Friday, 1 May 2009

May: shaping up well

Just as Ginny is suffering from early onset winter blues, so here in the other hemisphere I'm set to enjoy one of my favourite months. I love May. Despite historical evidence that proves it wrong, it's a month that's fat with the promise of summer. My garden is full of buds and green with new growth; nights are shorter and our early mornings are lighter. Locally, cherry trees are laden with the most fantastic blossom and I'm happy to report that the school run is emboldened with patchwork yellow and green fields again. It's all so forward looking and exciting. This year it's a more intersting month than normal. The Met. office have stuck their necks out and said that we will actually experience some dry, summery days in the coming months (and to an Englishman, or visitor who experienced last sumer, this is possibly the best news), middle neice has a birthday, we usually have a party and we usually have a weekend away. What's not to like? This year will be slightly different: Miss Dunnit starts sitting the 'run' of GCSEs from the 12th. I don't know about academically, but I think she's more than ready to get the next 6 weeks over with and move onto a more adult and independent environment. She and her friends, seem to be like the month of May itself - just bursting to get on with it!
My month (for it is all about me) kicks off with a day's Crop tomorrow. (If you're interested in a small informal crop session in the Hants/Wiltshire area, do get in touch for details). There can't be many better ways for a new month to begin. The sun shines here today, which means that I'm going to live up to a promise and take some photos of the tidied up work space. You have no idea how welcome it was to read that my mess is your mess - Me Casa es Su Casa friends, you are clearly unshockable. Except Lyn, who poor thing, must wince when she reads of or sees such slovenly housekeeping. And my father, but it's OK, I'm pretty sure he's not a reader here. My mother won't be shocked, nor will she wince. She knows that I am unchangeable and has learned to put all the shocking stuff in her blind spot. It's a maternal skill. You should see Miss Dunnit's bedroom!


Caryn said...

I love the month of May too and we have quite a few events ourselves - Georgia's b'day, Pippa's baptism, Olivia's first comunion, to name but a few. I hope Miss Dunnit is baring up under the GCSE pressure. It'll be over before she knows it!!

Caryn xxx

Angie said...

Good Luck to miss Dunnit ... dont tidy her room there may be method there. When I was 16 and doing gce's mum did some tidying. She said she thought it would help me study. I had a fit and it took 2 nights to get things so I could continue studying !!! Mind you when my son was 16 I just stood by the door and shouted "Throw out your dead" xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Angie how funny! Am totally going to take your advice - no danger of tackling the bedroom, not while there's paper in my craft cupboards!

Lyn said...

LOL! And I love Angie's method - I might try shouting that at DSs bedroom door!

I love May too, but flipping weather's not looking too good for the BH weekend :(

Pam said...

I quite agree Julia- a lovely time of the year.
and yes-I am frequently challenged by scrapping!!!
We have exams looming in our house too.