Sunday 18 June 2017

American obsession

We flew into Boise last Friday and it immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY, became apparent that I had misjudged my entire wardrobe. It was very cool (polite for cold), and erk, raining a bit. Overnight it rained a huge amount and by the time we staggered out of bed, my only thought was the need to get to Target, Walmart, Sears, anywhere, to rectify my shorts and tshirts situation. Of course, when you're looking for sweatshirts and comfy leggings, you can't find them on account of it being summer. Nobody laughed at my discomfort, but I did get some odd looks because, well, ridiculously under dressed!

We left Boise on Monday, headed for Salt Lake City via Twin Falls. We did stop at the Shoshone falls, and believe me, through the ran and enormous spray they generated, we saw nothing. But for 3 bucks, we got a jolly good rinsing. I caved in at Salt Lake City and went straight into the outdoorsy section at Macey's and bought a wind cheater type waterproof thing. Floral. Makes a swishing noise when you move in it. (You know the way sometimes your trainers can make the same squeaking noise on certain floors that make it sound as if you might  be wearing trainers because you're actually fit? I digress. The coat thing made me feel about 108 years old, but it kept me very warm and dry. Until we went to the Great Salt Lake, when the sun came out and I was happily correctly dressed, discarding the coat without a second thought. Man, I had no idea how the weather can influence one's life quite so minutely. Seriously, I was considering asking America if I could have my money back.

We've hired a car and have driven through Utah, almost in a straight line. Of course, the further south we move, the better *hotter* it becomes. It's a road trip, so, in over 800 miles, I've done very little but gaze in staggered awe out of the window, and put my feet up. It's a bad habit I've picked up from looking at other people in vehicles at crossroads etc. I haven't driven a yard. MR Dunnit is doing all the driving because he's a horrible, fidgety, bored and petulant passenger. I know you can't imagine it, but I'm being truthful. Meanwhile, Utah has given way to Arizona. 

The temperature has soared and the views are if it's possible, rendering me (even more) speechless. My Sissy who has lived in the US for over twenty years warned me that the vast stretches of road and nothing else 'get old' very quickly. But not so far....we are fascinated, delighted and awed by the magnitude of everything. Every turn is a different view, something else to look at that's on a scale impossible to comprehend from pictures or TV. I'm working on trying to explain it without just bombarding you with picture after picture of rocks. Because so far, we've looked at a lot of rocks!  Tune in at some point. We've stopped obsessing about the weather. Now we're used to that. There will, without doubt, be something else to share. I hope you would expect nothing less of this particular blogger!


  1. I live in Kansas and they say if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change. I've seen snow in the morning, rain and hail at noon, and blistering sun by mid afternoon. We are, if nothing else, never temperate. Welcome to the USA.

    I agree with Sissy. It is definitely boring after about fifty miles of rocks in that part of the country. You will applaud a tumbleweed and go ape when you see a single tree in a 100 miles. I'm so, so glad you are not bored in the least.

    BTW, how does Mr. Dunnit feel about driving on the PROPER (right) side of the road?

  2. Oooh me cabbage green and jealous? Yep! Sounds like a wonderful trip, had to laugh at the weather being a bit nippy for shorts and t-shirts... people do that to me when they visit us in Scotland during the summer months... why did you bring summer clothes? LOL Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Julia, So glad you are enjoying your road trip. Shame the temps are high here (got to 33 yesterday), right when you are abroad.

    Main reason not to put your feet up like that is if you had an accident it wouldn't be good.

    You take care. Sue

  4. What, no pics of appealing souvenirs?! 😉 Am glad you're having a great time!

  5. looking forward to pics of things outside the car (ok, I know we got blue sky with your resting feet!) Have a fabulous trip. It's got ridiculously and uncomfortably hot here now; so I am in moaning mode.

  6. Julia - I hope you are enjoying America - it actually is a very beautiful country! Weather here is always an issue and you need to be prepared for both hot and cold.
    It must be wonderful to experience a different land than where you are from - so few get that wonderful experience. I also hope you like our food - I think a little different than yours.
    Have a wonderful experience

  7. looks like your having a great time. continue to enjoy the wonderful scenery and hopefully, you won't need your rain mac thingy again. I hope we get to see more photos..maybe, not your feet LOL !!! enjoy and be safe Andrea x

  8. Awesome! My own road trip (Georgia-Tennessee-Georgia) pales into insignificance. I agree with the stunning scenery although for us there was a lot of trees. A lot more of them being cut down too. And a waterfall.

    So glad you're having an fab time and I can't wait to see pictures of rocks!

  9. Hello Julia, I've ventured back into the land of Blogging just in time to catch your road trip. However, I will be joining Helen in the moanfest that is the ridiculous English weather at the moment - give me your rain!

    Lots of pictures please, America is somewhere I have always wanted to go so will be fun to see it through your eyes.

  10. Would you believe it - yesterday was too hot to be outside unless you could find some shade because there wasn't any breeze. Have a wonderful time. Toni xx

  11. Sounds like a big adventure, Julia! Glad your wardrobe got sorted! You do realise we need to see that coat LOL! Preferably, with you sporting it. My mother has a saying about men and driving "That's what they are for" - about as non-pc as "women belong to the kitchen" but there's some truth in it! Enjoy the rest of your trip! I'd take the cold over this heat any day! 30 degrees in my room as I type this! xx

  12. It certainly is vast. Grand Canyon is simply breathtaking. Enjoy. BJ

  13. Have an absolutely fabulous trip Julia
    lynn xx

  14. Long ago I discovered it was no use telling Brits what to wear in the USA. Thy show up in winter dressed for summer if you live in the south and have no concept that mountains are really cold in the south whatever the season at night. the concept of air conditioning is alien so they freeze indoors forgetting to have a light jacket with them. The concept of really cold is also alien. The really bad quirk is the need to have a tan. Their lily white skin may tan but laying out for a few hours can cause burns, real burns.

    Enjoy the awesome scenery, the water is fine but beer and wine are much more fun!

  15. Oh, I wish you could come to Kansa! I would love to meet you. Oh, well! Enjoy!

  16. After the wet start it all sounds wonderful. Where is my "Wish You Were Here" postcard? I just wish I was!
    Enjoy - trip of a lifetime by the sound of it.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  17. I love seeing America through your eyes. And the climate not being what you expected.... We went to Wisconsin after years and years of living in Arizona. It was October, a very pleasant time in Arizona but not so much in Wisconsin (although those who live in WI would disagree with that, they thought theirs was pleasant too). I had dutifully packed blue jeans that I hadn't worn in years and my jacket. Well, said blue jeans didn't fit so I had to run over to Kmart and buy some that did along with a warmer jacket because an Arizona jacket is not the same as a Wisconsin jacket--thicker material and all that. I also got a knit cap with a G for the football team Greenbay Packers because there is no other choice if you are in Wisconsin (well, you can get a bright orange one so you won't be mistaken for a deer during hunting season).


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