Wednesday, 21 July 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 633

Whew! I’m here! Minor miracle…this is a scheduled post and I very nearly almost came quite close to forgetting! It’s this summer weather, totally addled my thought process. I think it’s that anyway. Sections of England are under a weather warning for extreme heat, if you aren’t used to it, please be very careful. Be as indolent as you like, keep your fluid up, keep the curtains closed and stay in the shade. I’ll write you a note if you need one! Of course, you Deskers in other parts of the world will be mystified as to why we’re not coping…it’s simple though, we just don’t experience temps like this very often. We don’t have non-melt additives in our make up, chocolates, tarmac etc, so even every day stuff is affected. Nor do we have air con. Some of us have fans! 
Anyway, glance if you will, at my desk….
It’s been relocated, but not to its rightful position. There was some work to be completed on the door installation and I didn’t want to be wheeling it in and getting myself situated only to have to move it again. So it’s very temporarily at home against the china cupboard in the dining room. It’s still a mess. The reason for this is two fold. I’m waiting for a shelving unit to suddenly appear in this gap….
It will home all the glues, glitters, bottles, pens, brushes, pots and etc that currently are homeless. (In plastic boxes in the utility room). Then all the glues, glitters, bottles, pens,brushes, pots and etc that are on my desk can be moved to their rightful place and I can consider my desk cleared and sorted. It’s a day that’s coming, I know it. It’s all been a trip round the ground floor of my home hasn’t it. I’m bored of being a builder bore now! Show and tell do; you know the score….


  1. Well, it is coming along.... thank goodness for a desk on wheels, what a great idea that was - makes your life so much easier. It does look quite full though! Take care yourself in this heat, at least there's only a few days to go...

  2. Wow! It is really taking shape now, and it is going to be amazing when it’s done, it’s it? Gotta love a hang man right? The heat is awful for sure, and I can’t wait for a few degrees cooler nights at least. Not too bad in the day, but for sleeping, over 25 degrees, yeah, no thanks!
    Take your own advice, stay cool and hydrated and have a happy desk hop day!
    Mary Anne

  3. It's getting ever closer Julia - can't wait to see the finished shelving in all its glory. Keep cool, stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #6

  4. You’re getting to the finish line Julia! That desk on wheel has worked really well. It’s a myth I think that all other countries work better than us in the heat. I worked in France during the great heatwave there of 2003. They fell apart as well. Hope we don’t!
    Anyway and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 7

  5. You’re never boring gal. I am enjoying the developments....probably more than you lol. I’m sorry about last week, life just got in the way of my blogging fun on Wednesday and then we went on another adventure with rubbish internet. I’m bad and plan to try to catch up today...but we will see. I’ve already been thrown a challenge by one of our gang 😀
    Annie x

  6. Not long then . . . to a permanently positioned desk . . .
    I am lucky in that my house faces south so all the rooms 'on the front' face north and stay relatively cool . . . . I say relatively in that they only go up to about 26!!!
    Take care and stay cool
    Christine #11

  7. I could have done with your note yesterday, Julia! Treking 3 miles to work and back was honestly not much fun - just for the priviledge to sit in an office by myself doing the exact same things I could have done back home without torturing myself - even the phone didn't ring. Going in was really pointless, but my boss wants us to get back to "normal" at all cost. I thought if Covid didn't kill me, the heat certainly would! I think it was wise not to move the desk for now - the shelving unit will be very useful to keep things handy! I really need to reorganise mine as it has become a dumping ground and I'm not using it to its full potential. Happy Wednesday, whatever you're doing - let's hope the heat won't last long. xx zsuzsa

  8. I’m sorry Julia the display will have to go before I pay you a visit because all I will be doing is sitting and looking at your gorgeous wallpaper and I don’t want anything blurring my view. So can you shift it please.
    I’ll be round as soon as the workdesk stuff is finished. I’m enjoying watching the process so carry on showing us Mrs D
    Lynn xx 14

  9. Hi Julia, it'taken some time to get sorted but you know it will be worth it. We're north south facing so at east part of the house is a bit cooler but I'll be glad when the weather changes. Hubby keeps threatening to move to Lerwick in Scotland, the temp. is much lower there. It looks a bit better today...well in my opinion that is Lol! Stay safe and have a lovely woyww, Angela x13x

