Tuesday, 19 January 2010

One of 'those' days...

Perhaps it's the stuff I have to do for work, stuff I want to do at my desk, preparations for a birthday supper tomorrow and a pile of laundry, but I've had a motivation-less day today. I have no idea why; I got the silly phone calls and other day to day chores out of the way quite early, so why? Could it be the colour of the day? It's so dull and grey. Still, it can only improve.
When Miss Dunnit was a tot, Grandma HAD to have her to stay overnight every now and again. It still is Grandma's Law. We do not fight this. In those early days though, we used to deliver her, come home and then faff about trying to decide what to do with our unusual free time......and then, finally when we'd decide, it was too late to go anywhere! It's been like that today..I've moved from room to room (kitchen to workroom and back, really) and sort of well, faffed. Not helpful. I've made some stuff though and even finished a tiny canvas in one sitting - which involved getting the sewing machine out! Can't now, but will eventually show it here. Am feeling greatly motivated now though, time to shower and change and get ready for a nice evening out. Do you think subconsciously I've been waiting to do this all day? Gawd. Just thought of that!
Meanwhile, this card made with Papermania Capsule papers and Chatsworth stamps. The birdcage is mounted on gingham vellum which I stamped with a scrolly arty image before laying it over white card. You can't tell, but now you know!
And the Pegs - thanks so much for admiring them - they are 4" high (10cm) x 1" wide (2.5cm) and come in pairs, by Creative Imaginations. Shopkeeper Gal will mail order them if you want her to - ask me, I'll put you in touch.


Pam said...

Love the background paper you have used on this Julia, but please don't mention sewing machines again my other half might hear you and remind me he still has 3 pairs of trouser that need the legs shortened (only bought them July, does he think I have an abundance of time).

Hope you have a more productive day tomorrow!
Hugs Pam

LadyBug said...

I quite often have faffy days :) and then find that when it's time for bed or something just as important :) I'm suddenly totally into somethign crafty. The teal and Chocolate card is great! loving the colour combo.

Paula Gale said...

I agree with Ladybug here - it can be harder deciding what to do than doing it. Can sit and move things round from one place to another and come out with nothing - you did at least achieve a great card today!! I like the Chatsworth stuff - not sure if its inspired by Chatsworth House itself but its only 15 or so minutes away from where I live.

Paula. xxx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I have days when I feel I've been busy all day but yet have achieved very little - I hate days like that! Love the card Juia, lovely colours :) See ya tomorrow ;)
Anne xx

Carmen said...

Agreed with everyone here. I've had maaaaaany days like that lately. Hate them. I think you were subconciously wishing the day away for your night out.

Love the colours on this card and that birdcage image.

Hazel said...

Oh I certainly know what a faffing day is like - I think I invented it! Love the card. I've done my photo already for WOYWW (because we're going out soon), but I'm obviously too early for you - I'll link when I get back x