Monday, 9 March 2009

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I can't get enough of the analysis part of crafting, apparently, so here I go again with some more! Here's the thing - why, when you've got everything, don't you use it? Or is that something spectacularly within me? Here's the case in point. From it's launch and for a couple years, I was a demonstrator for the Cricut (an electronic die cutter).
It's a faaab machine and I do use it. A lot. Well, I thought I did..I know of others who use it more, but I was thinking that my not inconsiderable collection of software was pretty well employed, if not exactly the latest releases. So there's Lady Nurse, an ex customer and continuing friend. She's had a Cricut for 2 years and for 2 years it's been unused, in the box. Indeed, not even unpacked. I am putting my hands up here, I scoffed and goaded her into getting round to having a go with it, and she hired Cricut Queen to show her the buttons and tricks. Great success and she's in love with it and bemused by her own initial fear of the 'technology'.
So there we are, at the crop, going through each other's albums. Lady Nurse is asking a few questions about technique, products and blah as she turns the pages of the album I had with me. Each LO has a title (LOVE that part of scrapping, the wordy bits). Each turn of the page prompts Lady Nurse to ask 'oh, did you cut that on the Cricut?' and each time I had to admit 'No'. Remember, I practically bullied her into getting to grips with her Cricut, citing the alphabet cartridges as the most useful invention for scrapping with since the invention of scrapping itself. I think.
So WHY are most of my titles in sticker or rub-on form? And how lazy am I about it? I can answer both really easily.
- I'm not well prepared for any crop; therefore pre-cutting titles just doesn't happen.
- Stickers and rub-ons are easier to transport to any location than my Cricut.
- Last time I took my Cricut to a crop, I spent most of the day demonstrating it rather than cropping, so am a bit reluctant to do that now.
These sound like idle excuses huh. well as always, come back sometime...when I finally make a LO with Cricut titling, you'll be the first to see it. And Lady Nurse, if you're reading this, sorry. I was right that you needed to unpack and use it, but I'm sorry that I can't prove that I use mine!
Slightly off topic, but still pertinent to a previous post:
My post of 27 Feb,' Tact, they True Meaning is Lost' has resulted in a comment being left today by Anonymous...for the life of me I can't find was waiting to be 'moderated' and since I did that, it's disappeared. Anyway, Anonymous, please re-read the post. I was and still am very critical of the people in the shop who were being tactless about how much they had spent elsewhere in the past 48 hours and using that as an excuse for not buying much in store that day. It wasn't the lack of sales that I was bemoaning, shopkeeper gal welcomes browsers. As regualrs, you and I both know that. But she has a right to be upset when people are tactless enough to tell her that they aren't buying from her because of the amount they spent elsewhere. We all shop elsewhere, we all - including shopkeeper gal - know that; no-one needs to apologise for doing so - but tact and good manners cost nothing - that was my long winded point.
I won't be re-hashing posts generally, but because I've managed to lose this particular comment, I didn't want Anonymous to think that I wasn't going to 'publish' it. But if there's a debate to be had - I'm up for it.


ffroggie said...

Yep, hands up, I thought I used my George (Cricut) a lot too, till I looked at some of my LO's to find they are singularly lacking in Cricut elements. Stamping seems to form most of my titling.

As for the Tack post, I am in agreement with you, good manners are essential! I took a strop with members of my craft class who were bringing in catalogues from companies and passing them round the class in front of shop lady owner!

my5bratz said...

i LOVE that photo...

TOTALLY agree, I have a craft robo and hardly use it anymore..well Im not scrapping much either but when I do I just can't be bothered using it for the the title most of the time (hangs her head in shame as she admits to espousing the benefits of aforementioned machine to a prospective buyer at Craftfest last

Anonymous said...

You will be interested to know that lady Nurse was so pleased to have a lesson and get to grips with the Cricut that in anticipation she ordered the Expression ready for her laesson and now has a buyer for the almost unused small cricut. Thanks Cricut Queen for the help and enthusiasm to get me going. All I needed was a push and a bit of time for the technophobe to become a lover of all things cricut

stephanie said...

ooooo im liking the cream background..easy on my eyes.. :):)

Love to Doodle! said...

What a cutey - love the colours..


My take on it bad as it sounds....eeeek....I cannot bear to spend much time on anything....there is too much else to do. I do admire all the people who spend hours on their creations/projects/covered inside and out cards, and in some ways are envious of their commitment....but I cannot bring myself to spend that time....Saying that, I do set out to make a creation that I'm proud of and that looks good (in my eyes)....and if that means I use a Cutterbee instead of re-threading my sewing machine, I do.....if that means, it wont be as good as some of the others, thats fine - if I can save sometime somewhere or use something that could make it look better - especially if it comes off an adhesive sheet, I will...I even have the Nesties but never run it through twice to emboss...

Now, some people will call me lazy - but I go back to my point that I need to use my time effectively.....a 5 min card means I can move on to something reality it takes longer than 5 mins, but I cant and wont spend anymore....but that's I get your Cricut point....sometimes you want to spend your time a different way and thats fine...I'm sure you'll have a Cricut phase when it suits you to do that...xx

Anonymous said...

Ah, What a wonderful photo!
It's really cuute! I'd like to know how you taught that little girl to do that - my cousin does not seem to want to have her picture taken when she's doing anything but being asleep.

Anonymous said...

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