Saturday 3 October 2015

No hiding, it's Autumn...

 It IS Autumn. We've had the most wonderful week of sunshine and crisping of leaves and cool-in-the-shade warm days. It doesn't get much better, as seasonal changes go. My friends at Baker Ross sent me a box of 'Naturals' products to play with and this came out of my head first.

Twigs, pine cones, burlap and skeleton leaves all came from their NATURALS pages and I really like them! The burlap (which actually here in the UK, we call hessian)  comes in a pack of mixed colours, A4 ish sheets. As you can see, the colours are lovely. 
I used some long forgotten wire to 'tie' the twigs together to make the frame. Not because it would look more rustic or because it would add to the overall 'vignette' I was creating. *ahem*.No. None of that. Because I can't find my glue gun. I wonder if it's gone to live by the sea with a certain child o'mine. Anyway, it worked out OK. The 'stand' for the frame is another twig from the bag of has a big enough knot in it to act as a sort of easel leg. Lucked out there then! The message is just die cut from an Alpha and stuck across the frame with real old fashioned glue dots. I'm sort of pleased with this one, it's sitting on the piano and doesn't look out of place at all, which is very possibly more than can be said of a lot of my dimensional crafting!


  1. I adore Autumn, crisp dry (hopefully!) days and glorious colours. Love your Autumn display.

  2. Loving the Autumn display.

    Hope you are having a good weekend. Sue

  3. My favourite season. Liking the look of that coloured burlap/hessian very much.

  4. Lovely and my favourite season too. Coming home today wa wonderful to see the reds of Autumn appearing on the trees. I love a crisp morning when you go walking through rustling leaves - a bit to wait for that but I just love the season.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. Ah, this is stunning. I love 3-D assemblages, and this one is incredible. It's very well done, too.

    Glad to learn that burlap is called hessian in the UK. I've heard of hessian, but had NO idea it was burlap. Leave it to you to interpret for me (grin).

    Happy Autumn, dear friend.

  6. Super 3D piece Julia.
    A week of misty mornings but sunny days has certainly brought Autumn in for this neck of the woods.
    Toni xx

  7. I really like it. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. That and winter. I think nobody took your glue gun. Nobody lives at my house and is forever running off with things. lol

  8. I'm another one who loves autumn, with its colours and smells, and the prospect of evenings spent by the fire! What a lovely project yu have made. I like the turquoise accents - quite unexpected and they work well.

    Thank you for your lovely comment and your kind words. The trouble is, my exertions out of doors have taken it out of me big time and I've not been too well again... It's going to take time to get all the chemo out of my system after the final one on 16th. I still have to remember to pace myself. As for creative projects, most have been done from the recliner! I can't wait to get back in the studio for some "serious" stuff though!


  9. Gorgeous colored burlap and overall look of this piece.

  10. Fabulous, Julia. It's a great autumnal decoration and I love the colours of the hessian. Hugs, Elizabeth xx


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