Monday, 25 January 2010

The thing is..

These pages are from the 12 of 16 - really appreciate all your comments about it, I must say, you made me feel very noble about something I started without much forethought! It's a teeny album (6x6), so it feels like I'm doing loads at a time - you'll be sick of them soon!
I'm easing myself into a week of being away from my desk more than I'll be able to sit at it. And I know two things will come from this. One : I'll be uber inspired, everywhere I look there'll be ideas; architecture will prove to me that patterns that don't match can still go together, the strange decor of public buildings will give me colour inspiration and I'll come up with a handful of the best ideas I've ever had for workshops, crop challenges and the like. And Two: I'll be mega efficient when I can get to my desk, I hope. See, I'm not a night bird, I cannot complete a busy day and then stay up all night because I'm inspired. That doesn't work for me - I've tried. I had that romantic notion about artists working alone in cold garrets, lonely but creative. Well, what happens is that I spend ages getting ready to be an artist - tidying, making a cuppa, finding a decent CD or radio station to keep me company. Then I get cold and fidgety and nothing even vaguely crafty happens, so I have to go to bed. It's better, really, because it means that I'm not over sensitive and whining all of the following day!
So me and my notebook are stepping out. I've learned to make proper notes too - if I want my inspiration to be of any use to me back in my work room, I need to be able to read my own writing and have more than one stupid word to remember the idea from. I'm not after inspiring prompts here, I'm going to be penning the full on descriptions. Wish me luck. And ask to see the results in a handful of months!


Anonymous said...

girly, get yourself a lovely notebook, preferably from paperchase, of course, and scribble in there! but obviously you know this :) i love crafting at nights, there's something about me being the only one in the world awake, or so it seems, lush! and the sugar rush is still pretty pretty pretty.

Paula Gale said...

good luck - hope the weather holds for your crafty journey and 'field trips'. I always feel like crafting when I'm at work when I can't do any!!!

Need to get some in so at least my time off work has been productive and I have more than a dodgy x-ray to show for it!!!

Can't wait to see the results of your endeavours!!!!!

Paula x x x

mckinkle said...

Lovely to see more pages of your 12 of 16, nothing could beat a snapshot of growing up better than this!

Hope you have a really fab creative time this week!

Keryn :D

Susie Sugar said...

Lovely layouts Julia and fab colours
I have left you an award on my blog for making me smile and laugh every Wednesday with WOYDW
Hugs Susie xx

Linda Elbourne said...

These are great Julia ... keep them coming ... I am sooooooooo gonna enjoy myself X

Wipso said...

Lovely work as always Julia. Good luck on your note book compiling. Looking forward to the results.
A x

Carmen said...

Love these pages Julia :o)I really should start a notebook, I keep saying I need a couple - will look forward to your proper inspirational ramblings!

Pam said...

good luck with this project Julia!
As for my stamps-one folder fits an awful lot of stamps! Clear as well as clingmounted ones. If you laminate a fairly heavy cardstock, and have a full folder you can stand the folder up, but a few pages only and they kinda flop a bit and it's best to lay the folder down. My is full so it stands up well.

Anne said...

Miss D is going to be SO grateful one day. I have the family photos from when I was young, but between then and the advent of digital photography, there was nothing. Teenagers are so lucky to have the power of digi photographs!

The blog is looking grand, by the way :0)