desk is here

Milliesmarvels said...

Hi Julia, I love your desk today. Took me ages to use my Prima flowers in my jar too until I tipped them into another pot then I felt I could. I love those teeny weeny buttons. I bought the goody bag this time. It is scrummy!
My desk is messy today. You can see it: here!

Jennie said...
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Jennie said...

ok had to delete the post above as I had put in the wrong link! DOH! love yuour post this week, sounds like me most days! lol
Mine is Here

Sarah said...

I've finally got back to WOYWW and my creative chaos can be found at

Nicks said...

Oh don't worry about your tree.. my DD told me today that it's only 11 months till Christmas. Conveniently we were on the way to hospital for a check up - she was in danger of staying there making comments like that!
Anyway I digress, I had an intruder on my desk this morning!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ah colouring your own cord to co-ordinate - it has to be done! Your desk is looking good; very productive looking. I've still got the little metal tag off one of my little bottles of Prima flowers to use on a card when I remember :-}(and if I can find it!) And yes decorate your buttons; we should all do that ;) My desk's not toooo bad :)
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm back, I don't scare that easily! Love your desk today, looks very productive and "almost" tidy!! I've used pens on buttons before, works great. Love the bright colours on your sisters desk too. Ooh, and your card holder wodden thingy is brilliant!

<a href=">This is me this week.</a>


Anonymous said...

Let's try that again... This is me this week.

Rosie said...

Lovely view of the bin Julia! It's good to see it from every possible angle ...your desk looks satisfying jumbled and productive. Mine is a bit neat today, but I promise to try harder in future!

Kathy said...

You've got a lot going on there, Julia!
My photo is up - back later to check out everyone else's desks

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Hi Julia, more snow oh no I hope we don't get more we've only just thawed our pipes out!!

Love the polka buttons all my are boring plain ones! I do have some fascintating looking ones though as I have all the spares etc that my Nanna had collected over the years. I shall have to share them with your next week so you can chuckle cos some are just funny!

Here's mine
You will be surprised this week!!
Helen x

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

lol thank you for popping by. The red/pink thing with the flower on the front on my drawers? Its a card I got from a blogging friend x

Pam said...

Hi guys I can't believe how many of you are now being brave enough to share its fab, well done Julia. Now I haven't read any of the comments above as yet and I'm sure that someone else may think of this but doesn't adding your own polka dots to buttons fall into the same category as colouring your own string, do you think its a family trait of some sort! My mess is here! Hugs Pam x

Paula Gale said...

Hi Julia - love your button tip - i'd have never thought of that!!!

I'm a bit late starting today so hopping about while trying to find my camera lead to upload my stuff - will comeback on here and let you know when i've managed... i might have to resort to taking a pic on the phone seeing as i've found that lead.

I hope the snow stays down your way!!

Paula xx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hi, WOW this is fabby seeing other folks creative messes!!! Oops I meant desks!!! I don't feel so bad now. LOL
Hope mine is ok for you. Here it is!

Linby said...

No snow here! here's my desk
I'm sure decorating those buttons will save LOADS of money in the long run - hee hee, may need to buy new glasses though from peering at something so tiny for long periods!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Julia, alas nothing exciting in that tin, it's just wood varnish. I had meant to give it a mention 'cos I know most peeps like to know what things are when it's not immediately obvious. I just put it on the desk along with the storage box when I cleaned the floor - I'll have to find a home for it sometime but there's no rush hehe.
Anne xx

LadyBug said...

What a hive of activity your desk is today! How do you find cutting on a glass mat as to a "green type" crafting mat? I dislike my green mata nd would like something more in keeping with my craft table maybe a black mat or a glass one?
I did a post earlier today for my WOYWW it's here

Carmen said...

OMG I forgot it's Wednesday!! I love the coloured chord. Can't believe you got the dreaded snow back! Should I be looking out for Through The Window Thursday then?

