Friday 6 March 2020

Crafting away

To get to the ‘retreat’ location, I had to go past Stonehenge. I actually do this quite often, but rarely have the presence of mind to actually photograph it. I guess because it’s always there, and sometimes I can actually drive past without sitting in a long queue. 
Until quite recently, there was a right turn in that dip and you could drive past the monument within a couple of hundred feet. It’s taken decades to get that road removed. Similarly, there is a decades old campaign to re-route this major road through a tunnel or further away so that the Henge can sit in its original setting. Can’t see it happening in my lifetime. 
On a timeline somewhere between the building of Stonehenge and now, I had a craft shop called Stamping Ground. I met the girls (and we were girls then) that have become The Coven; either in the shop or as a result of work I did relating to paper crafts. Over the scrapbooking years I’ve probably done a couple of LOs featuring them as individuals - big birthdays or our afternoon tea treats at Christmas for example. It’s not that we don’t take group selfies, it’s just that we can’t collectively agree that it’s a decent pic every time! We went out for a pizza and to see a film last December and - colour me happy - there was a photo that no one objected to! So a LO of the Coven whilst with the Coven was a necessity. At last I could use the brilliant bespoke perspextive!
Of course, my photo of the photo is pitiful, but at least you can see the erm, paper crafting involved! 
I’m still scrapping on a completely random timeline. There is little order in the albums either. The LOs are filed in the order I scrap ‘em, and a lot of you will know that the mermaid in this LO is now 26! My method is simple...I go through a huge wedge of photos and pull out the ones that speak to me. Using current trends to scrapbook older photos can actually be a bit tricky for some. Not me. Just slap ‘em on some papers and get on with it. Pretty sure that if you read here relatively regularly,  you would recognise this thought process as applicable to my whole life!


Helen said...

I'd be with you too, scrapping in a random order. I love the coven layout even with the shine on it! I always used to like going past Stonehenge, but like you say any re-routing won't happen anytime soon! have a fab weekend

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That's a lovely photo of YOU and your coven friends. Well done, too.

Although I don't make scrapbook layouts, I don't create pages in my altered books in order, either. I totally understand and appreciate the randomness of your scrapbook pages.

okienurse said...

I had started with the randomness also...they are organized in that I put that them in whoever’s album the pic is of or whatever event. I tell my self slapping on the page at least gets them organized and protected! I missed WOYWW this week sad to say! Had good intentions! First time I went to Stonehenge in ‘91 I could walk up and touch the stones and the road in was different then when I went back 10 years later and the stones were walled off....good and bad I suppose since bunch’s of kids were crawling all over them. Same with the Rosetta Stone at the museum in London! I was glad to see them walled off to protect them for further generations! have a great week!

Rita said...

Oh my Julia. What a lovely post. Wish I could do Scrapping, got the albums but never got round to starting one. Ill see if Elizabeth will show me where to start. Hugs Rita xx

Kelly said...

scrapping in random order makes for the best layouts IMO. Hugs! kel

Neet said...

Scrapbooking has never been my thing. Perhaps it is the Thrift Badge in the Girl Guides at fault, I just cannot justify a whole page of an album dedicated to one photo. Maybe I should try it, I have so many photos up and down the place. Plus I have a couple of albums and one in particular I really do like.
Spur me on dear Julia, and I might just start.
Hugs, Neet xx