Wednesday, 2 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 700

700! I mean really, seven hundred! Congratulations to you dear Desker friends, you are amazing.I know that there are times when you have to come and go, that Wednesdays aren’t always convenient, that sometimes you (think) you’ve nothing to talk about (you always have, by the way) or that you’re simply sick of this blog. No blame, no fault, this is an entirely flexible place. It has always been and remains a meeting of minds, a safe place for connection and I’m delighted to say, somewhere where friendships are forged. I’ll carry on if you will.
I mean, look at the desk, there’s always something silly to say….
Taken yesterday after a couple of hours of colouring in. I found some unfinished Christmas cards whilst clearing up a bit at the weekend and so set to. I had also finished a bunch of inserts for some other Christmas cards I made last week. Finished off the tape in the ATG gun whilst doing so, so I switched immediately to the roll of double sided tape. Not because I don’t have another ATG roll, but because I know that the battle of re-loading would cause me to waste time and I wanted creative production, not using my time for maintenance. It has a logic, however skewed! See my faded desk bin has become a notice board  - LLJ will laugh but it holds the first of many lists that are likely to be needed as ‘the season’ intensifies on my desk! These dark afternoons are already getting on my nerves, I shall switch my day about a bit and may not comment till afternoons now…because I can’t work at the desk in false light, my eyesight just isn’t up to it! I don’t blame 13.46 years of WOYWW particularly, but am pretty sure my Mama would blame reading under the covers by torchlight and crafting into the small hours when my eyes were up to it. Don’t we take youth for granted! 
Set me a fine example then, share your desk on this 700th week please!


  1. Congratulations Julia on making such a milestone. Such a safe and nurturing place to meet up each week. Good luck tackling the seasonal lists. Stay safe and Happy WOwyw. Sarah #1

  2. Happy 700 to you - quite an achievement to keep it going, we salute you. What I forgot to say in my own post was how many friendships have resulted - so another thank you here! I hope you adjust to the dark afternoons soon - it always seems such a shock, doesn't it. Happy WOYWW Helen xx

  3. Happy 700! Did you ever think it would last this long? You have tapped into something essential about crafters, how nosy we all are and how much we want to see other crafters in their natural habitats lol!
    Here’s to the next 13.46!
    Mary Anne

  4. Thanks SOOOOOOO much for keeping us going so long it truly is A-MAZE-ING. Love the desk bin notice board. Hmmm Christmas Cards??? Maybe I ought to make a few. Sounds like you need a SAD light, love mine can work at my in the corner desk anytime with mine. Hubby however cringes at its intensity, as does our son when he's about but I LOVE it. Happy 700th edition of WOYWW BJ#5

  5. Congratulations on SEVEN HUNDRED posts! A terrific achievement! I am still waiting for the internet to be connected so hoping I can get my post uploaded - and comment in the next day or so...
    Now that Halloween is past I can start on Christmas...

  6. Morning Julia. 700!!!!! Many congratulations and thanks!
    Love the notice board!! I'm a list person, too. Right... I'm off to Food Share...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  7. Well done Julia, happy 700th Anniversary. It makes me pleased to hear that I'm not the only one that makes lists but I'm not sure when I started doing it, certainly not as a teenager or even at collage so I'm guessing it must have been when I started work but I'm sure I do it far more now. Maybe it's my age who knows. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x8x

  8. Such an amazing achievement for sure, and as you say sharing on WOYWW is so much more about the checking in than the crafting, it's the reconnection with each other.
    my eyes need daylight too, in the form of daylight bulbs or I cannot work, lol

  9. Such an achievement Julia ... Happy 700th WOYWW and thank yoooou ❤ for making it such a welcoming place to be, such joy in the visiting to be found. I'm so sorry I didn't get around last week, our wee Rosie 🐶 passed away 💔 on Friday after being poorly ... my days spent snuggled up close with her this last while, loving her and making sure she was okay. Thank you to those who stopped by last week ... I'll be visiting this afternoon. Much love and hugs Tracy #15 xxx

  10. Happy Birthday to you and many many thanks for all the fun and friendship forged due to WOYWW being born all that time ago.
    It's funny but it has become an addiction for me to show my desk each week and find the desk of those I know and see what everyone is up to. Those who don't know would call it nosiness, I call it friendships.
    Thank You dear Julia
    Hugs, Neet 16 xx

  11. Happy 700 WOYWW ! It has become my part of my life now - and I look forward to it. We do take good health and eyesight for granted like everything else that is “normal” to us. I make lists - I lose them too 🤣. Angela #13

