Monday 5 June 2017

A Review. Turned me into Mrs FixIt, this did.

This review is overdue on account of my shocking memory. See, the things I've mended with Sugru are now back in mainstream use, which means I've forgotten all about them. Which is probably the best recommendation of all, actually. Won't stop me talking about it though!
This kit came from Sugru, inside the nice box which was covered with ideas for its use is a proper kit. By which I mean....a tin! Oh that's very exciting! There are a couple of little tools and three sachets of colours! White, Black and Red.

So.......what is Sugru? It's glue. Mouldable glue. In a sort of rubbery format which air dries and is then, as far as I can tell, pretty indestructible. Because of the rubbery form, it can be moulded. It's really quite amazing stuff. I sculpted (ok, fashioned -rolled -manipulated) this fantastic hook which has, in a single overnight wait for it to dry in situ, changed my kitchen based life. Ever since I broke the ignition thingy on the gas hob, I've used a lighter and it annoys me intensely that mostly, the lighter just sits in the way on my uncluttered worktop, being a clutter. (I know it's hard to believe about me, but my kitchen is so small, it really is tidy and uncluttered.)

So then, I used some of the white to mend my phone charge cable which was very chewed looking. Sugru's a no brainer for this sort of fix. Stays flexible and stops you electrocuting yourself. Win win. I've also done this cable fix to my vacuum cleaner too.

I added a finger rest to my favourite scalpel. Well, less of a rest and more of a stop - it lets me put all the strength of my forefinger into the cutting  without slippage which is no bad thing. Can't take credit for this idea though, it was Mr Dunnit's. He's a very caring chap. More to the point though, the Sugru sticks nicely to the scalpel handle, it's very clever stuff.
As it's turned me into Mrs FixIt,  I filled the broken section of the funnel part of my pink tidy tray. I didn't have any white Sugru left, so I can't say if you can mix two colours to make a third; but I'm beginning to think that there's very little you can't do with this stuff!

Now, the Sugru in this kit (one of many - this one's the Create and Craft pack) comes in little foil packs and each pack contains more than enough for the bits and pieces that you've seen me use them for. Theses particular little packs are not re-sealable and although I wrapped a bit of leftover in cling film, it did dry to a rock before I came to use it.
This is not a complaint, more an observation - the stuff is so clever that keeping it from hardening once exposed is probably a scientific nightmare.

It's light and waterproof, you can use it to hang stuff, stick stuff, mend stuff. It grips onto practically anything (every thin I tried). It really is very, very clever.
I urge you to visit and see for yourself why your home, if not your work desk, needs a portion of Sugru. It's the sort of tin or pouch that my Dad would have had in the garage next to the little oil can and useless roll of masking tape.  It would make a great Father's Day gift too actually, something useful and innovative. And, as I'm clearly not a bloke, I think I would consider it a good hostess gift too - didn't someone of great mind say something about only owning stuff that was either useful or beautiful? Step up, Sugru!

I'm very sorry if the changes to type size has alarmed your eyes, gentle reader...I can't fix it, and nor could the Sugru on account of it being a problem out there in the ether...weird, huh!


  1. Hi Julia, It sounds like a fab product. I use Gorilla Glue, which is the best I've found for sticking, but your product is obviously more useful.

    Hope you've had a good start to the week. Sue

  2. what a very useful sounding product.. so glad you remembered to come back and tell us about it... I had to pick up the magnifying glass to read the last sentence as my specs are still in my handbag after getting home from work.

  3. I have no idea why the font sizes are misbehaving...will try again to change them!!

  4. That's two of us very happy with it. We got some when you first mentioned it and mended the internet cables. Fab stuff - now you have given me lots of ideas for further uses I might just be off for a walk around.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. I love sugru and have over the years adapted most of my plugs in the house and they are still working! Marvellous stuff.
    My woyww post about it can be found here in case anyone wonders how to adapt plugs (great for dexterity issues).

  6. Sounds like some amazing stuff. I've never heard of it, but I like odd and unusual things like that for my garage. I wonder if it's more a British thing, because I walk the aisles of hardware stores and have never heard of it.

  7. You are real ambassador for Sugru Julia. I better gets some, I think of a million uses for it. Thanks
    Lynn xx

  8. You had me sold the moment you said " it comes in a tin..."

  9. WOW! I wish it was already available here in the Philippines! :^) patsy


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