  10. Finishing stretch now, hope you can cope with the very different light in there. The shelves are looking v neat and tidy!
    LLJ 4 xxx

  11. Now I know why my friend in America used to keep all her blinds closed the whole time. I never understood - I do now and I am following suit.
    Love the way your room is looking. How lucky to have such a handy man. As how long it takes it will be worth it - looks fabulous already.
    Take care
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  12. Years ago, when i did facepainting dressed as a clown in full make up I'd arrive at the venue and would be placed in the hotest room in the place. I had to put my orange and green flowery foot down and say...shade please!! I ended up taking my own large umbrella! By midday here, the curtains in the living room are closed as the sun beams in like some super distroyer from a Marvel Comic! Hubby sometimes gets the engery to put up a gazebo - that takes seconds to put up but ages to pull out of the mini shed. Usually I'm up at 6 to water the pot plants and then they have another dose any time from 8 to midnight... then at some time I get to my bed about half an hour before I get up. It's all go. This week I've promised myself some crafting time... yes, I need a bench on wheels too! but, where to put it! That is the question! Have fun, don't over heat, Keep Crafting! stay safe and Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#16

  13. Good morning Julia, I cannot seem to get going this morning! Just finished another book and added the next to my wish list. I imagine work has slowed down in your house with the current temperatures. Giving you the time to relax in the sun or shade with a G&T x Angela #12

  14. It can't be much longer!!
    Neither the room nor the heat!!
    Try and keep cool...

  15. Hi Julia, I hope you soon get the shelving unit and everything on it.

    Another hot day here.

    Happy WOYWW

  16. Good morning, Miss Julia.
    Yes, temps have been hot everywhere. My daughter in WA state had temps 20-30*F above their normal average. Like you, most in the pacific norhtwest do not have AC as well. My daughter is one of the lucky ones.
    So happy to see things coming together for you! You are going to be so organized you'll just sit and stare...trying to remember where you put stuff LOL. I can relate. Creative Blessings and cooling fan your way - Kelly #19

  17. Congrats on having Patience. It will be great once it is completed, I'd suggest adding Rum Chata to morning coffee. The thing is once moving things and then remembering where it is is the biggest problem. Stay Safe, it's a HOT and Gruesome summer we are dealing with.

  18. Yay for progress Julia, so if I understand this correctly the exposed wall where the door was is going to have shelves to contain the adhesives and what ever else gets lucky enough to have a spot there? you know, I love that your desk is on wheels so you can just push it where ever without having to clear it to empty all the time too. you know we have that heat thing here too and one thing they also mention is, if you are sweating this is a good thing but, if you Stop sweating and start turning red this is a danger zone and time to get to an emergency place at your hospital, heat stroke kills people. So stay hydrated ladies. ~Stacy #23

  19. Boy, I'm sure you'll be happy once all the construction is complete. It sounds great. I definitely need more storage too! As for the heat, wow, it is bad all over, isn't it. We're used to getting triple digit weather here but we also have A/C and believe me, it's been cranking! Stay cool! Dorlene #24

  20. Nearly there Julia and I’m sure it will all have been worthwhile.

  21. Hi Julia, I hope your shelving and final desk relocation happen soon - It will be so nice to settle back to normality. Have a fabulous week - Cheers Maurs xxx

  22. I am sure you will be pleased when the work is finished, Julia, and your desk can take up residence in its permanent home at last, and the dust will clear. Thank you for your visit - regarding the toppling box, only teasing! You should be grateful - every time I look at it, I think of you! This means you get me thinking of you much more often than previously - it puts a smile on my face! I'm glad you like the card I made for my surgeon. I had my phone appointment with him this a.m. and all is well - no cancer detected beyond the lump. However, no definite answer on the chemo question until I've seen the oncologist.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #15

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  24. Looking good, you'll be glad to see it finished finally. It's been warm here, which is unusual for July when it's usually wet, so we have been enjoying the change. Happy WOYWW! Elle #19,

  25. It has actually been about 4 degrees cooler here in North Carolina than normal for this time of year- we haven't even broken 100 degrees F yet!!! knock on wood. Elsewhere here in the USA it has been STUPID hot.


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