Monday, 18 January 2010

Gettin on'

Yesterday, Mr Dunnit chose to spend his leisure time working in the attic. Miss Dunnit slept and surfed, in that order. I made a huge and wholesome effort to do some Suzy Homemaker stuff; you know, a family walk, a roast, perhaps some home made cake. But I lost the will when I realised that the two lovelies were too busy to be part of my Stepford dream. So apart from the roast, I did other things, that pleased me more! I have as you know, sort of won the battle of the scraps, and am now on a mission to actually use some, especially the patterned papers - they after all were genuinely saved because I'm more than aware of how much I spend on them before they become 'scrap'.

I ended up, inevitably, tidying and sorting and then ultimately, playing at my desk. No-one seemed to notice, so my weekend guilt levels were in check and I made myself feel altogether justified by making two Christmas cards! Vikki and Susie have a Christmas Challenge blog...they like I, figure that if you make a Christmas card for a challenge every now and then throughout the year, that's a pile less to do when you need them. I like the theory. So far, so good! This is made from Sandylion's Snowflake paper, a cuttlebug folder, a small snowflake stamp by Inkadinkado and a teal inkpad. It will take me longer to get around to cleaning the stamp than it did to make the card, but hey...might not need it till the end of the year!
I like Mondays, 'straighten up and look forward' type days; this is going to be a busy week, not least because my long 'break' is over and my first workshop this year is on Thursday. We're starting with the pegs - bang on trend, Shopkeeper Gal spotted them in one of the mags this very week! (The one on the right is my poor interpretation of the picture she showed me!).
I'm looking forward to it.


Susie Sugar said...

Sounds like you had a great day (but a cake would have been nice and now I think you've put that idea in my head I might pop and make one) I love those pegs I still haven't bought any I must.
Your card is lovely very elegant and perfect for our first challenge so thanks for joining in this week hope to see you again next week just think how much time you will save next December and all those "Me" days you will have time for !!
Hugs Susie xx

LadyBug said...

Loving the idea of a guilty "all about you sunday" perfect!!! :) I think I really must set about doing one of those giant pegs! a to do one would be a very useful thing to have about this house of lists :)

misteejay said...

Beautiful card and glad you have managed to use some of your scraps.

I saw those pegs too - I think yours is fab.

Toni :o)

Linda Elbourne said...

That card is lovely ... I have that paper somewhere in my scraps box too ... not being organised like you ... there is no way in a month of Sundays I am going to find it!
LOVE your pegs ... a lot! Am now off to find that challenge blog and see if I could join in :0)

Ann said...

I too have that paper in my scrapbox! Lovely card you've made with it too.
I really like those huge pegs and the way they are decorated. Must try and find some.

Lyn said...

Christmas cards? CHRISTMAS CARDS??? (and, yes, I am shouting).

You threw me so completely I can't even remember the rest of your post, my gob is that smacked - I'm going to have to go and re-read it again!

my5bratz said...

gosh, not like you to be this organised this early n the year lol...Miss D surfing??? thort it was COLD on your side of the planet!!!

Carmen said...

Love your pegs :D And it's the mag that's on trend not you - I seem to remember already seeing some pegs on your blog a while ago! Ahead of the game see? Trendsetter, see? ;)

Wipso said...

Love the pegs Julia and would really like one but exactly how big do they make one cos a 'to do' one for me at the mo would need to be HUGE :-)
Setting up the blog shop is filling my head sufficient to invade my sleeping hours at the mo. I NEED to write more down :-)
A x

Kaz said...

Oooo now I love those pegs, especially the one on the right. Am I being a bit thick by asking if they are normal pegs?
Fab card too, we have a 25 club on the forum I'm on. Last year I said I'd make 2 Christmas cards a month and made none! I pledged the same this year; so far, so bad ha ha xxx

Anonymous said...

Love that snow card, looks like you're getting more of the white stuff to make it feel right at home!

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Superb card Julia, I love the background effect its great and the colours are super just perfect for this weeks challenge. Thankyou for playing along at Susie & Vikki's Christmas club this week.
Love n hugs
Vikki xx