Friday 12 June 2009

Too much of a good thing..

All of the papers for this LO are from the Doodlebug range - a whole sheet of flocked 12 x 12!! I love love love the Doodlebug marque. Mostly for me it's the colours, I'm helpless in the face of bright colours carefully put together - the catalogue is an utterly sublime publication, graphically clean and edgy, beautiful photography and repro. It's a feast, if you like colour. This isn't an unsolicited ad, it's another of those 'why is it' type posts. Because, if I love the colours, the subjects and the clean graphic designs, 'why is it' that I'm scared to death of them? I can't put together a card or LO that pleases me as much as anything I see elsewhere made with the Doodlebug stuff. Funny isn't it? I had some of the dots stripes and things from the Cupcake and Sundae ranges which are relatively new. I've used them, but the results are a bit ho hum, contrived even. Perhaps I should just stop trying to recreate the Doodlebug look and concentrate on doing my own thing. But I wasn't aware of trying to recreate their look, so 'why is it' so contrived? Perhaps I should stop buying the matching bits and pieces and work more from initiative. After all, matching brads and borders do sometimes get lost in the overall finish because there's too much of all the same look. I dunno. I'll post another LO that I'm currently working on soon and you'll have another opportunity to see what I mean. Now the font is a different matter - I love it and frankly, have to stop myself using it on everything. I have the Cricut cartridge 'All Mixed Up' which features their sort of signature font, and I have the alphabet stickers in almost every colour, and I'm totally not afraid to use them! Don't you think that's strange? Or worse really, is it normal?!

WOYWW was so much fun, thanks for taking, your tables desks and surfaces are interesting..and very tidy. I had a conversation with my lovely mother about it and I think she's embarrassed by the mess on my's so public! Anyway, do it again next week please - if you want to join in and don't have a blog, email me a picture and I'll post it here for you! You can also make a link by clicking on the text at the foot of any post 'Link to this post'...sounds easy huh!

I've been given an award by Ann and Teresa...I thank you both for it..actually I just love it - would love to be the owner of the original sign. Of course, it must be passed on and indeed it shall visit these blogs if you don't already, they are surely an antidote for my blathering. Anne, Kit, Pam,....I'm sorry not to fully obey rules, but frankly, how can I single out just a handful? The other thing about this one is that you have to list ten things about yourself. Well I will, but perhaps you better set the alarm in case you fall asleep.
1. My favourite colour is yellow. I never wear it and I rarely use it, but I love it.
2. I'm a font junky; I have 27 alphabet stamp sets. Because I need them.
3. I love coffee; taste, smell, hit. Or as a flavour - ice cream, icing, cake, mmm..
4. I have to will myself to eat an apple - smoothies are the best invention, now I drink my fruit!
5. There are no circumstances in which I would eat a chip butty - the two textures - blurgh!
6. I'm a gin and tonic gal - but don't rule out Bailey's or Southern Comfort!
7. I tend to 'proof read' almost everything; on this basis - have you read a copy of Creativity from DoCrafts lately - sheeze, the spelling! And yes, it DOES matter.
8. SURPRISE: I am opinionated and judgemental.
9. I am still easily intimidated by tall, slim, talented, pretty or any combination thereof.
10. I would not survive alone on a desert island. Ugh, my own company forever!


Sandie said...

LOVE this layout!!! Great work!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous LO hun, but so get what you mean about using all matching stuff, can't do it myself but I have seen LO's where it works perfectly, maybe I am just too messy to "do it right!"

I will certainly be taking part again next week, and hopefully normal service will be resumed, I keep looking at the picture I posted and it is not my desk, I recognise some of the stuff, but it can't possibly be my desk lol.

Angie said...

Your LO is so striking. I find that certain makes of papers help me create and others cause me endless heartache and I find that strange.
Next week I hope my area is messy ... that means I'm on a creative roll.

Chip Butties Rock ... actually I'd never had one until , at the age of about 38, a Northern friend took me to a pub that served huge ones with a whirly thing of relishes and sauces. I was hooked. Mind you I also love cheese and marmalade on cripbread and Bacon and Marmalade sandwiches are to die for. (If you like sweet and savory mixed) xx

Carmen said...

Chip butties...drooool! When I lived in Scotland the local takeaway would put a buttered roll into the bottom of the bag and then pile the hot, salty, vinegary chips on top so that by the time you got to the bottom the roll had soaked up all the salty, vinegary chippiness. *sigh* They also used to do deep fried pizzas...

Ahem *wipes away the saliva* I love your lo personally that shade of red is just gorgeous!

Ginny said...

I LOVE that LO...maybe your next PIF could be some scrap mojo I havent done a LO in sooooo long

that said I have a pic of my desk on my blog but it's taken on

Claire said...

Love your LO Julia

Unknown said...

Hiya Julia-your PIF arrived-thanks so much. Love the card and the bracelet-did you make it?
And Mr Dunnit's chips- they are going to challenge me somewhat-but it'll be fun!! I must check out the doodlebug stuff and see what it is that's getting you all excited!!

CoventryAnn said...

Know what you mean about fonts, stamps and dies, i think i could give you a run for your money for the number of different fonts i have :)

Jo Power said...

Chip butties yumn yum yum nothing better.
I like your lo but I understand what you mean I struggle with matching bits because it all looks to similar.

Kit said...

love your LO Julia.
I have to disagree on the chip butties though :) I love em :oP

Thanks for offering me an award I will get straight on and post my 10 honest things tonight, its my first blog award its so exciting. Thank You

I would love to take part in the showing of my desk, but at the moment I dont have a desk (sniff) I work on the floor of my bedroom, but this time next year when dh and I have saved our monies we will have a home of our own with a craft room :o)

Anne said...

Exciting! Thank you!