Wednesday 21 June 2017

What's On Your Workdesk 421

This is a scheduled post, gentle desker. I did not know how I'd be fixed for time, or indeed, if I'd be able to post in a time zome somewhere near a Wednesday!
I found myself in our local Mailbox branch recently, and because I had to wait while other people rushed about on my behalf, I got chatting to Nigel.
In reality, he got chatting to me. See, I had taken in some treasures for packing and shipping and 'we' had spread them out on this big, white and astonishingly empty desk. Even when the treasure was removed, there was a trail of the sort of detritus I specialise in...a handbag, shopping bag, a couple of photo frames that I'd decided against including in the box of treasure. You get it. So Nigel did the usual polite cough thing that us Brits are famous for and asked me to tidy my stuff off his desk. Of course he didn't really, he just politely shifted it to a stool and advised me to keep an eye on my belongings.
And then, I kid you not, he produced the biggest paper trimmer I've ever seen. Swoon!

See, Nigel prints all sorts of posters and leaflets for all sorts of clients. And he needs a big trimmer. We had a discussion about our ridiculous passion for such things and he confessed that he has an ambition to own a bigger trimmer. Obviously it will have to be a rotary style, because bigger than this in any other style and it really is starting to be erm, a guillotine. We discussed the pros and cons, the way you get used to a certain cutting line and how you make allowances for such things, how you have to know when it's the cutting strip that's worn into a groove or the blade being blunt that causes wonky cutting. We had a really good conversation about cutting.
And we completely and utterly avoided all the potential double entendres and smirk inducing jokes about choppers, size and other such childishness. Really, you would have been proud of me. Still makes me snigger in retrospect though....not at how well I did, but how at the time, it was so obvious that we were talking around this big old elephant in the room. Classy, huh.
So now of course, link up your desks, indeed, tell us about your favourite cutting equipment, it's not something we've discussed a lot really...we take the necessary tools for granted, I suppose.


  1. I am in awe of Nigel's huge chopper. Seriously... no double entendre intended lol... I have a LOT of trouble with paper trimmers - I can never get one to cut a straight line for me - it's definitely 'User Error' lol
    Sounds like you're having a whale of a time! And, yes... I am sure we'll all say how proud we are of you for withholding childish comments... even though we all privately wish you'd let a few out :D
    Happy Wednesday!
    Bubbles #1
    really?!?! I'm first!!??

  2. I am slightly confuddled though... I thought this week was 420... have I lost a week? lol

  3. Well would you believe it, I was updating my, also scheduled post, last night just as it turned midnight so it published and I was confused then realised the time but didn't pop over here so didn't see you'd scheduled, so didn't link so really would have got #1 position!
    Now it is 4.40am so no I didn't sleep much!!!
    Anyway, now that is a HUGE cutter good old Nigel (name of first "boyfriend" sigh). I have a Fiskars 12" cutter. Bought it in a set with my green mat and I think my cutting knife way back in the days of first realising there was QVC on TV. It was a Dawn Bibby recommendation and well yes it was the perfect thing for me. I even bought a second one (for downstairs) and couldn't possibly say how many replacement blades over the past 12 years! My hubby has a similar one to Nigel but only a diddy one at just over 12" don't even know where it is, he never uses it. Oh dear you have got me talking glad you are enjoying your trip and thanks for the insight in very large cutters. BJ#5 and kicking herself that she hadn't checked just gone midnight.

  4. ooh hasn't he got a big one... I broke my favourite paper trimmer, and the replacement is nowhere near as good, which irks me! My dad had a guillotine, which I would have loved, but my brother got there first and took it!
    I do hope you're having a great trip (I know you are enjoying concrete pillars; I've seen the evidence!) however, Bubbles is right, it is week 420.

  5. Personally much as I like Nigel's big chopper I prefer my own favourite tool. It doesn't strip paper but it does screw and punch holes in it. I'm talking of course about that Japanese thingymebob that I can never remember the name of that has lots of different sizes with it
    Right I'll have to go now as the wandering welder wants to know why I'm chuckling my head off at stupid o'clock in the morning
    Mind your manners missus with Nigel you don't want him swinging his chopper af you
    Lynn xx

  6. good morning everybody... sadly that I can not understand what you wrote... and can not translate this blogpost.. My english is not good enough.
    Bud I wish all of you a happy woyww day! Have a good time.

  7. Well! He really had got a big one and by the sound of it he knew what to do with it too.....that's the most important bit of course! I like a man who's skilled with his tools.
    Me? I'm a little snipper person. It might only be small but it gets to parts others can't reach.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  8. Oh my I'm having fun reading your post Julie and the replies. I've got a mini version of Nigel's but as they say it's quality not quantity!!! :-) However I also have several other versions!!! Paper Trimmers!!!!! :-) Anne x #17 ( I think - I've forgotten now - all this talk of choppers!

  9. And I was always told size didn't matter!! What a giggle you have sent round the globe - the term "muffled titter" comes to mind - (an old Peter Cook/Dudley Moore term I think). Have fun. x Jo

  10. Oh my, that's a biggie! I'm not one for straight lines and accurate measurements - just no patience - so I usually just eyeball things on my old, trusted 12" Fiskars trimmer. The blade badly needs replacing, but I just don't seem to get around to it. I might as well just tear the paper LOL! Enjoy the rest of your stay in the US of A, Julia!

