Monday 28 October 2019

So now can we talk?

It’s very nearly November, so sod it, I wanna talk CHRISTMAS. Specifically, cards. If you aren’t a card maker, keep reading anyway. It may help you remember why you HAVE TO appreciate and love the hand made cards you receive. Sorry to dictate your required reaction, but well, you know. Hand made.  For me, this particular year, I had to start early because Shopkeeper Gal was getting demand for Christmas card workshops earlier than anticipated. And oh boy, even with all the lovely new stamps and dies that have been released since August, it’s been like pulling teeth to get an idea onto a card!
I bought a couple of the most lovely 3d embossing folders. I went to a lot of trouble (A LOT) to fashion suitable thicknesses of shim to use them in my Big Shot. And then I couldn't think of a thing to do with them. I had - well, have - a problem with the size of the embossed images in relation to ALL of the stamps I thought would go with them. Oh boy. Bad lighting and navy card stock means you can barely tell that there is an embossed forest below and surrounding that big old silver moon. You’d think that new stuff would inspire me, it always has before. I think I’ve got early Christmas card fatigue. Seriously, in the best tradition of it being all about me, I’m worried about me! 
Shopkeeper Gal has a traditional card making Marathon day. She, me and Ink Blender Gal present 8 original cards each to as many people as want to book themselves in and they make the cards from provided kits. I can honestly say that I have never, in about 10 years of doing this, had so much trouble making 8 cards I think are suitable. I’m in a state of worry that the techniques I’m using aren't really interesting, the images I’m using are too ‘samey’ and my colours are questionable. I can’t say I’ve ever deliberately used black ink for Christmas images on a card. Not for any reason in particular, I think I just used (or overused) other colours, including the traditional. Now I see the most beautiful cards with black stamped text or images and wonder if it’s a trend that I’m missing, or if I’ve just completely ignored the obvious! See why I think I’m fatigued!  Last weekend, I allocated a whole day to making Christmas cards. For the Marathon, for friends, for our business clients, for family. I made 3 in the whole day. And I’ve since sought judgement about them from others and re-made two of them! I’ve lost it.

See what i mean about the size of the folder in relation to the stamps, or is it me?
Like magic though, I think I have the solution already. It’s straightforward innit. Do them. Do them my way and move on to whatever it is I intend to do after Christmas cards. And stop whining. Seriously. Sod it. 


  1. Yes, sod it! I have never given a thought to not using black for text on Christmas cards, I do it for all other seasons..... don't get me pondering that one! I do use colours too, sometimes. It's a shame we can't see the embossed forest as I am sure it is beautiful! I think the Peace on Earth card looks just fine as it is - but I am very much of the persuasion that "I have to make x number of cards, bash them out" order..... Happy card making!!

  2. Now you know why I make tip-is for my altered book friends and don't make cards for my non-altered book friends. I DID learn one thing. You have to use shims with embossing dies.

  3. Julia! Sometimes when we get all anxious about crafting, it is an opportunity to step away for a minute and do something different. Perhaps watch a holiday rom com or read a christmas themed book. Debbie Macomber has the loveliest stories. Predictable like Hallmark movies but sweet non-the-less.
    Have no fear, you will rise above the slump.

  4. I love a good rant with an ending where the rantee comes up with their own perfect solution! So allow me to simple say, "Amen! Uh huh! So true! I know! Me, too! Amen!" Hug yourself from me, Darnell

  5. Oh Julia I feel your pain, it’s hard when one has a brain freeze and I truly think having to do something means it is more likely to cause the poor old brain to freeze...
    i so do understand, however I totally concur with your conclusion press on and down them!
    The two shown despite exceedingly poor light in first one (I take your word for it that there is a forest) well... they look perfectly suitable to my non critical eye. We are hypercritical of our own work I think!
    Early for WOYWW will be back can’t recall what time you’re on think it’s next week you change back! Praying for you and your country too. We all need those prayers!
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  6. HA HA! Yes that really is the only way forward. Just do it, even if you don't care for it much, someone will. After doing card making workshops this last couple of years I have come to the conclusion that it just doesn't matter. Some of my least favourite cards have been received enthusiastically, (which is pleasing) while some of my favourite ideas have been massacred in class as they all decide to go off piste (I have one woman I actually think must be colour blind judging by the colours she chooses when I'm not looking). I do continue to agonise (I have standards after all) but when push comes to shove I'll just get it done and let them get on with it. (I also have in my group, one who only likes purple, one who doesn't like birds or flowers, another who hates hearts, one who is Jewish - only relevant as it limits my crimbo cards - one who always tries to show how clever she is by doing something different and one who only likes mixed media). It's like herding chickens. That must be some session with that number of cards. I did ten in an afternoon once but it was very tough for me. Having said all that, maybe its me who is off track!!

  7. Oh Julia, this is so not you, being defeatist! You can do it and what you've made is lovely! I totally love the card with the houses, love how the eye draws you into the depth of it. It's refreshing to see a lovely expanse of pretty snowy sky above and also somespace around the wee village! Don't be hard on yourself chick!


    Di xx


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