Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Go with the custard..

My sweet Sissy has offered advice about the look of this blog...said that the white text on the black ground made her eyes hurt and I don't want my sister to be put off reading! So, for now dear interweb, go with this custard background....it's all a bit twee I know, but I do like the plain look. I visit a lot of blogs and you'll be totally unsurprised to know that I have an opinion about the look of them. This one has to be uncluttered and undecorated; first to reassure my family that I'm not turning into a geek and second, I really LIKE that I can go straight to the words without distraction. And as this is my molecule of cyber space, it's all good. I expect you'll experience a change too often while I try to settle on colours and stuff..I may go back to black - gosh isn't that a trendy song? I may go back to black and increase the font size. As changes occur, tell me what suits your eyes!

This card is a response to the Daring Cardmaker's challenge...patchwork. hmmm, the Royal purple looks black and the very contrasting flower centres look pink and they're purple. What the hell. There's a patchwork style stamp in the background and even a pin! I know, I impressed myself with the connection - it may be obvious to you reader, but finding the pins is up there as today's little miracle. Oh - that and the fact that I cut the flowers on the Cricut!! User guilt - yes. And convenience - I had it set up to cut some titles for a project that Miss Dunnit is working on!


my5bratz said...

hmm, I'll save judgement for the next colour ;0) lol....isn't it pooey when your photo looks nothing like your card (colourwise)..well I think it looks great anyway :0)

Anonymous said...

LOL...we can rely on our sisters to be straight and blunt!! :) The patchwork stamping effect looks lovely, however the colour has come out on the photo :) A lovely card overall.


Jo Power said...

I like the patchwork stamp thats lovely. Why don't the colours ever look like they do in real life, still never mind a nice card.

Jo Power said...

Hello Julia,
I have awarded you with a blog award because I love your blog and love coming over and seeing what you are upto. You can either keep it to yurself or give it to 7 other blogs its up to you. Love Jo xx

Caryn said...

I like the new colour scheme actually but as I am one of the cluttery-type bloggers my opinion is probably useless!!

I like the card too Jules but I feel your pain over the photography thing. It never looks like it does IRL.

Oh well, there are worse things going on in the world I suppose!!!

Caryn xxx

stephanie said...

Hey sissy, LOVE the custard cream ...:)

Love to Doodle! said...

Love the combination of colours and images on the card...the raised flowers look fab.

I must admit, custard looks ok....but the black had more impact for me...Have fun on your journey of colour....its fun having a dabble! xx