Wednesday 21 December 2022

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 707

Well, here we are, the Wednesday before Christmas and everything looks familiar in my workroom.
I’m short of time this week, as we all are, I’ve no doubt. But I’m full of the desire to make a stash of cards, so am flitting in and out, using basic stamped images and then using scrapbook paper scraps for backgrounds. I have it lurking somewhere in the back of my mind that I need to use and not store scraps. Funny, huh, but not intentionally so! Can you see there are two pairs of glasses at the right…it seems that one room in my house is missing a pair of readers. I’ll find out which room very soon, because I shall look for them and realise they were magically transported to the workroom. I am in the habit of wearing them like a hairband and only remembering when I put another pair on! 
There is also a concession to Christmas on my desk. See back right on top of the baby wipe box…a candle! It’s pomegranate scented and in a pomegranate shaped dish. I bought it on Monday, I like the shape of the little dish and was intrigued about the scent. Having a lit candle on a desk where you’re moving paper and card around is about as daft as you can get; and I couldn’t actually fathom any scent at all, so it didn’t stay alight for long. That’s what you get for a random £2 impulse when you should be food shopping! 
Now if you’ve got time, we’d love to see what you’re up to, even if it’s not your usual crafty space. And if you don’t have time, that’s fine. Know that you’re wished a happy, peaceful, restful, fun and wonderful Christmas, however you spend it. 


  1. I can't see the babywipe box or the candle... shame it doesn't smell though. I do like candles but don't have (ahem) any free surfaces to place them safely. If I have (make) time I might make one further "special" card for my brother otherwise he'll get a grumpy penguin one! Should make the effort as I am going to his for Christmas now! Happy WOYWW and you that you and Mr D have a merry, restful, Christmas. xx Helen xx

  2. I see the candle and agree with you! Burning anything on a desk full of paper seems a little risky. I wouldn’t trust myself for sure but I bet it smells lovely. Hope you both have a very merry Christmas!
    Happy Woyww too!
    Mary Anne

  3. Hectic, busy times. Pomegranate sounds relaxing but I can't imagine what it smells like. I hope you have wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the beautiful card - always so beautifully crafted. x x x Twiggers and family. X xx

  4. Hi Julia. I like the idea of candles and have several but they are all unused as they scare me a bit. I have a friend who loves them and over the years keeps buying them for me and I just can't tell them that I haven't used them, lookily she never asks about them so I haven't had to lie. I do however have one that is battery operated which I feel safer with. Now Pomegranate on the other hand I eat every day. I hope your Christmas is full of smiles. Sending woyww hugs, Angela x8x

  5. Oh my life, I've only just woken up but for the life of me can't see the glasses nor the babywipes with the candle! Obviously having one of those days already. Have to admit to never using my glasses as a hairband, also have to say, not short of time nor really busy here, although just received my 288 photos so will have lots of scrapbooking to do. Have a lovely Christmas BJ#9

  6. While scented candles smell ok in the jar, they’re never as good when lit - shame really cos pomegranate sounded nice.Hope you’re not too busy this week, I’m the complete opposite, apart from food shopping today, we have nothing planned…bliss.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours,
    LLJ 7 xx

  7. Unlike you, I'm on the wind down now and apart from family together times I have little else planned. I'm not one for scented candles...many of them have cinnamon in which triggers off my asthma so I tend to avoid them.
    Have a magical Christmas my friend.
    Annie x

  8. Last day out yesterday so roll on Christmas!
    Hope you have a great one, then it's all back to normal . . . .
    Just keep visiting your desk and crafting, that's the best thing for the New year . . .
    Christine #12

  9. I can't see the candle I'm afraid but I daren't trust myself with a cup of tea on my desk let alone a candle! Hope you get your stash of cards made, the Hubs is helping me make a couple of gift card boxes today and that's about the sum total of my crafty Christmas preps! Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
    Diana xx #11

  10. Well I'm glad I am not the only one who can't see your candle or smell it ! I can not enlarge your photos. But I love your little girl images, That artist has such a great variety of them and all are adorable. I have readers in everyroom, and most of the time they are hard to find. I need them as the print on the computers/phone is very light colored to me and the glasses darken the print and I can read it !!!
    OH thank you for being our home base on Wednesdays
    Wishing YOU and Yours the very best this holiday season. Enjoy that cup of Cheer

  11. Candles never seem to smell as advertised but I associate pomegranate with Xmas too. Your comment on glasses made me smile- when I tried readers I lost them more than once on the top of my head.
    Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy Xmas
    Lynnecrafts 4
    Ps I must remember to change my name back next week!

  12. Hi Julia. Yes it's me lol , I nearly forgot to link though. I'm such a numpty.
    No desk view, I'm sorry. Clearing the table in readiness.
    Just wanted to come on and wish everyone a very Happy Christmas.

  13. Wishing you a very happy Christmas Julia x

  14. Hi Julia, yes, your desk looks busy, unlike mine! Having a firefighter for a stepfather has taught me to steer clear of candles! His stories of the damage they can cause would make your blood curdle! So, I'm glad your pretty little pomegranate is unlit. Have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, Elizabeth xx #16

  15. Hi Julia, I can't see the glasses or candle wither, but I trust that they are there! I am a big fan of battery powered candles, I just wish there was a way to make them scented! I do have a candle on my desk, only used to burn holes in my wet paper! Now that frantic card making is over, I can back to making my journal, but probably not until after Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas, may Santa be good to you, and may you feel all the joy and happiness of the season! Lindart #17

  16. I did have a favourite smelly candle - in a big jar - cannot remember what it was called but the little bleepers stopped making that particular scent. I loved it and would have bought half a dozen had I known they were going to stop production.
    Now what I want to know is why the sudden flurry to make cards? What sort of cards? Not more "C" cards? For next year? I found my poinsettia die and stamp today - yes, today. Could have done with that weeks ago but now I need to see if i can still make them look presentable and then I might have a batch making session over the next ew weeks in readiness for next year.
    Oh, and I found two stamps I bought just after Christmas to use this year. Not a good idea with a butterfly mind like mine. Now next year.....
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and a jolly good rest too. No wearing yourself out cooking, delegate some jobs.
    Hugs & Merry Christmas to you and yours, Neet 2 xx

  17. When I looked at the post on my phone, the photo of your desk was smaller and I saw the candle!! it seems the blog version is cropped slightly as the photo fills the screen... weird!

  18. Hi there!! Playing catch up as ever. Have never done the toothpaste thing but do recall once spraying my hair with adhesive and wondering what the hell I'd done. That was a double hair wash day. I feel your need to use the scraps - but I also realise I have been attempting to reduce them for almost two years now and I'm not sure I've even made a dent. oh well, what else do I have to do? It's all low key here and I will be cracking the whip tomorrow to get the housework done. Today I'm just trying to deal with a tsunami of washing and getting it dry by tomorrow without constantly using the tumble dryer. The benefit of fewer faces at the table does mean we can widen the choice of games. We never play monopoly (bad childhood memories of a competitive uncle) but I have just booked us in to try out the Monopoly 3D experience in Tottenham Court Rd in January as we decided to have a family outing rather than presents this year. I hope it isn't too physical as Chelsey will be 7 1/2 months pregnant by then!! Well must stop nattering on, this is the first day I've had a few hours to myself been very pleasant. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you next week. I hope. I intend. Barring drama, power cuts and hangovers. Have a good one, love n hugs Cindy xx


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