Sunday, 3 January 2010

I don't usually post over the weekend, but Mr Dunnit is in the attic (!) and I thought it would only take five minutes to show you that for one weekend at least, I'm sticking to my good intentions!
This card has used up a piece of scrap vellum and a short length of ribbon! But more to the point, I think it matches the criteria for the Challenge at Sassy Susie's....the theme is friends old and new..and well the rest you can work out. I like the challenges that I come across, but am not good at entering regularly; pick a reason, I can come up with loads! One primary reason is that I am not good at and don't own many of the 'cute' images like Anya, Magnolia and etc..and I don't have a scalloped circle nestability set either. That may seem harsh, but visit some of the regular challenges - all cute images end up on a scalloped edge mount/mat at some stage of construction. Nice, for sure, after all these are cards, not oil paintings...but I can't help feel that the look is starting to be a bit, well, derivative - generic even.
Anyway, turns out I can't even take five to post a photo of a card without getting all mouthy, so will sign off and make a cup of coffee for the hard working and the erm, hard crafting of the Dunnit house!
Card shape is by Craftwork cards, stamp dot by Hero Arts and Text and cups image by PSX. Remember them!


Susie Sugar said...

Julia this is fab I love how unique it is, great design and a great stamp(did you cut that mug by hand or on the cricut its lovely)
Thanks for playing Susie's sassy challenge this week
Hugs Susie xx

Ann said...

Love the card Julia. Something different and fun!
Is 'the Attic' the equivalent of 'the Garden Shed' then for Mr Dunnit?? Men can disappear for hours can't they and if you ask what they've been up to the answer is always 'Nothing Dear'

Chrissie said...

Cute Card Julia!
I've enjoyed reading your last few posts too. I don't seem to have had much time for visiting blogs lately and I've missed it, but with hordes of family in the house, there never seemed to be an oportunity!
My browser has also decided to deny me access to many pictures on various blogs, so that is a bit of a prob too!
Hey Ho!
Happy New Year!

Kay said...

Love the card and the sentiment. Know what you mean about the images although I was thinking about investing in scalloped circle nesties.... maybe I'll go for the labels instead lol

CoventryAnn said...

I do agree about the sameyness (is that a word?) of many of the cards around and as you may know I really don't do cutesy, so i love your card, fab, NOT cute!

misteejay said...

What a fab card (can you tell I'm a coffee addict LOL) Love things that are a bit different.

Toni :o)

my5bratz said...

and here I thought I was your bf ;0) lol...cute card, and hey, I'm up for a house swap if you are..I,ll even chuck the family in for

Kaz said...

Great card Julia and loving the bright colours on your blog too.
I don't 'do' magnolias etc, but I do possess scallops!! I veered towards plain and simple at the end of the year to get away from fancy stuff. xx

Tracy said...

Right up Susie's street, great creation, thanks for joining Susie's Sassy challenge, good luck.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Linby said...

sorry Julia I am an Anya convert - think it goes back to want fashion world (or whatever it was called) when I was a kid and I never got it. Always fancied designing outfits and colouring those Anya's and my on the couch set from PTI is my "designer" getting out LOL! I'm afraid I resorted to nesties because I can't cut circles or straight lines!

The Crafty Den said...

What a fab card. The shape is perfect and the colour scheme is gorgeous. Thanks for joining us at Susie's sassy challenge. Hugs, Denise x

Carmen said...

*chortle* I know what you mean - I think it's why I'm rubbish at cards!

Loving your coffee cup design though... what will you do if we don't remember the details? Is there to be a spot test that I haven't been informed about??

Susan said...

Tea is my best friend.........I OD'd on coffee at Uni!
I understand what re mean re cutesy - I try and do quirky - trouble is it doesnt "win" you many prizes!
My only weakness is anything cat related!
As for nesties - I do have circlular ones and a set of ovals - simply because I am absolutley carp at doing my own - and I have tried several different ways!
Looking forward to Wednesday Workdesks!

Paula Gale said...

I'm just blog hopping and came by your site - your posings make me laugh and remind me of me - digression is my forte... anyway, your comment re the stamps (that all the entries to challenges seem to consist of) made me grin because i wholehearedly concur with this. I'm so brandnew to blogging that I only set one up myself on Sunday evening and haven't completed any challenges at all (I need to get my head round how to enter) - but I know exactly what you mean about the 'same old, same old'... i like your quirky cup - there's just one thing missing - a big hobnob for dunking...

keep up the good work, i'll be adding you to my bloglist :O)

Paula x