Wednesday 24 January 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 764

Gosh, we've nearly done January! Well done everyone! A month closer to the Crop on 18th May. Sarah was right, having something like this to look forward to is a right old tonic! We're going to be in Penkhull Village Hall, Stoke On Trent. I will repeat this and other info, just don't want any of you to forget!

Meanwhile, I'm making some postcard type change of address cards. My tremendous and lovely Mother In Law is downsizing very soon and can you believe it, we couldn't find a pad or box of such things in town last week, so I thought I'd make a couple dozen before we start getting frantic with de-cluttering and packing! 

You can see a row of houses stamped on about 6 different papers. I shall cut these out and stick 'em on in an incredible creative way to draw attention to the new address that I've printed onto the coloured card. Just poking out from under the papers there's a wood mounted stamp. It's an ornate key image and I think it'll appear on the cards too. We'll see; I might not have done a dummy run and the style of the houses and the style of the key are not exactly matching. This is what happens when you just pull stamps that fit a theme...silver lining's not exactly an untidy desk yet is it!
Join me do then please, show us how real life is affecting your work desk. Except Neet...don't even think about trying to stagger to your that bad leg and keep us informed!


  1. How odd that you couldn't find any change of address cards but how helpful that you're a stamper and can make some!! Maybe you could stamp the key on the envelopes if it doesn't work on the card. Shame to waste it now you've pulled it out of your stash!
    happy WOYWW Helen xx

  2. Good that you can make change of address cards when there are none available Julia. Looks like you have made a good start. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  3. How funny something that was once so common is now rare as hen’s teeth, but it is the way of the world nowadays. And a perfect opportunity for a stamping gal like you to leap into action. Enjoy, and thanks for your offer. I’m still ruminating, but it is hugely appreciated!

    Happy WOYWW!

  4. Ooh change of address cards, not seen one for ages but SO useful and great you can help by making them too. Missed the crop details so will look into it (dont think i have ever been to stoke)
    Kyla 5

  5. It’s so lovely to have a crop to look forward to….can’t wait. Look forward to seeing your moving house cards so don’t forget to show us.
    Annie x

  6. Your cards will be so much nicer than anything you can buy. Well done you. I hope we see the final version. x x Jo

  7. Helen’s suggestion of stamping the key on the envelope is inspired, I’d never have thought of that. Hope all is going well with purchase/packing etc etc, bet MiL is getting excited now. Did the guy fix your blind ok last Friday?
    Hugs LLJ 4 xx

  8. Sounds like you've got the job sorted and they are going to look perfect however you decide to finish them. Happy woyww and hugs too Angela x

  9. Love the row of houses, just clocked my ATC from you with a couple of houses on only yesterday (it's stuck on my wall) and thought maybe I could "make" a stamp in that vein. Just my creative brain doing it's thing but your desk has now fuelled it...... Gosh managed a whole nights sleep last night, that's a miracle only get those once in a blue moon these days, back to dancing followed by a bath must have done the trick as I even slept in the day yesterday too. Oh gosh I digress, I must get a wiggle on and got shopping. Hugs BJ#10

  10. Bless y0u Julia, I didn't make a special journey for the laptop, it was on the way back from a loo trek.
    I thought I'd be up by 6 this morning ready to link ink but the wind last night was awful and i didn't sleep that well, bet it kept many more awake.
    I would have thought you could have got 'change of address' cards easily enough but even though it was added work, it will be nice to send a handmade one to her friends. Good luck with the moving when it starts, I cannot imagine moving me and my stuff.
    Hugs, Neet 12 xx

  11. Good luck with the decluttering and packing for your MIL. I sent out our new address in time for last Christmas...we still received 5 cards at our old address this Christmas. Fortunately the new resident tracked us down!

  12. Good afternoon Julia, I really enjoyed this morning’s Bible group., although workout from waking to and from the church hall. Referring to your previous post, that’s the reason I have frequent sort throughs. It is difficult to remember what you have otherwise. Out of sight is forgotten! Good luck sorting out stuff for your MIL I have things in boxes u.pstairs that I know Ihave to get rid of,but well, nobody is complaining at the moment 🙃. Happy WOYWW. Angela # 11

  13. Love the stamp of the houses and they will make lovely cards for you MIL. Happy stamping! Catriona

  14. What a lovely thing to do for your MIL! I like row of houses, very cute! I have several key stamps, I love them! My 70th was on Jan 1. I was hoping for a big bash, but it was quite disappointing. Oh well, I'll try again on my 80th! Have a great week, Lindart #14

  15. Stationary like change of address cards seem to have gone by the way side. Now every just posts to FB. Sad. I think making your own for her is a lovely idea.
    Oh, the crop sounds like sooo much fun. I wonder if we could get enough of our US folks to hold one in the US at the same time... Maybe something to think about for next year.
    Hugs & Creative Blessings! Kelly #15

  16. Morning! Sorry I'm so late, but things happen and then the time just disappears! But I have been busy doing a bit of crafting and making a mess! I've also misplaced a packet of postcards somewhere. I guess they will show up when we aren't looking for them!
    Happy WoYWW late again! (Lyn))#16

  17. I think we got ours from Vistaprint when my Mum moved but it’s handy having an expert in card making in the house!
    Take care; have a good week
    Lynnecrafts 9 xx


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