Wednesday 1 June 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 678

Welcome to June! Already! This is scheduled, I’m off to the dentist and then to make up for that rude start, I’m going to meet a second cousin for coffee. We’ve met two or three times in our lifetimes and always at some sort of function, so it will be nice to just sit with coffee and chat. Meanwhile, life has turned my work room into a through route for landscape gardening equipment, and so I’ve moved my desk. 
It’s move is temporary but will be for a week or two I expect. Facing the kitchen this time, I did think that I might sit and play whilst cooking etc, but not as yet!  I regret to say that I haven’t spent a minute actually sitting at the desk, but I will rectify that just as soon as I can. I wasn’t aware until I moved the desk quite how reliant I’m becoming on the clip on parts of the desk…I have been using the phone/tablet holder since we were first locked down so I hardly notice it anymore, and of course, my angle poise lamp with a daylight bulb is almost an essential. Latest acquisition is the magnifying lamp. I bought a beading kit in the January sale from Etsy and then naturally, had to spend the same again on this lamp in order to see the work properly. I have resisted using it for anything else, but it’s marvellous and will I think, transform my winter colouring activities. Probably won’t use it for beading after I’ve finished using up the kit…I’m not patient enough for that amount of fiddly, however easy or pretty the outcome. I will do a show and tell at some point, but it’s a Christmas themed kit, so will show you later in the year when it’s much more appropriate - and it’ll give me a chance for a small gloat over being ‘prepared’. Ha!

Meanwhile, keep showing and telling your current desks please. I really can now only focus as far forward as October 1st for the crop; anyone planning to come and travelling solo? If you want or need to stay overnight (or two) to make it happen, let me know if you’d like to consider sharing a place with me and probably Helen for sure.


  1. Sleepyhead! I already managed to comment on anyone who has already published and now am cranking out puffs for my blankie. Popped back to my desk and here you are! Sorry about the unfortunate start - hopefully nothing at the dentistwill impede your enjoyment of coffee with cousin!

    I fear al my work would be covered in food if I attempted to craft while cooking, but hey, if you can do it, kudos! :)
    Happy late start WOYWW
    Mary Anne (7)

  2. Hope all goes well at the dentist - why do the earlier appointments feel worse? IT’s just as well your desk s a movable feast and that you can craft in any environment, lol! Multitasking cooking and crafting could lead to some interesting results, lol!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xx

  3. Oh I do so love how your desk is a moveable feast! Clipped on stuff really helps when moving too. Not sure about crafting and cooking but I do dance whilst cooking. BJ#12

  4. Hi Julia, it's probably safer that I don't craft and cook at the same time though I have tried it as my desk in the house is close by the kitchen but I get distracted and forget to cook everything and we only get half a meal or a very late one. Hope your meeting goes well and the visit to the dentist too. Happy woyww, Angela x6x

  5. I love the different views you give us of your crafting area, does help out with the nosyness in me/us.
    Could do to make an appointment with the dentist myself but I am a scaredy cat when it comes to making a visit there. Don't envy you the trip and hope you are not having an injection or I can see spilt coffee.
    It is funny how some purchases result in others and before you know itk what was a nice little project turns out into a mammoth spend. Ah well, we all do it.
    Have a lovely week - whilst waiting for you I did my journal and the write up fiction for tomorrow. Thanks for being a bit later.
    HUGS, Neet XX (can't believe I came back at the time to be no 1)

  6. Hope all goes well at the dentist, its great to be able to move round you craft room as Neet says lets up nosy pope see more.

    Taj#ke care and stay safe,

    Lilian B 12

  7. Goood morning Julia 🤗 hope all goes well at the dentist🤞 and you get to enjoy time with your cousin. Looove seeing your desk visiting the kitchen 💕 it's fab you can move it anywhere... admiring the table legs 🤩 Here's to you getting some crafty time . Thank you so much for my beeeeautiful ATC, I saved the wee hoose tape as well ... much tooo pretty to throw away 💕😁 Sending much love and hugs Tracy #11 xxxxxx

  8. Good luck at the dentist and have a great meet up with your second cousin - what a lovely treat for afterwards. I definitely need a magnifier like yours - I love it - I have these little clip on things for my specs but they don't quite fit and are more of a hindrance than a help most of the time.
    Have a lovely week,
    Diana xx #14