  11. As much as I adore Nigel's huge chopper, I think in my hands it would do what it like I have trouble controlling my 12" chopper to cut a straight line... I'm a little concerned that Nigel feels he needs an even bigger chopper !!

    I too had written week 420 but changed that now to 421... I clearly have lost a week to much thinking spend on choppers I expect... Have a wonderful rest of your time in the Lovely USA...May #21

  12. Hi Julia, Don't know if it is just me, but your blog wasn't showing as being updated for WOYWW. Clicked on it anyway and there was the WOYWW post.

    Bottom line is size does not matter, it's what you do with it......steady;) LOL

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  13. Mmmmm....lucky him to have the room for such a big one! I'm sure most of you will agree! Trimmers! love them and hate them! I've probably thrown as many away as I've kept but I do have a few Rotary trimmers but don't think any are as good as my Tonic Guillotine. Not sure where I got week 420 from but I've obviously slept through a week somehow! Have a great time away and happy woyww, Angela x22x

  14. Hi Julia, well that paper trimmer is certainly is swoon worthy ... and yes you'd need a big clear desk for it that is for sure! am not surprised Nigel wants a newer better model - we always seem to be thinking that these days!
    Trust the weather is being kind to you and you enjoy your break, had a chuckle at the post below.. weather is really unpredictable everywhere at times.
    Shaz in Oz.x 24 I think

  15. Oh Julia, you never fail to make me laugh!I'm just shocked there's a bigger trimmer than the one he's got!Hope you're having a good holiday, if you need a laugh, read Dougs comment in my post! Love & Hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

  16. Now that's a handy cutter!!!
    Diane #27

  17. I was confused about the week too, but as it's a timed post, we shall have to make allowances. Now that's what I call a guillotine. It's similar to the one I have access to at work in the art room. At home my favourite is a Carl Cutter (although it's branded as Create and Craft). I have had it for years and haven't had to replace the blade yet. Happy WOYWW Sarah #28

  18. It's not the size, it's what he does with it :-D. At least I know what to get you for Christmas now......
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  19. Happy WOYWW - and hope that you are continuing to enjoy your time in the US. Trimmers - we all have lots of them. I seem to have two of the Crafters Companion Clevercut A4 Rotary Trimmer (I remember now that I won one in a local craft shop giveaway), some smaller ones that I never use now - and my wonderful A3 Guillotine one (again Crafters Companion), which annoyingly is not big enough for the massive pads of watercolour paper I buy now to make journals with, so I have to cut them down using scissors (shock horror!) and then put them through the guillotine to square them up. I am always in awe of people who can use a cutting knife accurately. Ali x #30

  20. Great WOYWW. Thanks for sharing that cutter looks great. xx Jan 31

  21. THAT is a definite smirk on Nigels face. And it really is the biggest chopper I have ever seen too!

  22. Oh my! but larger is necessary since he seems to know how to use it! I'm glad you were able to maintain your composure!! I'd be beet red and totally stammering as the conversation progressed! LOL!

    After my old faithful Fiskars Ultimate Craft Trimmer died, I went through 3 or 4, but none were "right". Then I found the Stampin'UP trimmer...LOVE IT! I added the optional rotary arm (not sure if that is still available) and it is perfect. Enjoy your Holiday.
    -K #34

  23. Oooh that cutter is swoon worthy...
    I am mostly irritated with rotary cutters though so, I have been using a guillotine for years now. I think I even got rid of all those portable rotary cutters. I never got good cuts from any of them for very long.
    you crack me up... and size does matter most esp. in cups of coffee. ~Stacy #37

  24. "Oh my... what a big cutter you have there," the little girl said. "It's so I can cut BIG things with," Wolf replies, who was in fact Nigel, in Nigel's clothing... LOL, LRRH story came to mind when I saw this and not anything else, promise *sniggers* But yes a cutting machine, I have has several and not one has been working well for me. Caved and got a Fiskars one, second hand, so let's hope the knives are still sharp. Have a great week :) (also thanks again for your reply to my email :) xo Cheetarah #35

  25. That is definitely a huge trimmer. I don't necessarily have a favorite but I'm using a Fiskars one right now. Have a great week. Dorlene #38

  26. Well now, Nigel certainly has a large tool to get the job done with. Not only that but it is quality, being a Dahle and all. It's fun to share our passions with others who can relate. No desk today, should have shared it though as it has STUFF on it. And I dared the cats to mess with it. They are cats so I'm sure they will take the dare. Unless they are too busy napping.

  27. Hello Julia,

    My what a big cutter!

    Happy WOYWW

  28. Well we all like a big tool and I've seen one as big as Nigel's before, which is saying something, cos I've tried a few .... ok time to stop now :o)
    I don't have time to join in proper this week AGAIN, just popped in to say hi and have a snout about.
    Hope you're having a wonderful adventure, see you soon. Annie C xxx

  29. WOW Julia! For the first time I actually thought it was Wednesday today, and it's Thursday!!! I love an empty desk and I have not seen one in a while! Envious! :^) patsy

  30. Yes, that's really the biggest cutting machine I've seen too!
    Have a wonderful summerweek and it´s so fun to be back in blogworld and discover you are still hosting WOYWW.

    Sussie nr 41


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