Tuesday 9 June 2015

T for Tuesday

Miss Dunnit, her current squeeze, and her best friend spent a day at the Harry Potter World studio experience tour thingy last week. It was a gift of a day in every meaning. These three die hard nerdy fans were in their elements. They haven't really stopped talking about the facts that they learned despite thinking they knew nearly everything. Their enthusiasm was priceless. And for me, Miss Dunnit's wonder at the production and technical stuff was amazing. See, after a School and College career that seemed to be drawing her to politics and activism, she decided against University and stepped out into the wide world of retail. Well, three years of that have made her suitably cynical and wanting change, and so in September she begins a full time degree course in 'Prop Making and Special Effects'.
So now...she's drinking from a cauldron....it's mug sized and looks great with steam rising gently from it. Of course, you have to take my word for that, because of my iffy photography!

We're right behind her. But failing to hide our surprise.  See, other people, people with overview, hindsight and no emotional attachment say things like 'of course, she's so into the Cosplay and conventions, it's only natural.....' and  'crikey, she'll love that, the cutting and sticking is in her blood!'. Now this may be true, but I'm the Mother and I worry. What on earth is she going to learn to enrich her young life? How will learning to make sugar glass bottles enhance her life? Really, I haven't taught her as much about the sewing machine as I could....and so on. 
Well a little research and a read of a studio tour brochure almost has me convinced. There will be genuine and in depth research required. After all, if you're going to reproduce the tea service that Marie Antoinette ate her butties from, you need to know what it was made from, how to model it, paint it, blah blah. If you're going to make over 2000 wands for a movie, each reflecting the user's personality, you might need to know a bit about woodworking, gems, symbols, other languages. In the HP movies, even the glass bottles in the shops are individually made props. I know she may not move out of Uni and into prop making. I know she may never work on anything so famous or far affecting as the HP series. But...I'm relatively happy that given this course and the skills, she may well work. And be happy in her work. Result.
Joining Elizabeth this morning.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh Julia, I'm one of those who knows little about your daughter, other than I have seen her dressed in Cosplay attire. So, even though I'm one of three people left in the world who has never seen a HP movie, or read a HP book, I still believe if she is THAT interested, she will somehow make it work for her and make you proud in the process.

Loved the caldron and the steam I swear I saw coming off it. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday.

Sue said...

I love the cauldron mug.

It sound slike your daughter may well be asking you crafting questions:)

I hope she enjoys the course and does find a job in the industry.

Hope you have a good day. Sue

MrsC.x said...

Hiya Julia; from the very little gleaned from reading your blog about Miss D the uni course sounds perfect - and im a little jealous truth be told lol who knew you could even do a course this cool and interesting i would do it just to find out how they do things!
I love the cauldron mug! We are back to levesdon for 2nd time this winter with my eldest in tow {her birthday pressie and treat in one...have you seen the prices!!} and i am now desperately hoping that they not only still do 'Fang' cuddlies that hubby wouldnt buy me last time - apparently grown women dont need cuddlies, AND that they have a cauldron mug!

See ya tomorrow for WOYWW! :)

Charlie :)

misteejay said...

What a super mug.
Sounds like Miss D has used her 3 years in retail to give her more of an idea as to what she wants to do and the course sounds fabulous.
Toni xx

TwinkleToes2day said...

It sure sounds tome as if Miss D is going to have fun with this course and if she remains fascinated, focussed and learns the trillions of tricks n specialFX she will be snapped up and do well. At the very least she will enjoy her young years.
Loving your cauldron mug, and as a big HP fan, with my own wand ;) I am not a little green around the gills :p
Happy T Day :o))

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, 3 years in retail would make a cynic out of anyone Been there, done that. The Uni course sounds exactly fitted to her, and there is nothing better in life than being able to do a job you wholeheartedly love and engage with. What a wonderful opportunity. Hugs, Shaz xx

~*~Patty S said...

Sounds like a brilliant opportunity.
How exciting to be able to study something that fascinates and delights you too.
All the best to your daughter.
Happy T Day in that very cool cauldron mug :-)

jinxxxygirl said...

Hi Julia ... I have a daughter of my own..She's 28 and has changed her mind so many times as to what she wants to be when she 'grows up'..lol I find the best thing i can do for her is just be there... listen to her , support her anyway i can and truly i just want her to pick something and follow thru on something... there are so many wonderful careers out there.. I think the biggest danger is never actually picking something and never following thru... If your daughter has found something she loves perhaps she will see it thru all you have to do momma is hold on...lol Happy Tday Julia! Hugs! deb

Linda Kunsman said...

Sounds like a very interesting and exciting new adventure for your daughter! I bet she'll be exemplary and then become known to the industry for her talents. Best of luck to her. And a happy T day to you!

Rita said...

Now that is a cool mug!! Love it!
Anything a person learns that they throw their heart into is never, ever a waste of time. Life is long. Whether she spends years of their lives enthralled with creating and makes me living at it or shifts gears along the way, you never know what may come back around and resurface. And often knowledge is incorporated and layered into other avenues along the way, too. I totally believe in following your heart, your muse, your loves. :):)
Happy T-Day!

Helen said...

What a great mug! Hope Miss D enjoys her new adventure - and I look forward to seeing her on the red carpet for her first film!! Seriously, though, I hope it leads to great things.

Neet said...

Good for her! I wish her well and would have loved to have gone to Uni to do something like that myself. Hope she enjoys and gets a lot from it.
Hugs, Neet xx

Denise Price said...

Ooh, cool cauldron mug! Is your daughter excited about the new Potter-verse movie that's being worked on right now? I know I am.... :) Best of luck to her in her studies, and Happy T Day to you!

Morti said...

Awesome! I rather think I would have headed that way myself....

Stacy Sheldon said...

that course sounds really cool to me too. It took me a few minutes to realize you were talking about a dear daughter and not your own self haha. :) anything that teaches you to make things with your own hands is worth the investment anymore it's becoming so unheard of. hopefully she enjoys it a great deal.