  9. Good luck at the dentist! Your moveable desk is proving a good idea. I’m not sure about crafting and cooking together if you could end up with glitter in your soup 🤣. Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 3

  10. Good morning Julia. I hope your visit to the dentist goes well. We do crafting and cooking together! Dennis does the cooking and I do the crafting 🤣. Shrewsbury is about an hour from me, it’s a long time since I drove that far, but it looks all A5. I woke up this morning thinking about Oxymoron! I couldn’t remember what it meant so I had to look it up 🙃. Happy Angela #2

  11. Well I don't have your excuse but I'm hadly sitting at my desk either - just seems to be a dumping ground!! Def interested in the crop arrangements - I did leave a comment on anniversary week. Hope the dentist went OK and you can manage to enjoy your coffee!! Love n hugs, Cindy #17

  12. Hope all went well at the dentist Julia and the coffee was more fun! Those clip on desk gadgets certainly look useful. Look forward to seeing the Christmas beading when it's finished. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #9

  13. Thanks to Jan for linking me Hope the dentist was OK and coffee better ! Yes I'm definitely in for the crop . Happy to chat when you're more free , and make plans . Given my history traveling to you and train disruption I might try and come early!! Love the desk but I'd be knocking stuff off xx

  14. Ugh! Dentist not your desk! I do go but hate it. I'm such a baby! You are such a multi tasker crafting and cooking together. Take care. Anne x 19

  15. It's so lovely to be already looking forward to October. I'm in the planning already...hense the patchwork masterboard on my desk :-) Hope all went well at the dentist.
    Annie x

  16. Hi Julia! I too have not been at my desk all week, time of year I guess! I think it would be fun to cook and craft at the same time, but I'm certain things would be burnt by the end! Good luck at the dentist and enjoy your visit! Lindart #21

  17. Hope you had some great chat fun with a cousin. I need some time AWAY ! I agree with the beading, I've a basket with lots of supplies, but my eyes aren't what they use to be. Have a great week.

  18. That is one seven letter word that terrifies the life out of me!! I think you're very brave. I KNOW you're brave!
    Love that you can move your desk.
    Landscapers . . . . wonderful! I hope that you get as much pleasure out of your garden as I am doing out of mine . . from chicken patch to garden, love it.
    I hope to be coming to the crop, I have a lift to New Street station so now I just have to organise the trains . . Ha!!!
    Have a good week
    Christine #23

  19. Aw Julia, I just realised I only got one ATC SWAP and that was from my partner Kyla so I'm guessing yours has been lost in the post somewhat. I certainly would have thanked you and blogged it if it had come. Fingers crossed, you never know it might have gone the scenic route. Good job I got to see them on blogs though. BJ#12

  20. Goodmornining Julia! I scrolled back to see your former posts to read what you're all up to... quite a job, to get the garden done. Hope it will be stunning so you can enjoy it ánd your desk on the 'right place'. I wish I could join woyww more, but life takes it's own turns and I don't have much time to be creative and/or blog lately. I wish you a lovely week with lots of laughter and sunshine. Big hug from Holland, Marit #23

  21. Craft and cook!? Wellll....hubby took over the cooking when I fell ill after an op that went wrong and at the same time I found crafting on telly, then found blogland and then!!!! Found Stamping Ground, life story told in seconds! And well, that's the way it's stayed, I'm a rubbish cook anyway. Your room looks really good form here, wish mine was bigger! Keep on Crafting! Stay safe and a Happy Late WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #15

  22. Finally I am getting around to commenting this week...
    So far I have received 4/10 ATCs - which I think came remarkably quickly.
    Happy Crafting! Susan #16

  23. hope the dentist went well (I had mine too Wednesday!). Ah crafting on a temp desk in the kitchen, hope it doesnt go on for too long. Would be interested to see how your beading kit goes, personally I know I dont have the patience for them! Not sure I can make the crop on 1st sadly as something else already on.
    kyla :-(

  24. I thought I left a comment on Thursday, but obviously I only had your blog pulled up on my computer/monitor. I have one of those magnifiers, mine comes with a base, but has no light.

    Did you have a chance to catch any of the Jubilee events. I saw what they gave us on TV here in the states. I thought the Queen looked better during the flyover than today. Today she looked very tired. I bet she's glad this is over.


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