Friday, 27 March 2009

Write On

How do you journal on your scrapbook LOs? By which I mean - I have a whole bunch of questions and that is just the start.
Do you handwrite? If not, whaddya do?Do you mostly journal, or have you masses of LOs that have such good, succint, exciting, totally encompassing titles that they need no further storytelling?Do you use 'secret' journalling? Sometimes? Always? Do you write in the first or third person? Are you addressing any reader or the intended recipient of your life of scrapping?
Are you mindful of the journalling when you start the LO or does it sort of get tacked on at the completion stage?
If you handwrite - do you practice in pencil first?
Are you afraid of your handwriting?

Do you wish I hadn't started this?! Here are my not very succint answers. If you're interested:
  • I do handwrite, almost without exception. I truly madly deeply believe that the handwritten part of the journalling part of the scrapbooking is the 'signature' on your work for the future generations...imagine your great grandchild not knowing what your hand writing is like even though she's seen a picture of your teeth in a glass!
  • I mostly journal. I have too much to say about everything to leave it to a simple title. But there are a few, snappy or self explanatory titles that need nothing...but if it was up to me, my titles would probably be about 20 words long!
  • I do use secret journalling, but not because it's secret, usually because the page composition demands it. (Get me..'page composition') I don't often journal stuff that I don't feel comfortable having other people read. That stuff is hidden in my Book of Me!
  • I use the first and third person in my journalling. Don't ask me why, I need to think about it; mostly my words are angled at any reader rather than a specific message to someone.
  • I frequently start a LO knowing what the journalling will say and how/where it will appear. It's incredibly important to me that anyone can look at my pages without me standing behind them explaining the reason for the LO; I think if you have to do that, you need to add/change your journalling. Here's a great example: Lovely picture of a wedding dress, well preserved receipt and journalling about the excitement of finding the perfect gown, the fittings, the beading and blah. NO MENTION of the fact that her Mum cried when she first put it on, or that the photo is a bit wobbly because the lady in the shop seemed to have had a liquid lunch and kept calling her by someone else's name; she told me this as I admired her LO...but I think it needed to be added!
  • I only practice in pencil if I'm using a specific size of card or block on which to write. Even then I don't always get it I get into the 'flow', my writing gets bigger and things get a bit squished! I'm working on this. I would like to journal directly onto the page or photo more often, but am a bit scared of my own practice indiscipline!
  • I'm no longer afraid of my handwriting, I've practiced A LOT and use a thinner nib than I would normally, and a contrived version of my 'normal' style. I think it's easier on the eye and is certainly more legible. But not always. And it takes time and practice to be confident about it.
  • Sometimes, if there isn't a lot to say, I'll stamp the journalling. I've got over 2 dozen (!) alphabet sets and I'm so totally over the need to have it all perfect straight and spaced like it came off the computer. Love that - the being over it part!

I have friends (really, despite all this opinion, I do); Willowy Blonde and Slipper Lady for example, who know me so well that they'll totally get why I want to know about your journalling habits. It's so important to me! We went to one of Shimelle's classes last November and in the blink of an eye, Slipper Lady's fear of journalling was banished forever and she is now smitten by her own written words, and well she might be; her stories, just like yours and mine, are fascinating. Because after all, we are all living a life worth scrapping, huh?

Tell me please about your journalling habits. And also please know how much I love that you take the time to comment...without exception I really like to know what you think! Oh, and Steph - YES, cupcakes on fabric - as soon as ya like!


ffroggie said...

I too love journalling Julia, the while point of telling the story huh?

Sometimes a tile is all that is needed, but most of the time there is something that goes a long way to explaining the picture, a feeling that cannot be captured by the lens, or just random thoughts that the picture conjures up that have to be added.

There is a lot more I could say, you have started something here me thinks, an entry on why I journal on the ffrog spot perhaps?

Annie said...

Interesting post. "Living a life worth scrapbooking" is a great phrase! I always journal in my own handwriting - only once have I used the computer, and that was because I couldnt get my handwriting to fit into the gap I wanted the journaling in. And that occasion was because I thought my title said it all, and it turned out it didnt, at all! I think the journaling is so important. I love old photos, but wish that someone could tell me the story behind it. You're so right about the bride! I don't hate my handwriting, but like you, I'm over the need for it to be perfect. Using a thinner nib has definately helped. In fact, the search for the totally perfect journaling pen continues... any hints, gratefully recieved!

Enfys said...

I haven't done much scarpping lately, let alone any journalling. It does tend to depend what mood I am in and what the LO is about.

And when I do, it tends to be done on the puter because I do mostly digi!

Love to Doodle! said... varies as to whether I use journalling or not....sometimes I just like to have a title and a heap of stuff making my page look my scrappin' is for Caitlin when she's older, it has to be pretty and co-ordinated.....I like it that way. A page for each year....of our favourite moments....not enough I hear you say....well, this way, it gets done.....and she'll have one lovely keepsake with all our favourite memories.

Although I love to write and enjoy writing, I much prefer to use the handwriting fonts I have invested in.....nothing too perfect, or straight or even, just a certain look that I like...and I want....(mind you, I was a desktop publisher before, so enjoy making a page my way.... - miss that job sometimes.....anyway....)

Lilly huh....excellent....your first PM creation maybe, although I haven't looked down the page yet! xx (PMs need Memento ink...unless you have found another that doesn't run - please tell if so)

Claireliz said...

I always handwrite my journaling, but I'm starting to use those little typewriter font stamp to journal things too. I love being a journal junkie.

CoventryAnn said...

journalling for me often forms the heart of the LO, i see this just as much part of the creativity as the papers i choose, or the photo i take. Im totally with you on handwritten journalling, without it the page is impersonal, and scrapbooking by its very nature is so much about the personal. I also agree that often its the journalling (or at the very least the title) that sparks the idea for the LO... so lets hear it for journalling (with 2 Ls!)

Love to Doodle! said...

....eeek....I said one a year! Or did you think I mis-typed and meant one a month! Or do you think I should be doing one a

my5bratz said...

you I know I LOVE listening to to talk so I could only imagine how fab your jounalling is...I must admit I don't do a whole lot of journalling on most of my LOs (what LOs but I usually manage to write a little somethng... KNOW those Xmas cards will be lost before

Jo Power said...

Hhhmmmm this is a hard one. I do journal but not all the time and I sometimes handwrite (but hate my handwriting) or I use the computer. Sometimes I am telling a story so talk about the day or sometimes I am talking to my children or just to nobody. Hope that makes sense basicilly I am a confused journaler.

Lyn said...

Great post Jules. I don't scrapbook as much as I should, but for me it is all about the journalling. The memory of the day, the feelings. I use both first and third person especially when journalling about the children. I use both "open" journalling and hidden journalling, depending on the subject, and the fact that I love interactive pages.

I have to admit that so far I have only used my computer to print - but I so get what you are saying about handwriting. *Note to self - must practice!*

Jay said...

Go for it girl, get journalling on your photos. You know you want to.

Penny aka Pennyk said...

I mostly hand write the journaling even though I have the most awful writting and spelling. But, as you say it is part of the LO the history for hopefuly future generations to gain a little in sight into the creator of the album. Fab article loved it.

kelly said...

just found your blog... i love it the layout is so cute!
I tend to journal on all my pages, I like to tell a story weathe rit be hidden or not its there

Sam said...

I do journal on most of my pages and always with my own handwriting although i hate it, but like you think its important for my handwriting to be preserved as well as the photos! Sometimes if the LO is about my kids, something they have done, i will get them to write the journalling on the page, then its their own words and writing.
Love your blog!