Wednesday 17 January 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 763

Well, gentle desker, there's no door lining but the cavity work is done. And I must say, it's a lot warmer in here than I'm used to. I always thought that it was sitting still that made me feel a chill...not so - missing insulation! So a few days without the desk has really paid off, and I return in excellent form... to me Stampin' Up set at far right...wood mounted...bliss! Above that, my file full of black alphabets. I don't buy any stick on alphas anymore, so it takes a lot of going through each file to make up a word, vowels are very thin on the ground. I'll use them all up in one way or another. The pizza box contains my Coven Secret Santa gift, some scrapbook paper and ephemera that I am thrilled to have. I haven't treated myself to anything new for ages, so this is a lovely treat. I've transferred my most used colour pens into a pot to sit on the desk...I have a collection of coloured rollerballs and chisel tips that I like to journal with and they are so much easier to access in a pot than rummage through them lying flat in a basket. Little wins! At left you can see the word 'masks', which is a set of alphabet sticky masks, most excellent but not often used. They are sitting on the file they came out of...stencils. I don't have many. They were out because I was making this month's lone ATC for my swap with Karen after finishing off some LOs that needed this and that after last weeks crop. This week is a bit quiet on the desk front so far, but never say never!
The puzzle was finished and there's a piece missing...have looked all over and all under, but no luck! If anyone would like to try it, let me know, happy to post it to you. I should point out that usually, doing a puzzle with the image upside down isn't a great idea, but in this case it made no difference at all! 98% credit to Mr Dunnit too. Way too taxing for me.
This week I have to differentiate between being shocked that it's been a week already, and being shocked that it's Wednesday already, honestly, the first is bad enough, but I'm really worried about Monday and Tuesday, where did they go?
So that's me, show and tell about your good self please!


  1. Well done on finishing the puzzle, both of you! the colours are certainly challenging! Your desk is looking very industrious I need a bigger box for my stencils, as my Dina ones don't fit in the one I have, it is full! Happy WOYWW Helen xx

  2. Good job finishing the puzzle! Love wooden stamps...

  3. The jigsaw looks lovely Jan - shame about the missing piece. Glad you are warmer at your desk now - especially with the current temperatures. I believe I may have the same alphabet set if it is a TH. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  4. That puzzle is stunning, your desk a creative haven, now warmer, and little wins are all we can hope for nowadays. Happy wOYWW and I’ll be back to hop the desks after my drs. I agree…last week was a black hole of chaos for me, no idea where the time went but this week I am resolved!
    Mary Anne

  5. Well, the puzzle is amazing! Well done, you! Hope you get the rest of your weatherproofing sorted shortly!

    I keep my pens in an old sour cream container. I store a lot of my "at hand" supplies in round containers. I don't like the idea of having to open a pen case/box! I just want to grab and get on with it!


  6. I love the colors of that beautiful puzzle, so bright and cheerful. We haven't gotten one out yet this winter. I think I am finally able to realize what day it is, I prepared my WOYWW on Monday and posted it on Tues , wondering why you hadn't put yours on................then about 2 pm I realized I was way off.I didn't do much today, it was way to cool downstairs for my liking but our warm up outside is to happen Friday and what fun that will be. I AM LOVING MY CLEANED UP AREA ! Happy WOYWW and have a great week.

  7. The puzzle was well worth doing. It's beautiful. I think there is a jigsaw fairy that snaffles the missing pieces for her own random jigsaw.🤣 So glad you are cosily settled back at your desk . x x Jo

  8. Love the finished jigsaw....well done for completing it. I hate losing a piece so that would have spoilt all the effort for me. I'm full up with a head cold this week and my big sister and her other half have Covid now many germs around.
    Annie x

  9. Hi Julia, well done with the puzzle you never know the piece might still turn up I should look in the hoover you never know. Pleased you're warmer today. Back to the desk I think. Happy woyww, Angela x11x

  10. I think it;s only been a day since the last WOYWW, it can’t have been a week, you’re messing with our minds! Nice to see you back in full flow on the desk and hooray for being warm while you’re there.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xx

  11. Oh how frustrating, a piece missing but super puzzle glad you got it done in the end. Rearranging the old desk to have the most used near to hand is perfect. Hugs BJ#14

  12. Wow, what a stunning jigsaw puzzle - I love the colours but hubby has colour blindness so I'd be on my own! I hope you find the missing piece, I often find them clinging to the arm of my jumper where I reach across the puzzle. I'm so glad you are warm and cozy in your work space, the insulation has come just at the right time.
    Happy WOYWW
    Diana xx #13

  13. Good morning Julia. It is morning still - I have just got up having had a bit of a sleepless night. My husband had a bad night with his knee. The physiotherapist told him he needs to keep exercising his knee so he took the dogs for a walk! Not sure that was a good idea! The jigsaw is wonderful. If a piece falls to the ground in our house a little dog runs off with it! Happy WOYWW. Angela #15

  14. By the way, hate to tell you this, but pens are supposed to be stored flat, although I totally agree they are more convenient in a pot!🙃😊🙃

  15. Congrats on the finish . . well done both of you.
    Cavity and linings . . . drought excluder went round my doors yesterday . . . always thought I had cold legs cos I was sitting . . . . nope . . as I found out last evening ROFL
    Makes me feel good thinking of us nice and toastie as we craft . . .
    have a good week
    Christine #17

  16. Hi Julia, January seems to me to be stretching out to infinity but, yes, it doesn’t seem a week since our last Wednesday.
    My pen / pencil storage is an issue - if all has to be portable for my art class but pots are more convenient.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 12 xx

  17. Oh wow new stash nice and yep, pizza boxes are really good for craft storage. Fair play re the jigsaw we are still struggling with ours!!
    Running late today but made it just about

  18. What an accomplishment! I bet you are so glad it's done! AS for the missing piece - fairies? Little elves in the night? In my house it would be cats! Such a lovely messy desk this week! Have a crafty week, Lindart #18

  19. When I first saw the puzzle I thought it was a picture on the wall! I have this tiny puzzle but its not normal shapes and it has other things like butteries mixed in the picture. Yours must've taken ages...shame there was a bit missing, probably in the hoover! Lovely desk this week. I get a chill too, coz of snoozing at the wrong time, or late at night when the heating's gone off, because I should be in bed. Sorry I'm late....but then, I always am! Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #16

  20. Hope you don’t mind me dropping in after all
    these months Julia. I seem to have lost my way with one thing or another, so I’m dipping my toe back in the water with you lovely lot xx

  21. So happy for you that your room is much warmer now. it's not easy being bundled up with clothes and trying to craft.
    What gorgeous colours in that puzzle, but what a nightmare it must have been to do.
    I don't use my alphabet stamps very much but I do tend to use the dies . Why don't they give you more of certain letters that recur over and over again. If only in things like Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas, etc.
    Will email you again to explain my lateness.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx


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