Ann said...

Hi Julia, thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm teasing about you having a beady eye! You're far too nice to give me a hard time.
Your desk does look very productive and not at all messy. I've never decorated my own buttons but any tip to save money is welcome at the moment!
Here's my desk

allyf said...

Love the sharpie coloured cord, what a brain wave.

I hadnt noticed the difference in qty on the little buttons, though I did opt for the dotty ones cos they are plain on the back so you get both kinds, which is what I wanted. They are lovely. Even the packaging is nice.

Biscuitlid said...

Such a tragedy that fewer polka dots, I'm impressed you're going to make your own and look forward to seeing them. Me? Far too lazy a crafter to make a plain button spotty, much as I'm a huge polka dot fan.

No snow here either (yipee) and a bit of a jumble on my desk today....Fab challenge
here it is

Nikki said...

Very Smart of you to decorate your own buttons, why not save a little so you can get some other stash to play with too. I'm trying just to work thru what stash I own Before I buy more but it's soo hard sometimes to avoid the temptations out there it's like chocolate lol
Here's Mine
Hugs Nikki

Anonymous said...

Yay, I love seeing others' tools and messes! Here is mine!

Anonymous said...

LOL, no I didn't tidy for you! This is pretty messy for me! Haha I can't wait to get more stuff so I have a reason to be messy :P

Paula Gale said...

Yeh - I've uploaded at last!!! I took my time and the quality is rubbish - but all will be revealed on my blog... sorry - I don't know how to do that linky thing - would be grateful if someone could reveal how...

Paula xxx

Sam said...

Hmmm, I always seem to be late to WOYWW!! Perhaps one day I will get in early!! Anyway, my desk is over here and if you look really carefully you might find some evidence of some bloggy candy and a link to said candy!!! ;-)

Ramona said...

Hi Julia and All,

First of all, this is week 3 for me and I have been BRAVE. I took the plunge today - not only do you get to see my FULL desk - but - you get a bonus - you get to compare and see what it looked like 3 years ago! YIKES - that wasn't even the worst of it - but it will give us all something to talk about in the future. Looks like I am now in the pool.

Julia - I'm not sure who Stephanie is (your daughter maybe?) but that bright green thing on her desk - every time I see it - the first thing I see is a GIANT GREEN BUG! When I first saw it on the thumbnail, I thought maybe you had a radiation leak and there was a mutant mantis on the loose at your place! No, just kidding, but seriously, look at the shape of it - that's what I see! Can you tell I have a serious bug phobia?

I smiled when I read your comment about not wanting to break the seal on your Prima bottle for over a year - boy do I know that feeling well! It pains me to open stuff (I LOVE the sight of NEW IN PACKAGE) but I have been working on breaking that for quite some time now simply to contain my stuff (as you will see when you visit my blog today - I definitely needed to free up space!) But it is hard cause I trade a lot of supplies and they are perceived worth more when they are NIP (which shows you how crazy the manufacturers have us trained!) I know I love Maya Road tins and sometimes I get their stuff more for the tin then for the product!

Anyway enough rambling - come visit me at:

(Sorry I don't know how to do the hypertext link in the Comments trick yet!)

Ramona :-)

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks for the compliment :) I am just sending a bunch of valentines, but I wish I was selling them!!

CoventryAnn said...

Working, so no craft desk for me yesterday! I laughed at your comment about the christmas tree, last year ours was outside until November when OH got round to chopping it up for fire wood, this years is in the garage.... waiting :)

Beeshebags said...

OMG you're all so brave...I couldn't post WOYWW pics of my work area as it's usually buried! YIKES maybe that should've been my new years declutter my work space....but alas that ain't gonna happen, I work best under pressure and surrounded by 'crap' as people keep telling me it is! Maybe when I have a less cluttered space I'll take a pic! DOn't hold your breath's as I won't be responsible for anyone passing out! lol Hugs Naomi