Friday 20 March 2020

Pigs might fly....

Some people couldn’t clearly see the coloured image on my WOYWW post. It was another Pink Ink stamp and die set, that I had used for the first time. It’s all sponged Distress Oxides, tri-blend felt tips and a white pen. Which I may well have over used. I’ve left this question on a few desker’s blogs this do you know when to stop? For me, it appears mostly to be when I’ve overdone it or 
made a mistake!
I quite like this piggy. Wings are optional. So he could easily be made into a wallower. Which is two things about now isn’t it. Some of this world situation would have made me laugh and say ‘and pigs might fly’ a year ago. And judging from the people I was forced to listen to whilst stuck in a queue this morning, there’s a lot of wallowing going on. Mostly in a self important and inconvenienced way. Seriously, argh. Pigs!


  1. Your comments are so true Julia. Me? I'm just occupying my time doing lots of creative things that I would have done if only I had the time...cos now I have! Stay safe my friend.
    Annie x

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  3. I love this pig and your white pen use is fabulous - more is more I say, keep on adding. I would add more to the leaves and flowers.. but maybe that would be overdoing it! Totally agree with the wallowing. I expect the announcement of pubs and clubs and places closing tonight will force them into another queue at the supermarket to stockpile again! Have a great weekend

  4. Hi dearest Julia, oh I agree when knowing where to stop, but I read somewhere and have adopted it ... if I don’t like it it’s not done, if I like it it is! I say this cos done folks stop too soon, re the source of your query the white pen no it’s just fine. I’ve another theory if you’re not sure leave it hidden for 24 hours and you’ll know then!
    I just adore this pigs might fly card, right up my alley, and yes can hear a lot of wallowing accompanied but vociferous whinging which drives me nuts. We are so blessed to live where we do, we don’t know what it means to be hard up.. unless we’re homeless or such but mostly these are never those sorts of folks.
    Much prayer going on for it ones, for certain lands to be heale d and kept from it, esp poor places ..and here’s me supposedly commenting on WOYWW posts and writing a book to you! 😁😉😆 ah well gave me pleasure. I’m on iPad and will have to moosh over to another web browser any way, safari no talk to blogs. Argh! Here I am whinging. 😉
    Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too, especially in these troubled times, may we look up in faith!
    Praying you’re all kept well too!
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x 😊

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    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  5. Hey Miss Julia!
    That pig is cuteness x10! For me, I just look at something and if it begins to look 'crowded' or 'messy' then I step back. I know, sometimes that's too late LOL But we must remember.. we are our own worst critics. BTW... regarding your comment on my WOYWW.. you are welcome any time! Hugs & Creative Blessings!

  6. I love these stamps and I had worked out what it was. Thanks for showing it again, Angela xxx

  7. Love the Pink Ink stamps, I have the Unicorn, which also can be used as a horse, as the horn is a separate stamp- very clever of them to make dual use stamps!. I can't advise on when enough is enough, as I've never been very good at knowing when to stop, lol. But this looks fab, so I reckon you've got it right.I must admit, I can't really get over some peoples behaviour!Entitled and self absorbed doesn't even come close. Love & hugs, Shaz X

  8. Indeed, lots of pigs in the world, unfortunately, and lots of pigs are indeed flying now. Of all the ones I've seen, I like yours the best, Julia! Love the color and how he has bubbles tattooed all over and sweet little wings which, let's be honest, would have no chance of lifting his big butt off the ground. Only when pigs fly would that happen! Wait. What? Love the blending and how you left the white area and love all your dotty flowers. I'm no expert, but it looks like your WTS? button worked perfectly on this card!! Take care, my friend, 😷 and be safe!! Hugs, Darnell


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