Thursday, 21 January 2010

Through the Window Thursday

No really, I'm kidding. I just thought that as Carmen picked up on my idle threat yesterday, it would be fun to announce it. It's not going to happen - photos of my car parked outside the house or of the back garden showing off its lack of attention every week, nah - not exactly thrillsville, huh, and certainly no allowance for nosiness and rummaging on your desks! At this morning's workshop, prompted by me of course (it is all about me, after all), we had quite a discussion about work desks/spaces. My friends Mrs Precision and The Colonial were there. Shopkeeper Gal too of course, we were in her shop after all. She pointed out that The Colonial has a lot of stuff. A lot. Too much for the spare room; the garage has become her craft room storage facility. Well, I celebrate that....that's an impressive amount of stuff. Even if it takes a lifetime to use, it's still lovely to have it, isn't it! So there we were chattering about working spaces and another friend who used to craft at her dining table. And would religiously tidy, put away, clean and hoover after each session to restore her dining room to its customary precision state. This lady has, over the years, chastised all of us for being untidy; I swear her favourite part of the workshop is the bit at the end when she grabs cups to wash up and starts emptying bins. Anyway, turns out that relatively recently, Chatty Woman moved her stash into the spare bedroom, set up her desk and started to craft. And now her desk looks like most of ours; she's working on a space roughly the size of a large cutting mat and is surrounded by the 'stuff' that she's using. And then she leaves it like that. Because she can. I'm not scoffing or point scoring here - (well, OK, maybe some points please) but it turns out that given the opportunity, most of us are like that. Mrs Precision summed it up perfectly: she said it's the 'real comfort zone'. Totally.


Rosie said...

Oh dear, am beginning to think I am some sort of deviant ... I can't help being tidy honest! Maybe I could get some sort of therapy for my abnormal habit???

Was cackling over your "Through the Window" idea but have concluded that a "what's in yer bin" would be very revealing. Mine's got a load of bits from this morning's class, an ATC which I've decided I hate, choccy biccie wrapper ... shall I take its picture????

Paula Gale said...

I think we are a breed apart - I need to get the OH to visit the WOYWW sites to show him it isn't just me :O)

Like the pattern on the card by the way.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog by the way

Paula xx

LadyBug said...

No No No!!! that's just too scary.... leaving everything out after a crafting session that is! I have to clear it all away even though I have a decicated space that is all mine. the most i can do is leave something out to dry. otherwise the desk has to be clear and polished when i have finished no matter what the time is!

Linda Elbourne said...

It is good to know we are amongst friends in our crimes ... but what are you gonna call her now? ... Mrs Not quite so precise ... or are we talking cutting and measuring rather than tidying and filing?

Lyn said...

Def more boring, outside the same window, unless we are talking once a seaon, maybe, and then at least nature would alsi have a say in the view without being aided by ourselves!

I am, as you know, tidy and organised by nature (and, a civil servant, after all - all that filing in proper order and archiving and stuff. I am very organised in my craft room (our smallest bedeoom fitted out as an office, computer, sewing and craft room). But, even I have to admit it is never at the tidy standard of the rest of the house and for one simple reason - I can just shut the door on it and leave it!