Wednesday, 11 December 2019

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 549

I'm typing this on the PC and not through the App I usually use on my iPad. It means I've had to remember stuff and that's been a bit of a test! Did anyone else experience difficulty with Blog Touch I wonder? Ah well, no matter, it's not as if I can't access the blog one way or another.
So , in glorious (relative) close up:

I'm making Christmas cards. Because I'm in the mood and discover I'm a few short.  I'm doing stuff in the evenings now, as the light is the same quality whatever the time. During the day I cut and colour match at the dining table in real light, and then in the evenings I'm doing the sticking and collating. And still making a mess. The cookie cutter ornaments are taking shape - in the green basket at left. Just noodling over how to add a little more embellishment, then I'll let you see them. The die being weeded on the glass mat is a lovely one by Sizzix, but not often used. To cut it from scrapbook paper it requires 3 different angled placements and six turns through the Big Shot. As much as I like it, it doesn't get a lot of use and certainly I don't make many multiples! I'll show and tell when  the painful part is over! 
Show and tell from your place too please, it's a very interesting time of the year for the likes of me. Link your WOYWW entitled blog post here please. Thank you. It'll get you onto the NICE list!

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 548

Well gentle Deskers, welcome to December. Season of goodwill and enormous workloads. Please be kind to yourselves; remember that this Wednesday thing in particular, is so flexible and so full of understanding that as long as we know you’re OK and not missing through sickness or stress, you should dip in and out as pressure permits. It’s unrealistic to expect 100% visiting, so do what you can, be calm, be comfortable and enjoy the run up. Feels like a run up to a long jump, huh! So, look at me - 
I’m in a state of near tidy! Allow me to show you around....the little square box at right, behind the scissors contains tiny candy canes, about an inch and a half. I’m tying them onto gift tags as I wrap. And I’m wrapping as I buy. For years I’ve fixated on the finish of the shopping, then spent I don’t know how many hours just wrapping. No pleasure there; this little and often thing is much better. 
At the left is a pile of Christmas cards: I’m ready to write! There’s about three gifts partially hidden next to them, and then weirdly, a lot of star shaped cookie cutters glued to silver glitter paper. They are at step one and after a couple more steps, will be hanging gifts for the staff at my Mama’s care home. Different sizes, but I couldn’t get the number I needed unless I bought sets of three, so am hoping that some will want smaller than others for their tree! I’m getting used to the lack of daylight. Largely because I’m actually dragging stuff round to the table and working in the new room when the skies are bright! So, if you’ve time to share please link your WOYWW post here, as usual. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 547

I’m scheduling this, so this is actually last night.  Look at this lot, stuff from a Crop at the weekend, stuff from the ‘mini’ marathon, also at the weekend, stuff from not clearing up properly, stuff from another person using my desk and stuff on my desk to remind me that it needs to be posted. Are ya shocked? I am! The woolly pulley on the back of the chair is a chunky waistcoat type thing. The ground floor of the house has been very very cold recently. The child that masquerades as our plumber has finally managed to marry the old and the new in terms of heating systems and so we are comfortable again, which is quite lovely. When everything has been properly put away, I will put the sliding doors back on the cupboards. That will go a long way to making the place look a bit better. I’m sort of in the mood to make some cards for the sheer pleasure of sending some nice cards now, so I’m going to. Just as soon as I get back from being out tomorrow. Today.
Help me out will you, with this timing thing. Reassure me it’s Wednesday by linking your WOYWW post here. It will stop me panicking when I wake up tomorrow. On Thursday. Argh.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 546

My darlings and I used to complain about certain film directors using ‘darkovision’ as a lighting choice. Clint Eastwood is one. We often used to throw popcorn at the screen and moan because we were missing details because of poorly lit scenes. Well, the irony is not lost on me, as I have had to turn on overhead and desk lamps in broad daylight to take this photo!
Looks as though I’ve set up in a cupboard! It’s fine. When I need daylight I will work in the extension. So my desk shows all sorts of things. A six pack of curling ribbons propped on the iPad stand. Overseas presents need to be wrapped and posted soon and they are a timely reminder. The pink basket contains the ingredients for one of the Marathon cards, it went very well and now I’m checking and tidying and cleaning prior to using them again on Saturday.  The perfectly placed and intriguing looking white thing near the heat gun is just a screwed up wet wipe. Probably the most real art this desk has seen!  Here’s a twofer. Last night Ink Blender Gal Shopkeeper Gal and I got together around a real workshop table and did a few of each other’s cards from the Marathon. Lovely couple of hours making cards that had been prepared, die cuts ready, mounts pre-cut. Brill. 