  12. Love your post, Thank You for all you do to keep us in contact with each other. I totally agree on this darkness. Was going to make a tiny workspace upstairs but the lighting is not good in that space so I'll just keep the mess downstairs !! And how fast the time goes. Now November ! Simply beautiful weather yet. SO much road construction all around us, new bridges/new concrete or blacktop/added turning and passing lanes, it's been 20/30 years since last major repairs. Hope it's done before the snow flies. Enjoy the new month. THANK YOU

  13. Many congrats on your Septcentennial! 700 is a long time to keep things going and while the numbers may be low ish at the moment, the friendships are still as strong. Here’s to the next few hundred or so.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  14. Congratulations and a big thank you for allowing to join when I did (thanks to Mary Ann) and for all the friends I have made along the way.
    I am seriously thinking of Christmas cards myself, I think it is the thought of wearing my gorgeous pink hat!!
    Have a marvellous week and remember . . . just cos you get up earlier to catch the daylight, it means you can have 40 winks later . . . .
    Christine #19

  15. Happy 700th edition of your bloghhop! It's an amazing achievement and a lovely, friendly place for us.

    here's to the next hundreds!
    Take care hugs
    Lynnecrafts 17

  16. Well done you for turning up for 700 Wednesdays, you deserve a medal. I do understand about not wanting to change the cartridge on the ATG gun - just something else yo stop you creating when you are in the mood!! Happy WOYWW, love n hugs Cindy xx

  17. Congratulations Julia! I don't think I would be blogging at all if it weren't for you! I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet, I suppose I should get started! Happy afternoon crafting - it's when I do it! Lindart #22

  18. Congratulations from me too, Julia! I may not have been a regular recently but I reckon I've been around for the majority of those 700 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the benefits, especially the friendships made along the way. I'm trying not to think of Christmas - I'm just not ready yet!! I like your photo storage which I spotted in your earlier post. I've been putting my photos into albums up to now and that served me well until it became too easy to take a gazillion pics on the mobile phone and as easy to print (I nearly typed develop there showing my age) as many out. I'm with you regarding the darker afternoons. My developing cataracts don't help but then neither does living in the north of our island. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #23

  19. congratulations on holding us all together for 700 posts!
    robyn 24

  20. Hi Julia, just to say an emphatic YES, I am really getting loads out of the workshops which are giving me a focus to my journaling, helping me ponder The Word and helping me address failings in my character and try to become a better person. And loving the crafting and techniques all at the same time - heaven on earth. BJ

  21. Congrats on 700 (!!!) woyww and deskphotos Julia! I'm so glad I noticed that number last week so I can join in again this week. Although I don't have much time to visit blogs this week I just couldn't resist sharing and joining on this milestone-day! Oh my, it's X-mas-cards-time again, eeeckkk... I am not ready for that yet. And yes, I too have the 'old lady problems' with my eyes and all sorts of glasses 'in da house'. I like being old(er) and not being that insecure and 'hip' anymore, more myself I guess, but oh those aging-problems that come with it... I wish you a lovely week dear! Hug from Holland Marit#2

  22. I read your comment on my blog and I have to say I feel the same, joining this happy crew is such a pleasure and everyone is so welcoming and very creative! Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  23. Congratulations and thank you for 700 WOYWW, I haven't been a member long but still feel I know you all (Well most of you).
    Julie your next looks quite bare compared to other weeks, only a couple of pairs of scissors you are slipping. Bet my tape measures can beat your scissors, I have found so many when clearing out. Ani

  24. Congratulations to you on 700 posts! I am a lapsed desker... Life got in the way... Its not that I am not crafting, but rather that I liked to comment on all the desks and I did not have the time to participate properly... but I came to say hello and to see if WOYWW was still going... I am pleased to see that it is. Thanks to you and your desk hopping Wednesdays, I have gotten to meet some crafters in real life who I befriended here.

  25. Huge congrats on the 700th WOYWW which I managed wo Miss by one week.
    Well done everyone!
    So agree Julia re ATG, I’ve exact same one. I actually haven’t used mine for maybe more than twelve months as I can’t reload it.
    The rolls of tape I bought, perfectly legit, were somehow sticky on wrong side, and though tried a number of different times have never been successful.
    Very annoying it is.
    Will pop back when UK are up soon. Actually blogged first time in ten weeks,
    Lots of love pray for you all each day, Shaz in Oz,x


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