So there we are, gentle Desker, I’m sort of desk hopping!  Show and tell do, it’s the important part of the day! 
Link your WOYWW post here please, all as usual and entirely for other people’s viewing pleasure. Thanks!

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 545

This photo was taken last evening. My daylight hours are numbered, as you can see. And look closely, the guilty party is peeking around the wall....attention or guilt?
It al looks a bit covered up - but not intentionally. I had moved the A3 desk pad to the right hand pile earlier because I had to use the Big Shot and my ‘cutting station’ is quite narrow, and because I needed 24 cuts, I moved to my desk for space and erm, light. I’m in the process of kitting cards for our annual Christmas Card Marathon which is this weekend. You can just see the next card to be kitted - the one with the Penny Black Poinsettia at right. I see two pairs of glasses and two pairs of scissors...balance is good, huh! Newly added to the desk..the purple and blue boxes at the end. Long forgotten photograph boxes unearthed whilst moving stuff around for building. My word, I think they represent another 30 years of scrapbooking! So there you have it, not actually producing crafty stuff, but ever so productive this week. 
Please will you hold Shaz Silverwolf in your thoughts - she’s in hospital learning to breathe again. The filthy chemo has temporarily  got the better of her. She feels improved since being admitted and her wonderful Doug has enabled her to do a post. Seems like they are inter-enabling! I just hope that there’s a reasonable coffee supply near the ward. Makes me wanna put the kettle on. Take your time Shaz dear friend, and be well.
So link your WOYWW post here please, all as per. May your day be full of daylight.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

What’s On your Workdesk? Wednesday 544

Ah now, hmmm. If you thought I’d dropped off the face of the earth,  I sort of had. So sorry if my name didn’t appear in your comments this week...I went off to a scrapbook retreat on Thursday morning and that was it. No routine, totally threw me out! You can tell I’ve been away, I had to tidy up!
Taken in the dark. See those vertical timbers? framing for the stud wall. It will be dark in here all the time soon. Temporarily, but definitely till next year. Anyway, in a small distraction from doing bookwork,I had a coffee and used my snowflake mould and foamy clay stuff to make twenty five teeny snowflakes. They are to go in the kits for the card making Marathon which is now at the end of next week. Really, it went from being two months away to the end of next week in minutes, frankly. I don’t get it. Anyway, they’re drying now and makes me feel as if I did a good bit of multi tasking yesterday! That ink pad there, all on its own, is waiting for me to try. It’s a hybrid. Apparently I can stamp with it and it’ll fade away so you can’t see the stamped outline after I’ve coloured. I’m cynical for two reasons -will it work and what images will benefit from not having key lines? I’m going to have to seek enlightenment before I go any further I think. So that’s me.....if there’s anything else vaguely interesting that I haven’t talked about, ask me. I’d be delighted! 
Please join in, post a pic of your desk, work space on your blog and link your blog here. I need to see.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 543

How much faster can it go?!  

My lovely Jan came to visit with her gorgeous G. They were valiant in living with the upheaval. It was great to have them here, lots of light relief! I’ve had to have a tidy round and clear my desk for some re-jigging of card ideas. You can see one at left...still not right, but I have an idea. At last. There’s the usual detritus but not so much of it. The bright pink tissue paper indicates the presence of gifts and the nuvo drops are in the the basket to make moving them a little easier...I’m off on scrapbooking retreat this weekend. Also in this horrid temporary light, note the floor in the extension has been tiled. So now, that hole behind my desk which was a door will magically become a stud wall.  And finally..I have no idea why the packing tape is on the desk. How odd. Amazing what you notice in a photo!  Please chime in and show and tell, as usual, put WOYWW in your post title, it makes finding it so much easier. Link here. I thank you.